Louisville, Kentucky’s BREATHER RESIST’S destructive debut full length, Charmer (JT1098) is now available for . Produced by Kurt Ballou (Isis, Cave In, Give Up the Ghost, Converge) Charmer is equally full of dynamic, challenging instrumentation, as it is full-throttle intensity. Stretching past any genre limitations, BREATHER RESIST continues to reach for the dizzying heights of sonic possibility, while pummeling the eardrums of its ever-expanding and loyal fan base with every vicious riff, soul-cleansing growl, and elaborate, drop-of-a-dime time signature change. The band, made up of current Black Cross and one time National Acrobat member Evan Patterson on guitar, along with bassist Nick Thieneman, drummer Geoff Paton, and vocalist Steve Sindoni, deliver an explosive and volatile vision – scathing, brutal, and biting BREATHER RESIST are simply too explosive to ignore.

Vinyl will be available from

Track Listing

1. An Insomniac’s Complexion
2. MP3
3. Midas In Reverse
4. Honest To God
5. As Far As Goodbyes Go
6. Keep ’Em In Stitches
7. Long Nights, Short Fuses
8. Loose Lipped Error
9. A Passing Glance
10. Amphetamine Praise
11. Astigmatism

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