AM Gold

Ari Katz (ex-Lifetime), Dave Idea (ex-Lifetime), and Miss TK join forces in the musical blitzkrieg known as ZERO ZERO. With their intensely stimulating, dance floor calling, hip-swinging amalgamation of psychedelic electronic punk (PEP), ZERO ZERO commands you to become a slave to the grind.

Recorded by Zero Zero @ PEP Studios, Fall 2000
North Brunswick, NJ

Mixed and Produced by DFA @ Plantain, Winter 2001

Programmer: Tim Goldsworthy
Engineer: James Murphy
Mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches

John Chladnicek plays on AM Gold, Speed Garage, Back to Hell, and D Minus
Scott Golley plays on Back to Hell and D Minus
Matty Rapture plays on True Zero

Design: Ed Brogna/jes2d

1. True Zero
2. Am Gold
3. Pink and Green
4. Hello, how are you?
5. Pep Sounds
6. Listen, Listen
7. Xanadu
8. Back to Hell
9. Speed Garage
10. D Minus
11. Team Minus Zero

Zero Zero Featured in New House Industries Video

Long time friends of Jade Tree and premiere design and typography studio, House Industries have completed a new video documenting their recent work for Medicom Toys. Zero Zero’s “” is featured as the soundtrack to the action. Check it out over at the House blog.

House Industries Medicom Toy and Be@rbrick Anniversary Logo Design from Bob Smartner on Vimeo.