The Loved Ones

Philadelphia’s THE LOVED ONES rocket onto the scene with a debut filled to the brim with a blazing mix of punk sensibilities, rock riffs, and raspy vocals. Song after song, THE LOVED ONES – made up of members of The Curse, Kid Dynamite, and Trial By Fire – deliver a barrage of explosive hooks coupled with a pummeling sense of urgency. Expect big things, as earnest, heart-felt sing-alongs simply don’t get any better than this.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Brian McTernan at Salad Days in Beltsville, MD in September 2004
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side
Band photo by Mark Beemer
Artwork and layout by Dave Klug for Colossus
Songs written by Dave Hause
Lyrics by Dave Hause except Chicken and Candy Cane by Hause/Sneeringer
Arangements by The Loved Ones
Piano on Massive by Dave Hause

1. 100K
2. Chicken
3. Massive
4. Drastic
5. Candy Cane


You can’t keep a good band down and THE LOVED ONES are no exception. They’ll be heading out to the West Coast once again next week to play shows supporting New Jersey pop-punk legends Bouncing Souls. Even better, legendary Cali-punkers 7 Seconds will be along for a few of the dates as well. Holy crap. The tour starts September 27th and you can get all of the detailed information on The Loved Ones . If you don’t own a copy of the band’s debut self-titled EP, The Loved Ones (JT1102), now is the time.

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Since their debut came out on February 22nd, THE LOVED ONES have been on tour non-stop with Against Me, Smoke or Fire, The Explosion, Bouncing Souls, and Tsunami Bomb to name a few. In preparation for the upcoming tour with Rise Against , we are giving away a pair of tickets to each show on the tour (except 8/21 & 8/24). Just send us an email to [EMAIL] LOVED ONES TOUR[/EMAIL] with the subject THE LOVED ONES TOUR that includes your name, address, email address, and city of the show you would like to attend. By entering the contest, you will be added to the Jade Tree mailing list, from which you can unsubscribe at anytime.


Please consult the Loved Ones for current dates.


THE LOVED ONES, who just finished touring with the Explosion in support of their self titled EP, will be once again hitting the road. This time with Cali punk-popsters Tsunami Bomb; beginning June 1st in LA and landing in Chi-town on the 17th before playing June 20th with super-punx NOFX in San Francisco. More hot tours are being planned, but if for some reason you have yet to see the band get out and get ready this is hands down the hottest tour of the summer.


Please consult the Loved Ones for current dates.


THE LOVED ONES, who are currently touing with the Explosion in support of their self titled EP, will have portions of their Bamboozle performance featured on FUSE Friday May 20th at 10pm EST and again on Monday May 23rd at 4pm EST. The station, whom are also playing the video for 100k FYI, swept into the festival and interviewed a handful of bands including Hot Rod Circuit and The All-American Rejects.

Please consult the Loved Ones for current dates.


THE LOVED ONES along with friends in the Bouncing Souls and The Explosion will be playing this weekend at the First Unitarian Church as a benefit for Marc Beemer’s
. A longtime Jade Tree friend Beemer founded in January 2002 to honor his wife, Syrentha, who lost her battle with breast cancer. To date they have raised well over $100,000 for breast cancer treatment. Through a variety of charity events, SSE has reached thousands of people and has grown to include a wide cross-section of the population.

April 24th
First Unitarian Church
Philadelphia, PA

Bouncing Souls
The Explosion
The Loved Ones
Let It Burn
The Ratchets

Please consult the Loved Ones for current dates.

The Loved Ones Love Animals

Time for a little lesson in punkonomics 101. What do you get when you add together three of the best and most influential underground punk bands from the East coast? Answer: The Loved Ones. Based out of Philadelphia and with members who cut their teeth in the D.C. punk scene, this three-piece outfit came together with the help of our friends at Jade Tree and Chunksaah to quickly become one of the most talked-about groups on tour today.

Dave Hause, Michael “Spider” Cotterman, and Mike Sneeringer recently sat down with us to talk about naming a band, healthy eating, and so much more. But enough of our talking, let’s just let the guys speak for themselves …

PETA2: How did you come up with the name "The Loved Ones?"

DAVE: It is a title of an Elvis Costello song and the name of an Evelyn Waugh book, and we all three feel extremely fortunate to have the families and friends that we have.

PETA2: Where have some of your favorite shows been? Do any of those cities have good vegetarian food?

DAVE: D.C., yeah, Ben’s Chili Bowl has vegan chili. Of course, VP and Red Bamboo in N.Y.C.

MICHAEL: The Black Cat in D.C. has a great café, Food for Thought, that serves amazing vegetarian and vegan food. The desserts are delicious.

MIKE: N.Y.C., Kate’s Joint and Red Bamboo.

PETA2: Why did you decide to go vegan/vegetarian?

DAVE: I’m a vegetarian for health reasons.

MICHAEL: Me, too. I had an epiphany. It’s a gross story though … I was a relentless carnivore until I was about 21 or 22. My brother and I used to go to a sub shop near Baltimore that served something called "Meat Burger With Meat Sauce." It was absolutely disgusting, but as hamburger lovers, we were psyched. One time, we brought a friend with us to partake in the dubious meal. Driving home, we stopped for gas, and our friend literally lost his lunch all over the pavement. There is a scene in Super Size Me that is similar. Anyway, seeing how his body just totally rejected it made me suddenly realize that I don’t need to eat meat. That was the beginning of my vegetarianism.

MIKE: There are too many tasty alternatives to meat not to.

PETA2: If you had to tell someone just one fact that you know about factory farming or vegetarianism that would make them rethink what they eat, what would that fact be?

MICHAEL: I think meat production in general wastes natural resources and energy. A lot more goes into producing a pound of meat as opposed to a pound of vegetables or grains.

MIKE: I would just show them a veal box or a chicken coop.

PETA2: What advice do you have for your fans if they are trying to go vegetarian or vegan?

MICHAEL: Something to keep in mind is that every little bit helps. It would probably have a big impact on their health over the years. Not to mention the impact it would have on the food industry.

MIKE: Find a good health-food store that has nice mock meats and alternative foods so that the transition will feel more natural.

PETA2: What are some of your favorite alternatives to animal products such as meat, leather, wool, or fur?

DAVE: To meat—I guess seitan, tofu, and vegetables.

MIKE: Tofu, Denim, Canvas …

PETA2: What do you think of companies like Iams, which perform cruel lab tests on cats, dogs, and other animals?

DAVE: It’s a bummer.

PETA2: There have been studies showing the link between animal abuse and violence toward humans. What do you think about people who abuse animals?

DAVE: I don’t think much of them, that is for sure.

MIKE: They need serious help and are sick. I say lock them up, or commit them to treatment.

PETA2: What are some other animal rights issues that are really important to you?

MIKE: I think breeding dogs for fighting is totally wrong …

If you want to know more about The Loved Ones, Good Charlotte, The Used, and all your favorite bands, sign up for peta2 E-News! And follow the guys’ advice—and your heart—and order your free vegetarian starter kit!


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THE LOVED ONES have been killing it live with everyone from labelmates PAINT IT BLACK and STRIKE ANYWHERE to the dudes in Against Me! Now after only just getting off the road, the band is prepping for some awesome upcoming gigs with The Explosion, The Bouncing Souls, and Tsunami Bomb.

If that wasn’t enough their filmed by Kid Dynamite’s Jason Shevchuk, will be debuting on Oven Fresh and will start airing on this Monday 4/11. We’re looking for your help in voting for it to kick the living hell out of Mudvayne. Be sure to visit to vote early, vote often, and spread the word!

2. Chicken
3. Massive
4. Drastic
5. Candy Can

Please consult the Loved Ones for current dates.

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

Remember, back before pop punk bands like Blink 182 homogenized the punk rock scene into something easily palatable by the mindless masses? Remember back to when you used to listen to great punk bands that your parents most probably would not have allowed you to listen to? Remember when getting bootleg tapes from your older brother’s friends of cool new music was exciting? Remember when you kissed that first punk rock girl and she stuck her tongue in your mouth, and you liked it? Remember opening your birthday gifts and getting that bitchin’ new Blind deck, and not being able to wait for the weekend so that you could go grind with your pals, back before there were skateparks, and you were still getting chased out of parking lots and malls? Remember when you went to the hardware store, or pet store to buy your dog chains, instead of to stores at the mall like Hot Topic? Remember when you used to lay awake at night thinking about where you were going to skate the next day? Remember before Social Distortion was a country band, and made some very good smooth punk rock? Remember when you used to cut up your new jeans and use safety pins to hold them together? Remember when you used to pierce your own ears with a safety pin, ice cube and potato? Remember listening to All records and singing along at the top of your voice as you drove back from the show at a neighboring college town, when you had told your mom you were going to a friend’s house for a sleepover? Remember back before Green Day was a household name, and lived in your daughter’s cd collection right next to Ashlee Simpson? Remember when records came on vinyl? Remember having a Vandals patch on your jacket, right next to a UK Subs?

If you do, then the The Loved Ones is a band for you. Full of glorious punk rock attitude and style, but not so hard-edged that you’ll want to immediately get into a fight. Even on the acoustic guitar only "Drastic", this band pushes the punk rockness into your face. This three-piece punk outfit has come to hopefully put some of the attitude back into punk rock, while still creating listenable and bouncy tracks. Slam dance, anyone?

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

The Loved Ones come from the Philly area, an area that once carried the spirit of punk rock proudly. Personally, I think the spirit kind of died in this city, but I’m not here to give a scene report. This 5 song debut EP will help restore some of the attitude that dwindled down a little after the passing of the legendary Kid Dynamite. Jade Tree made a smart move signing these guys. The trio is made up of some serious X’s: X- Kid Dynamite, X-Trial by Fire, and X- the Curse, Dave Hause on vocals/guitar.

Well, there are 5 songs here to get to know this band. The first track, 100K, will have you turning up that volume knob. Chicken will have it turned up even louder. Fiery, emotional (I mean that in the best way possible), hooked-filled punk rock & roll. The third track, Massive, is the only one you might wanna turn it down a notch on. A much darker representation of the writing style Hause brings to the table. This song is dedicated to Hause’s mother, who he sadly lost in 2004. Drastic keeps the feeling of the first two songs, only it does it acoustically. Finally, Candy Cane brings up the volume one last time. It also brings up the speed towards the end of the song. This is some fine punk rock.

There really isn’t a whole lot to compare these guys to today, but that’s ok. There are plenty of examples to compare them to yesterday. So if you miss yesterday’s punk rock, check out the Loved Ones.

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

The Loved Ones debut with an EP featuring five tunes that are so inspiring and so good that I got my head shaking against the wall when I first heard them. Imagine me: in my living room, with the stereo so fucking loud that I was dancing and my neighborhood that got frightened as soon as "100K" got started. The band is a three piece made of Dave House on vocals and guitar, Micheal Cotterman on bass and Micheal Sneeringer on drums, all folks who had their punk rock career started in bands like KID DYNAMITE, THE CURSE, TRIAL BY FIRE and PAINT IT BLACK, where Hause also played. This new band is the perfect sum between the street punk rock of The Explosion and the Emo Core of Lifetime: in one word, it’s the bomb! Seriously. The Loved Ones play fast, pissed off, emotionally active songs like "100K", "Chicken" and "Drastic" are a perfect and unique mix of melody, fast riffs, raw guitars, precise drummings and great songwriting, with a social-aware eye. The production, due to Brian McTernan is so neat that I would not wonder to find this band on the road with Thrice or some other major trendy band. The Loved Ones say they owe as much to Bruce Springsteen as Dillinger Four, but I guess The Loved Ones are totally innovative in their own genre, and I can’t wait to heard their debut full lenght. Really, please guys, if you’re reading this, drop by your tour and close yourself in some studio to record a LP, I am really anxious, anxious, anxious.

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

"It looks like another fruit has fallen from the Kid Dynamite/Lifetime tree. Unlike the relatively close
falling apple Paint It Black, which is really what Kid Dynamite would sound like ripping off Black
Flag, The Loved Ones more closely resemble the rock and roll swagger of brethren None More

So what’s all the fuss about? I can only describe it as a tougher edged melodic approach to hard
rock. Before you roll your eyes in disgust, you really have to hear this to appreciate it. With only five
songs on this EP it goes by quick but these are five solid songs.

The opener, and catchiest of the bunch, is a start/stop masterpiece with a layered chorus that
punches right through your jaded attempt to not enjoy this guilty pleasure. The second song
"Chicken" drifts into a burst of speed on the bridge, almost making you think this is going to be a
hardcore song, but expertly descends back to a strong, melodic mid-paced rhythm only to
conclude with a slower paced yet catchy dual vocal ending. The slower paced "Massive" had the
potential to be too poppy but the impassioned vocals, bass growl and sharp use of melody to
build to a climatic crescendo does its work to remind you this is certainly not a pop record. The
biggest surprise is the all acoustic "Drastic". This song is carried by the once again sincere
vocals coupled with the forceful, dynamic delivery of the sole acoustic guitar. It closes out with the
satisfying "Candy Cane" that does drift a little into the cliché emo breakdown but remains a great
song none the less.

I’m just as big a fan of hardcore as the next guy but I have to say this is the best band to spring up
from the ashes of those legendary forefathers to date. I guess it’s ironic it’s not a hardcore band
but these guys have shown they can branch out beyond that and deliver something that, while not
the same, is worthy of the mantle of their heritage. I just hope they don’t flame out after one EP."

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

The Loved Ones self-titled five track EP will definitely wet your appetite until their full-length drops.

Dave Hause (The Curse), Michael Cotterman (Kid Dynamite), and Michael Sneeringer (Trail By Fire) play a version of punk-rock unlike their past outfits. The Philadelphia based The Loved Ones rocks a pleasant-sounding version of punk-rock that’s not as in-your-face as anticipating ears may have desired from ex-members of much admired hot blooded punk/hardcore outfits, but their new direction won’t disappoint.

Not too fast, yet upbeat, The Loved Ones moderately-paced chord progressions jab with stinging energy. The third track, "Massive," starts out with an awesome sounding bass-line that dips and surfaces throughout the song. The tune has a slight Hot Water Music vibe with gruff vocals, thick guitar, and one hell of a heartfelt delivery. But yeah, that bass part will definitely make goose bumps arise: "I’ve taken your legs, I’ve taken your spine / And I’ll keep coming back / I’ve soaked up your blood, devoured your eyes / And I’ll keep coming back / you think you’ve got years, you think you’ve got time? / I won’t hesitate to take it away / No reason or rhyme / I’ll keep coming back."*

"Drastic" is a cool stripped-down acoustic number that contains as much emotional pull as the other four tracks on the EP. Overall, the Brian McTernan produced debut is an enjoyable release, yet there’s room for growth and inventiveness, but with what this short burst of melodic punk-rock indicates, The Loved Ones full-length will be an album to look out for.

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

The Loved Ones is a new three-piece from Philly with some veteran musicians. The band members previously played in Kid Dynamite (bass), The Curse (guitar, vocals), and Trial By Fire (drums), and they are releasing a debut EP on Jade Tree Records. These five tracks of raw rockers are produced by a big name, Brian McTernan (Thrice, Hot Water Music), who manages to make the trio sound rather huge. The abundant energy and loud sing-alongs make the music better than your run-of-the-mill bar band. Regardless, these Springsteen punks have a lot of improvements to make before they can "set Philadelphia ablaze," a goal proposed in their press release.

Heavy, chunky guitar hooks introduce you to The Loved Ones in "100k." The loudness of the guitar sounds derived straight from the amp and not a slew of distortion pedals. The more traditional tone compared to young punk rockers aids The Loved Ones in creating a mature sound. However, the straight-forward guitar playing hinders the EP. The conformity all five songs is the leading cause of blandness, and there aren’t enough leads sprinkled in to add catchiness. Maybe the remedy is adding a counterpart to round out The Loved Ones’ guitar lineup. Hause is a fluent guitar player, but he doesn’t offer much more than loud hooks.

Although the guitars bog the EP down with some predictability, Hause’s vocals are true quality. With a mildly raspy voice, Hause strongly belts out things like, "and they’d leave us to drown here according to plan / but if this ships going down you’ll find me with the band’" on the slow acoustic cut, "Drastic." At times, Hause’s voice is reminiscent of Hot Water Music’s gruff vocals, but his lyrics are easier to hear. Hause confidently closes the disc with "Candy Cane," showcasing fiery shoutouts and powerful declarations. Rhythm is explosive throughout the disc, and it does help to make things more exciting. The drumming is relentlessly hard, as you witness when the pounding resumes in "Candy Cane" just when you think it’s over. Still, the standout performance must be awarded to Hause’s vocals, which add heartfelt honesty, all with a punk sensibility.

The biggest gripe I have with The Loved Ones is the lack of variety. Similar-sounding hooks are in every song, and unfortunately it hinders the band’s uniqueness. With better songwriting and more emphasis on leads, this band could make great strides. Hause is definitely a strong vocalist, but he has not mastered the title of singer/songwriter yet.

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

Pop-punk is an interesting term. It can very easily carry positive or negative connotations depending on what band it is referring to. Sometimes pop-punk can be simple, like packing dog shit inside a filet, calling it the special of the week, and then force-feeding it to thousands of pre-teens with no taste buds. At other times it can refer to the horde of indistinguishable groups that still call an indie label home, but have been just as artistically innovative as those aforementioned bands. Finally, pop-punk can mean bands like Jawbreaker, the Lawrence Arms, Dillinger Four, or Green Day, who have been able to transcend their peers by creating music that is melodic, intense, intelligent and accessible. The Loved Ones are one of those bands.

The Loved Ones are one of Jade Tree’s most recent signings consisting of members from some of Philadelphia’s finest melodic hardcore bands. Singer and guitarist Dave Hause played in both Paint It Black and the Curse, while bassist Michael “Spider” Cotterman played in Kid Dynamite, and drummer Mike Sneeringer played in Trial By Fire. Still, with a punk pedigree like that, the Loved Ones are not quite what you would expect. The three scene veterans have kept the high level energy that fueled their former bands, but they have also embraced more pop and rock’n'roll influences. The distortion has been turned down a bit and the melodies have been turned up a lot.

The EP opens with “100K,” an up-tempo pop-punk song laced with rock licks and an amazing singalong chorus. Hause’s voice is part grit, part charm, and all sincerity. You don’t doubt him at all when he shouts “given the chance I’d rather rot in hell / then see you fade selling the lies they tell.” The second track, “Chicken,” picks up right where “100K” left off with fast, loud drumming, hummable vocal lines, and a simple chord progression that somehow doesn’t get old. After this, the EP lags a little bit with “Massive” and “Drastic,” not because they are bad songs, simply because they sound a bit too much like other bands. “Massive” sounds like it could have been a Hot Water Music track complete with Chuck’s gruff delivery, somber tone, and intricate bass line, while “Drastic,” with its common punk-gone-acoustic tone, sounds a lot like “Landlords” by Pinhead Gunpowder. The Loved Ones luckily return to their own sound on the closing track “Candy Cane” and leave you with another fast paced pop-punk gem.

Lyrically, Hause seems like he might have stolen a few pages from one of Matt Skiba’s notebooks. Lines like “so pour another it’s 3 AM, oh God this is insane / it’s killing me, it’s killing me / I know, I know I walked away but it’s you I’ll always blame / and it’s killing me/ if my liver swells up and spills out on the floor/ I’ll nail it to your door” and “How’d I get back here at this? Another cheap attempt at bliss / it might take more than this bottle to / forget about what I missed,” sound like they could have come directly from an Alkaline Trio album with their alcohol-soaked imagery and dark outlook. Luckily, like Skiba, Hause can deliver the words with a passionate voice and no sense of emo’s exaggeration.

The Loved Ones have produced an impressive first release. They play pop-punk songs that demonstrate a knack for songwriting while maintaining an aggressive edge. This EP demonstrates just how valuable pop-punk can be when dreams of being rock stars are cast aside for dreams of simply rocking.

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

This CD rocks my socks off. The Loved Ones contain members of Kid Dynamite, The Curse, and Trial By Fire, the most known of the three being Kid Dynamite, a Philly scene favorite for years, so I suspect this release will play well with fans of them.

This is basically a small evolution on the Punk Rock that has been in the philly area for years…. honest, raw, with a slight hint of rock and roll to make a perfectly balanced release, and certainly one that is rediculously catchy. But not only is it catchy but it’s not even close to run of the mill.

I will be playing this release quite often for some time. The only downside is the fact that it’s only 5 songs. But within the span of five songs, this band creates better music than it takes the other bands 15 songs to cover.


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THE LOVED ONES self-titled CD EP (JT1102) is . Produced by Brian Mcternan (Thrice, Hot Water Music, Strike Anywhere) the band’s debut is a five-song crash course in how to bring the rock and . Refreshingly retro without sounding dated, Philadelphia’s THE LOVED ONES’ debut is full of battle-axe-sharp hooks, huge choruses and a sagacious pop sensibility. How does bombastic bass, devastating drums and gargantuan guitars all attacking your otherwise sensible senses simultaneously sound? Sounds pretty good, right?

With this CD EP, THE LOVED ONES offer a glimpse into the tracks that will surely launch them from the northeast basement circuit and into the pop public idiom.

Also, be sure to check out the , filmed by Kid Dynamite’s Jason Shevchuk.

2. Chicken
3. Massive
4. Drastic
5. Candy Can

Drop by for vinyl info.

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

This Philadelphia pop-punk trio explores some familiar territory with the release of its debut self-titled EP. The Loved Ones is a straight-for-the-throat-and-hit-’em-when-he’s-down punk rock band that gathers most of its influence from other pop-punk bands. Most of this release has already been done – it sounds like anything from the Fat Wreck Chords/Epitaph pop-punk explosion of the 90s. But that shouldn’t discredit the band completely; this music is tight and explosive, and singer Dave Hause has a soulful voice that’s a dynamic force in creating the band’s energy. Even when the group departs from the traditional fast-driven, anthem-like songs like Drastic, there’s still a hint of what Hause is fully capable of doing. This record exists as a reminder that pop-punk is not dead.

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

Philadelphia’s The Loved Ones are one of the newest additions to Jade Tree and debut with their five-song, self-titled EP. The three men in this band have logged hours with bands like Dynamite Kid, The Curse, Trial By Fire, and most recently Paint It Black. Dave Hause plays guitar and sings with a sort of gruff voice for this trio, rounded out by Michael "Spider" Cotterman on bass and Mike Sneeringer on drums.

The band’s sound is a basic melodic punk rock one, driven by a thick mix of guitar and drums with a helping of bass. Hause sings at a steady rate with the upbeat music, putting in a little more grit as the chorus parts come around. The EP itself contains four full-band tracks and one acoustic. The opener, "100K", is a fast anthem-like track that features a shout-a-long chorus and all-around solid playing. "Chicken" is another faster track that is quite a bit like the previous. After this comes the band’s best effort, "Massive". It is driven by a catchy bass rhythm with guitar chords chiming in here and there during the verse parts. As a whole, this track leans more towards the rock side of the ‘punk rock’ term, but the punk influence is definitely there. It also features a great build up and ending, proving why it’s the best track on the EP. Later on, the acoustic track, "Drastic", features Hause’s voice in good light as he sings lasting lines like ‘and they’d leave us to drown here according to plan/but if this ships going down you’ll find me with the band’.

The five songs on this EP offer a pretty decent look at The Loved Ones. They play upbeat melodic punk that is both fun and catchy. The four full-band songs all stay in pretty safe territory and the acoustic track, although widely used nowadays, doesn’t seem like a lame attempt at diversity. As a purchase, this might not be the most fulfilling package as you can most likely download at least two of the tracks here, however, it is produced by Brian McTernan (Thrice, Strike Anywhere) and contains a neat clear CD. I’d wait for a full-length after checking them out, but for now, not a bad start for The Loved Ones.

Standout Tracks:

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

The Loved Ones is one of the newest additions to Jade Tree. They are made up of made up of members of The Curse, Trial By Fire, and Kid Dynamite. Straight out of Philadelphia, The Loved Ones have produced a fun and energetic Self Titled EP.

“The Loved Ones” EP starts out with tons of energy. The CD reminds me of Millencolin mixed with The Get Up Kids. “100k” is the first track up, and starts off the EP with tons of energy. Throughout the rest of the album the intensity is kept up and really keeps the mood happy, which produces a really upbeat feel good vibe. “Drastic” is an acoustic song that slows it up a bit, but it’s still a really good song. “Candy Cane” is the last song on the album, and wraps it up really well.

If you like early Saves The Day, Get Up Kids, and other late 90’s punk rock, then you will love this album. It has a really good vibe, and is really upbeat. Head on over to Jade Tree and pick it up on the 22nd. This album gets a 4 out of 5.

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

More accessible than much of what is emerging from the Philadelphia punk scene these days, the Loved Ones balance a dedication to the earnestness hometown heroes like Kid Dynamite and an admiration for the more universal songwriting themes of artists like Billy Bragg. Even though this release is only an EP, it is clear that the band has taken some care in crafting a well-structured release, starting things off with the blistering “100k,” which establishes the band immediately as fast, heavy, and wonderfully melodic. Almost hitting its peak with the third track, “Massive,” the EP then takes a small detour where you might expect more of the same sonic pummelling, with the acoustic “Drastic.” An ideal showcase for the band’s pure songwriting talents, things are brought to a close with “Candy Cane,” a perfect close to a short, but worthwhile ride.

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

As with everything that Jade Tree releases, I am always in anticipation for a release date from whatever band they are bringing to the table. The folks over at Jade Tree simply have a knack for creating an organic “hype” about a band based solely based on word of mouth as this EP was no exception.

Even though this only holds five songs and a few are off their self released demo, it packs quite a punch. The Loved Ones feature ex-members of every Philly band that you can imagine from Kid Dynamite, The Cause and Trial By Fire so the caliber of musicians are top rate. These five adrenaline inducing songs definitely peak after their opener “100K” passes quickly by. For the type of people involved, it is hard to slam or say anything negative but on the flip side of the coin, it sounds a lot like Hot Water Music. It seems as though producer Brian McTernan pressed the “Hot Water Music production” button and it came out almost identical to “Caution” or “The New What’s Next”.

Being fair this is only just an EP and used to introduce the world to a band about ready to blossom. It comes down to this, if Jade Tree backs it and it has members of Kid Dynamite, I am in. I may be a little gun shy and not list this as my top EP of the year already, but it has the qualities that it could be a contender.

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

It could have been the script of another Hollywood-movie abusing the underground culture because it sells, but it’s not: Dave Hause (ex The Curse) entered the punk community years ago by selling shirts for Kid Dynamite. Now, a couple of years later, Dave is on stage himself as the singer / guitarist for The Loved Ones. Remarkable fact: Kid Dynamite’s bassist plays in The Loved Ones as well. They’re backed up by drummer Mike Sneeringer of Trial By Fire. We can only hope that the guy who’s currently selling the The Loved Ones shirts will start his own band as well after some time.

Jade tree is a label that won my respect some years ago. Having a uniform musical taste with matching quality-releases they settled into the list of trustworthy ever consolidating labels that are still closely connected to a certain DIY spirit. Now they released this MCD of “The Loved Ones” and once again disappointment is not what we get. Featuring former members of Kid Dynamite, The Curse, Trial by Fire and Paint it Black, this trio gathered to form this new band while maintaining and cherish the experience of their previous bands. Okay, it’s clear that this Philadelphia based three-piece will never get the impact their fellow townsmen of Ink & Dagger and the almighty Atom And His Package had but this doesn’t exclude the fact that this is an impressive debut.

We only get 5 songs but that’s enough to convince me. The rhythm is surpassing the monotonous punk-drumbeat. The voice is bringing me back to the good old Saves The Day records, including a more ‘singing’ vibration than the average punk band. And there’s enough variation to keep me away from dreamland. I guess the choice of releasing just five quality songs is one of the main strengths of this EP. The first track called “100K” is a little bit too close to a Rancid song I love a lot but I’m willing to forgive.

Keeping in mind this is a debut EP, I can only conclude we should keep our eyes open for The Loved Ones.

The Loved Ones Interview

SJM: Hey Dave. In my review of your brand-new EP I simply stated that if you take the sound of bands like Lifetime, Hot Water Music and Dillinger Four, divide it through 3, you would get a quite good idea of how The Loved Ones sound. Would that description work for you?

Dave: Sure, I like all three of those bands pretty well.

SJM: Reading through the line-up it is obvious that you are far from being newbies to the hardcore/punkrock scene. Could you please tell us in which bands the three members have been playing before.

Dave: I played in Paint It Black till I quit and in The Curse till we broke up. Spider played in Kid Dynamite and Mike played in Trial By Fire.

SJM: Would you say that you will become popular even faster because of the other bands you have been playing in? Is it even possible to become more “popular” because all the bands you played in were so important for the hardcore/punkrock scene as such?!

Dave: I don´t know that we will become ‘popular’ at all, I do think inevitably there is interest in what folks who have been in other bands do after those bands break up, so naturally there is curiosity about the band, at least a little bit.

SJM: Listening to the EP made me think of the typical New Jersey-sound, which brings a band like Lifetime to my mind. What about your past and present most important musical influences? What bands are we talking about and how do you “cope” with these influences when writing a new song?

Dave: We are influenced by all kinds of music, I would say that Lifetime has I guess a little effect, but I don’t really listen to very much of their music. I guess our influences are everyone from The Beatles and the Stones to The Clash and the Ramones. I don´t worry much at all about sounding or not sounding like influences, I just write what comes out.

SJM: What’s your self-understanding of The Loved Ones – what does your band stand for?

Dave: We don´t really have one unified cause I guess. We want to be a band that people look to for honest songs and a passionate approach to playing live. There are certain political and social causes the three of us are interested in, but we don´t stand for anything specific per se.

SJM: I´m quite interested in how you guys met each other and decided to become a band. What story lies behind the formation of The Loved Ones?

Dave: I met Spider when Kid Dynamite had him join after Steve got kicked out. I was roadie-ing and Spider and I got along well. I later met mike when I was in The Curse and he was in Trial By Fire; Those 2 bands played a bunch of shows together. After all of those bands dissolved, I was working at Brian McTernan’s house while he was recording the Thrice record, and Spider, Mike and I would sneak into the studio on off days and rehearse, because it was in DC and that is where Spider and Mike were living.

SJM: What about the name of the band? Who came up with the idea?
Dave: I came up with it…it is named after an Evelyn Waugh book and an Elvis Costello song.

SJM: Reading through the lyrics of the songs I really felt like that a band really becomes quite offensive in a quite subtle way. Am I right that The Loved Ones is a political band? I was wondering how you coped including such form of criticism in a nice ballad like “Drastic”.

Dave: We are not overtly political, no. That song was written in response to the election year which also happened to be one of the hardest years of my life. It is certainly political, but I wouldn´t say the band has an overt political message. We obviously all think that the current administration is completely steering the country in the wrong direction, but don´t most people agree?

SJM: Well, I wish you would be right with that, but I think there are still loads of people who haven´t become quite aware of this. How about telling them? How important is a political message in music for you today?

Dave: It´s important if the person singing is truly passionate. I personally have never been a fan of preaching or pushing any particular view on someone, but sure, honest, heartfelt political songs certainly are important and have a broad scope…

SJM: Every band has a vision of how their album should sound like after the recording it. Listening to the new EP right now: Would you say that this was a successful mission or would you even say that the band was able to surprise itself? If this is the case – in how far?

Dave: I would say I´m pretty proud of the EP. It could sound a little dirtier, I guess, a bit drunker – like we sound live, heh heh – but all in all I´m quite proud. That is why everyone should buy it.

SJM: For the people who do not know The Loved Ones and their debut: What should they be prepared for?
Dave: Expect honesty, drinks and not as many fast beats as our old bands.

SJM: Let´s have a look into the bands´ future? Where do you see The Loved Ones by the end of next year? Where would you wish to be and what do you wish to achieve with the band?

Dave: I guess we will probably be on tour by the end of next year, on a bigger label maybe? I don´t know, things change so fast in this rock n roll landscape, you never can tell…
I personally just want to write the best songs I can and play them to as many people as possible.

SJM: To sum it all up: What can we expect of The Loved Ones in 2005? What´s gonna happen right after the release of the new record? You will be touring the States with The Unseen and Strike Anywhere in February. What about plans to also hit the streets of Europe in 2005?

Dave: Damn right. So far we are touring with Strike Anywhere and The Unseen right before the record on the east coast, then after it comes out we are hitting the east coast again, some with our friends in Voice In The Wire and some with Paint It Black to do record release shows, and then we head south to do a week with our pals in Against Me! in late march. After that probably some more national touring. I would like to get to Europe before the year is out, we shall see?°¦

SJM: What do you expect from the forthcoming tour with your label mates? Is it kind of like an “introduction” of the band to the States or can we already talk about a solid The Loved Ones-fan base?

Dave: Hopefully some people will come out that saw us on our first tour in November we did with the Bouncing Souls, Against Me!, Murphy’s Law, and Let It Burn. We hit all the same towns on that tour, so hopefully people are stoked and will get there early for us.

SJM: Is there anything would like to add or just say?

Dave: Bush is sheisse.

The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

All right, I’ve good news and I’ve got bad news. Bad news first, bands rarely rock together forever. It’s sad, but it’s the truth, sorry. However, the good news is that when a band dies, other groups usually scavenge a piece or two, so a portion of it ends up living on in a new medium. Sometimes, this method can be inefficient and various appendages will waste away until a mad scientist starts digging through graves and snatching parts to create their own megaband/sin against god. If anything has been learned from science fiction, it’s that taking pieces of dead objects and reanimating them in a new form is always a good idea. Either that or the exact opposite, I forget the details sometimes. In the same vein, four thick strings have been unwoven from Kid Dynamite, five thin ones attached to formerly unused vocal chords are from The Curse and an array of skins have been peeled from Trial by Fire. When combined with a lightning storm and a hunchback, the three separate entities became The Loved Ones.

Their self-titled debut EP does not really show much of the hardcore or emo genetics that were apparent in the member’s former bands. The vocals never get as outright screamy as you hear in hardcore music or as whiney as emo, though it leans dangerously close to both on several different occasions. One of the few complaints that I have with this trio is that there isn’t really anything that sets them apart from the 50,000 other good punk bands that are thrilling crowds out there, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Loved Ones are just straightforward punk rock with no bells, whistles or gimmicks to distract you.

The EP starts up with "100k", which is an upbeat, fast-paced song that gets you into the music immediately and sets the bar pretty high in terms of expectations for the next four songs. Unfortunately, none of them really match the intensity of this one. The second track, "Chicken", which starts off kind of strange and all over the place in tempo, eventually settles down into a good song that I can see being the one that the whole crowd sings along with at concerts. At the midpoint of the album comes "Massive", a slower, repetitive song that has the angriest sounding vocals on the EP, but lacks the speed or emotion to really get that anger across and sounds needlessly drawn out at times as well. "Drastic" is a one man ballad, very reminiscent of Green Day’s "Time of Your Life", except it probably won’t get any play at prom or in those stupid photo slideshows you had to watch at the end of senior year that were full of fake smiles and wretched bitches, but I digress. "Candy Cane" finishes off the album strong and almost reaches the levels set forth by the “100k”, but never quite gets there.

If you start up this EP expecting to hear something revolutionary that will change the way you listen to music from now on, I don’t think you’re going to be very happy with what you get. However, if you realize that you are listening to a first offering from a punk band that has only been together for about eight months, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with what you hear from your speakers. The Loved Ones aren’t quite a well-oiled machine yet, but they have a lot of potential and could easily become a household name over the next few years, assuming they stay away from torch-wielding peasants and windmills.