Show Preview

On Saturday, the Embassy will play host to a slew of bands, including Cursed, Breather Resist, Lick Golden Sky, Coliseum and A Day and a Deathwish.

A Day and a Deathwish hails from Welland and has undergone several line-up changes over the years, while developing a unique, heartfelt rock style. The band recently posted a number of new songs online, including Out Loud, My Path and Take to Be True. These can be accessed for free at

Breather Resist will bring a heavier flavour to the evening, citing inspiration from such bands as the Jesus Lizard and Kiss It Goodbye. The band’s first full-length CD, Charmer, is slated for an Oct. 5 release through Jade Tree.

Like many other Embassy shows, this one is being put on by SummerCamp Productions, a London-based operation devoted to promoting the local indie rock scene.

More information on SummerCamp and the bands it supports, is online at

Cover for Saturday’s show is $8 in advance or at the door.

Breather Resist Ready Jade Tree Debut, Tour U.S.

Jade Tree Records has set October 5th as the release date for Charmer, the debut full-length from Louisville, Kentucky’s Breather Resist. Following on the heels of last year’s EP Only in the Morning, Charmer reportedly features 11 tracks of noise-metal mayhem. Kurt Ballou handled production duties, and considering some of the other bands he’s known for working with– namely Converge and Cave In– his presence should offer a glimpse into Breather Resist’s modus operandi. Expect noise and screaming, and while you’re at it, throw in a collapsed lung for good measure. Tracklist:

01 An Insomniac’s Complexion
02 A Social Worker’s Nightmare
03 Midas In Reverse
04 Honest To God
05 As Far As Goodbyes Go
06 Keep ‘Em In Stitches
07 Long Nights, Short Fuses
08 Loose Lipped Error
09 A Passing Glance
10 Amphetamine Praise
11 Astigmatism

Breather Resist has already set out to spread their wily message on an extensive tour that winds all-the-fuck-over the eastern half of North America. Bring earplugs, or just sit your ass at home:

09-09 Worcester, MA – WAG
09-10 Storrs, CT – University of Connecticut
09-11 New York, NY – Knitting Factory
09-12 Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church
09-13 Boundbrook, NJ – Hamilton St. Cafe
09-14 Baltimore, MD – Talking Head
09-15 Washington, DC – Warehouse Next Door
09-16 Richmond, VA – Nanci Raygun
09-18 Greensboro, NC – Ace’s Basement
09-19 Summerville, SC – All Books
09-20 Daytona, FL – Nicely’s
09-21 Orlando, FL – Ozone CD
09-23 Gainesville, FL – Common Grounds
09-24 Tampa, FL – Orpheum
09-25 Pensacola, FL – Gutter Lounge
09-26 Birmingham, AL – Cave 9
09-27 Atlanta, GA – MJQ’s Drunken Unicorn
09-28 Memphis, TN – Caravan
09-29 Nashville, TN – Blue Sky Court
10-01 Indianapolis, IN – The Melody
10-02 Louisville, KY – First Unitarian Church

Breather Resist Hits Road

Jade Tree’s latest signing, Breather Resist, is ready to strut its stuff for curious fans across the country.

The band’s Charmer hits stores Oct. 5, but the band’s hitting the road to preview material.

Breather Resist’s tour dates are:

Sept. 1 – The Note, Chicago
Sept. 2 – Phantasy Nite Club, Cleveland
Sept. 3 – Manilow House, Shelby, Mich.
Sept. 4 – Embassy Hotel, London, Ont.
Sept. 5 – Moe’s Tavern, Burlington, Ont.
Sept. 6 – Club Saw, Ottawa
Sept. 7 – Bar Les Graffs, Sherbrooke, Quebec
Sept. 8 – Echouerie, Quebec City
Sept. 9 – WAG, Worcester, Mass.
Sept. 10 – UConn, Storrs, Conn.
Sept. 11 – Knitting Factory, New York
Sept. 12 – First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia
Sept. 13 – Hamilton Street Cafe, Boundbrook, N.J.
Sept. 14 – Talking Head, Baltimore
Sept. 15 – Warehouse Next Door, Washington, D.C.
Sept. 16 – Nanci Raygun, Richmond, Va.
Sept. 18 – Ace’s Basement, Greensboro, N.C.
Sept. 19 – All Books, Summerville, S.C.
Sept. 21 – Ozone, Orlando, Fla.
Sept. 23 – Common Grounds, Gainsville, Fla.
Sept. 24 – Orpheum, Tampa, Fla.
Sept. 25 – Gutter Lounge, Pensacola, Fla.
Sept. 26 – Cave 9, Birmingham, Ala.
Sept. 27 – Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta
Sept. 28 – Caravan, Memphis, Tenn.
Sept. 29 – Blue Sky Court, Nashville, Tenn.

Breather Resist Touring

Jade Tree artists, Breather Resist are touring to support their upcoming full length, titled Charmer, which is due out October 5th. Almost all the dates include Lickgoldensky and Coliseum, and certain dates include Hot Cross and Cursed. The band is also playing two dates – including their release show – with Hydrahead’s Pelican.


September 1
Chicago, IL
The Note
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 2
Cleveland, OH
Phantasy Nite Club
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 3
Shelby, MI
Manilow House
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 4
London, ON
Embassy Hotel
Cursed, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 5
Burlington, ON
Moe’s Tavern
Cursed, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 6
Ottawa, ON
Club Saw
Cursed, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 7
Sherbrooke, QC
Bar Les Graffs
Cursed, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 8
Quebec City, QC
Cursed, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 9
Worcester, MA
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 10
Storrs, CT
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 11
New York, NY
Knitting Factory
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 12
Philadelphia, PA
First Unitarian Church
Hot Cross, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 13
Boundbrook, NJ
Hamilton St Cafe
Hot Cross, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 14
Baltimore, MD
Talking Head
Hot Cross, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 15
Washington, DC
Warehouse Next Door
Hot Cross, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 16
Richmond, VA
Nanci Raygun
Hot Cross, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 18
Greensboro, NC
Ace’s Basement
Hot Cross, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 19
Summerville, SC
All Books
Hot Cross, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 21
Orlando, FL
Ozone CD
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 23
Gainsville, FL
Common Grounds
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 24
Tampa, FL
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 25
Pensacola, FL
Gutter Lounge
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 26
Birmingham, AL
Cave 9
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 27
Atlanta, GA
Drunken Unicorn
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 28
Memphis, TN
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

September 29
Nashville, TN
Blue Sky Court
Lickgoldensky and Coliseum

October 1
Indianapolis, IN
The Melody

October 2
Louisville, KY
St Johns Center *Record Release Show*

Breather Resist [I]Charmer[/I] Review

In the past six months, the brothers Patterson have probably emitted more cacophony into my household than all other noise rockers combined (thanks guys!). They of the Black Cross/National Acrobat cultdom, brother Evan leaving brother Ryan to thrash away in Coliseum while he creates tornados of guitar shred in the equally chaos-worthy Breather Resist. Funny, I always pictured this band being pretty emo based on their name, but Jesus H. Christ, this is a loud slab of something-or-other. Call it math rock meets science (science rock?), untainted noise fury devouring metalcore in one fell bite, or just plain emotion catharsis. Whichever tag you give it (hey, or make up your own!), Charmer’s blowing your speakers and tearing any flesh within listening distance right off of bone. Okay, let’s throw the band names Kiss It Goodbye, Chokebore, and (once again) The National Acrobat into this here review just to create a mental soundscape, and then quickly forget trying to compare Breather Resist to anyone else. With lyrics that wax circles around most notebook crud, and a deeper understanding of what it takes to get a listener from point A to Z (i.e. — listening to a whole album without lulling off to la-la land), Breather Resist are currently your best bet for loud, chaotic, and monumental.

Breather Resist [I]Charmer[/I] out on October 5

Louisville, Kentucky’s Breather Resist have been busy since their 2002 inception, releasing an armful of disks with labels as diverse as Initial and Death Wish before joining the Jade Tree roster. Made up of current Black Cross and one time National Acrobat member Evan Patterson on guitar, along with bassist Nick Thieneman, drummer Geoff Paton and vocalist Steve Sindoni, this four-piece have set out to remold all the stagnant preconceptions of heavy music – the end result, Charmer, is an absolute force to reckon with; equally vicious, progressive, and thoroughly unpredictable. Duck and cover as Breather Resist are simply too volatile to ignore for much longer.