CHALLENGER singer/guitarist, and Chicago-based bike messenger, Dave Laney found himself on the receiving end of some downtown traffic this past Thursday – sadly a common hazard for the city’s bike bound. While the injuries weren’t too dire, the band will need to cancel their scheduled tour dates as Laney recovers from his scheduled surgery. We wish him a speedy and painless recuperation.

CHALLENGER‘s devastating Give People What They Want In Lethal Doses LP/CD (JT1092) is slated for world-wide release February 17th and we will keep the website updated as we hear more on Dave’s condition and the band’s continued plan of attack.

[Update] Dave Laney writes:

Looks like I will be needing the surgery on this one. On Feb 6 the doc will be cutting me open to install a new titanium plate across my collarbone. If this doesn’t work (the bone that broke off is too small to drill a screw through) he’ll need to reconstruct the AC joint (where the collar bone meets the shoulder). Unfortunately I had no say in what style or type of metal they use. I think I would have gone for the chromyl or straight up steel, but the doc advised me that titanium, as horribly trendy as it sounds, would be the best choice. Two weeks after the surgery I enroll in my first class for some time: physical therapy. It meets three times a week until I have full function of my arm back: 4-6 months. Ouch. Anyone for a visit to Chicago?

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