MY MORNING JACKET‘S country-rock tent-revival styled jams are so earnestly played that they make a lasting impression-one that sears the songs deep into the soul of the listener. SONGS: OHIA‘S 10-minute, two-part song features notable, but unnamable, Drag City records guests, a dark lord doo-wop coda, and Jason Molina’s trademark vocals, making this Molina’s most daring and impressive song to date. Both band’s contributions are new and exclusive to this release.

My Morning Jacket is:
Danny Cash, KC Guetig, Two Tone Tommy, Johnny Quaid, Jim James.

All songs written by Jim James.
Recorded at Above the Cadillac Studios, Shelbyville, KY.
Copyright 2001 My Morning Muzic.

Songs: Ohia is:
Jason Molina

Recording: Rove Donation
Written: A.S. of R.
Courtesy of Autumn Bird Songs / Secretly Canadian Songs.
ASCAP 2000

Art by Chris Duncan
Assembled by Mehron Moqtaderi

My Morning Jacket
1. O is the One That is Real
2. How do you Know
3. Come Closer
4. The Year in Review

Songs: Ohia
5. Translation