Cap’n Jazz Reunion Coming to a Close with Two Shows Left

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After a Summer of reunion shows and , Cap’n Jazz is preparing to put a finish to the event. As much fun as it has been for everyone, the reunion was never meant to be permanent and all things must pass. Those who haven’t had the fortune to see the band the second time around have two remaining opportunities.

The band’s final Chicago appearance will be on October 9th at Riot Fest Chicago, where Cap’n Jazz will join Bad Religion, Cro-Mags, Naked Raygun, Zero Boys, Circle Jerks and a mob of other fracas inducing artists. Riot Fest Chicago happens October 6-10th. The site has the full line up, tickets and the full details.

The very last (and most fun of all) appearance of Cap’n Jazz will be at Austin’s on November 6th along with Devo, Suicidal Tendencies, Deerhunter, RJD2, Gwar, The Hold Steady, Mastodon, Best Coast, Wavves and about 100 others.

Final Cap’n Jazz Reunion Shows
October 9th @ The Metro (Riot Fest Chicago)
November 6th @ Waterloo Park (Fun Fun Fun Fest)

So there you have it. Two remaining reunion shows and the members of Cap’n Jazz will once again return to their 21st Century lives.

Now, for something a little more permanent, what’s better than vinyl?

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