Cloak/Dagger "Lost Art" LP/CD Release Info, MP3 and European Tour

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1. Billions Millions
2. Dead Idols
4. Broken Wrists
5. Deathbed Rebels
6. Eyes On The Wall
7. Same Old Story
8. Dead Town Beat
9. Lower Eastada
10. In My Orbit
11. Fast Food Dream
12. Lost Art
13. Tragic Sleep

Is it punk? Hardcore? Garage? Make up your own mind about Cloak/Dagger’s latest full-length, Lost Art.

Colin Barth’s winding guitars juggle melody, punch and vitriol on par with the Avengers, John Reis, Mission of Burma and Greg Ginn. Play it loud on tracks such as “Deathbed Rebels” that push the punk envelope a bit further with frenzied, circle-pit fodder reminiscent of the Circle Jerks and Big Boys.

Underneath, snaking rolls of bass drive the proceedings with the flawless percussive thrust of the Ramones, Hot Snakes and bygone Boston hardcore heroes F.U.s, Jerry’s Kids. Over this Jason Mazzola distinguishes the band with a full, arching tenor that’s more bellow than scream. Mazzola’s delivery and lyrics shine especially on numbers like “Lower Eastada” and “Dead Idols,” where the band’s punk ‘n roll swagger takes over (think more Johnny Thunders, less Ray Cappo). After listening to Lost Art, you won’t be worried about categorizing the band, only when they go back on tour.

Lost Art will be released on CD and LP on November 3rd and is now available for in the Jade Tree Store. Each LP will include a coupon allowing a download of the songs in MP3 format. The album will also be available in digital form through iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, Jade Tree store and most other digital music stores.

A test pressing of Lost Art will be sneak previewed in the band’s hometown of Richmond at the store/gallery , for the First Friday Art Walk this Friday. If you live nearby, check it out at 212 W Broad St between Madison & Jefferson in Richmond.

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In advance of the release, Cloak/Dagger will be embarking on another European tour on this Thursday. Andrew Black of The Explosion will be playing drums with the band and as a special treat to European fans, they will be selling both an early white label pressing of 200 Lost Art LPs and the 7” single “Don’t Need A” released by .

Shortly after returning from Europe, the guys will head down to in Gainesville for another show where they will be selling Lost Art for the first time.

Tour Dates:
September 03 Berlin Germany @ Lokal
September 04 Weimer Germany @ Gerber 3
September 05 Schweinfurt Germany @ Stattbahnhof – Trainspotting Fest
September 06 Dresden Germany @ AZ Conni
September 07 Mülheim Germany @ AZ
September 08 Gießen Germany @ Ak44
September September 2009 EW Groningen Netherlands @ Orkz Bar
September 10 Amsterdam Netherlands @ Winston
September 11 Essen Germany @ Cafe Nova
September 12 Tessenderlo Belgium @ Jh Tessenderlo
September 13 AK Utrecht Netherlands @ Acu
September 14 Gent Belgium @ Frontline
September 15 Karlsruhe Germany @ Jubez
September 16 Rapallo (GE) Italy @ Nota Bene Live
September 17 Vicenza Italy @ Bar Sartea
September 18 Pisa Italy @ La Centrale
September 19 Roma Italy @ Traffic
September 20 Colorno Italy @ La Cascina
September 21 Ljubljana Slovenia @ Rog
September 22 Budapest, Magyarország Hungary @ Duerer Kert
September 23 Brno Czech Republic @ Yacht Club
September 24 Prague Czech Republic @ 007
September 25 Leipzig Germany @ Zoro
September 26 Bielefeld Germany @ AJZ
September 27 Hamburg Germany @ Hafenklang
October 31 Gainesville, FL @ The Fest
November 1 Gainesville, FL @ The Fest

Remember to check the for the most current listings.

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