Jade Tree is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated new CEX full-length, MARYLAND MANSIONS CD (JT1090), on November 18 (Pre-order September 16), which serves as CEX’S debut for Jade Tree, but his fifth full-length over all. After a celebrated string of albums for both Tigerbeat6, Temporary Residence and Mogwai’s Rock Action label, and recent high-profile tours with Dismemberment Plan, Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, Numbers, and Mogwai — CEX drops another hot disc of genre-defiling genius that solidifies his burgeoning superstar status. The eight-song MARYLAND MASIONS delivers on the promise and development seen in his bombastic recent live shows, incorporating CEX’S legendary freestyle ability, laptop glitch and glitz, classic party rap and a penchant for NIN-inspired darkwave drama. The result is an album that evidences CEX as one of the most exciting things going in American music. Recommended for fans of Atmosphere, Bright Eyes and Marilyn Manson.

Check out this killer cut from the upcoming MARYLAND MANSIONS

CEX begins a month-long European tour with DJ Beyonda this week, and will be supporting the November 18th release with a smattering of dates in the US (including CMJ), as well as an Australian tour in November.

Please consult the Cex for current dates.

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