Girls Against Boys are doing a whirlwind of dates in both the states and Europe in support of the almighty You Can’[/b]t Fight What You Can’t Win (JT1074) LP/CD. GVSB will have the French Kicks along on a few US dates, followed by Radio 4 on the remainder of the US tour. GVSB sure knows how to rock the joint, so get out and shake your ass on the dance floor. You can check out some interview and live footage of GVSB in action at both and There’s also a bunch of new GVSB goodies available including the GVSB Roxy t-shirt (JTTS71) and sticker (JTST71) and the GVSB button (JTBT72). All items, including other GVSB merchandise is available at the E-Store.

Please consult the Girls Against Boys for current dates.

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