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Known mostly for his tenure performing as PEDRO THE LION, songwriter DAVID BAZAN recently retired the band moniker to continue making music under his own name. His debut EP finds the beloved Seattle songwriter [who was recently named #85 in Paste Magazine's Top 100 Living Songwriters] roaring back to his creative roots, performing and recording everything himself in his home studio, while still expanding his sonic canvas. His signature songwriting, voice, and melodies are framed in layered harmonies, multi-tracked guitars, analog keyboards, and intricate production he was never able to fully realize with PEDRO THE LION. The 10-song EP includes two different versions of five new Bazan songs. One version is stripped down acoustic and another version has full-instrumentation. Acclaimed graphic novelist, Zak Sally created new original artwork for the EP.

Fewer Moving Parts is hands-down Bazan’s finest work to date. In celebration Bazan will take his act on the road heading west with recent Jade Tree signee, MICAH P. HINSON, in tow. As the year unfolds Bazan will huddle up in his Seattle studio to begin work on his full length, due tentatively to be released in 2007.

Fewer Moving Parts CD EP is available from and the digital version is now available through , , , , , , , and .


1. Selling Advertising
2. How I Remember
3. Fewer Broken Pieces
4. Cold Beer and Cigarettes
5. Backwoods Nation
6. Selling Advertising (Acoustic version)
7. How I Remember (Acoustic version)
8. Fewer Broken Pieces (Acoustic version)
9. Cold Beer and Cigarettes (Acoustic version)
10. Backwoods Nation (Acoustic version)

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