See Photos from Paint It Black with Hop Along, Night Birds, and Bad Canoes

Dan Yemin riles up Brooklyn Crowd

Paint it Black can be pretty elusive these days, but if you’re in the right place at the right time, you might be lucky enough to catch Dr. Dan and crew in their natural habitat. Check out this batch of photos from PIBs recent Noisey show with Hop Along, Night Birds, and Bad Canoes in Brooklyn.





PAINT IT BLACK‘s follow up to their urgent and trouncing CVA is epic in comparison.  Not simply in terms of song length, but more importantly in terms of subject matter.  Paradise contains all the mile-a-minute passion of the last release coupled with a more thematic tone, exploring the personal pains of divorce, the more global concerns of war and how the two are hopelessly intertwined.  The end result is a heroic look inward and ultimately a catharsis guised in uncompromising intensity and spirit.

Colin McGinniss: Lead Guitar

Andy Nelson: The Bass Guitar / Vocals
David Wagenschutz: Drums
Dan Yemin: Vocals / Guitar
Melodious assistance: Dave Hause & Jason Yawn
Produced by J. Robbins & Paint It Black
Recorded and Mixed in September 2004 by J. Robbins at Phase / College Park, MD
Mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches / Assisted by Kim Dumas
Layout by Tim Gough

Track list:

1. Election Day
2. Pink Slip
3. Exit Wounds
4. Ghosts
5. The New Brutality
6. Athiests In Foxholes
7. Nicaragua
8. Labor Day
9. Burn The Hive
10. Panic
11. Angel
12. The Pharmacist
13. 365
14. Memorial Day

Pressing info:
1000 Green vinyl with factory printed jackets, 250 lime green marble with hand numbered silk-screened jackets. 25 lime green marble with hand numbered spray painted jackets.



New Lexicon

PAINT IT BLACK’s New Lexicon was not easy to produce, but it’s gritty, thunderous and ugly—just the way hardcore punk should be.

New Lexicon marks PAINT IT BLACK’s first recording with new drummer Jared Shavelson (Hope Conspiracy, None More Black) and boasts guest vocals from Jeff Pezatti (Naked Raygun). Still, many of the best surprises occur behind the scenes.

Rather than straining to re-create “lo-fi” in a studio, New Lexicon rings in an aggressive clarity from engineer J. Robbins’ (Modern Life is War, Against Me!). With a thick low-end up front (think Bad Brains’ Roir sessions), New Lexicon says that aggression doesn’t have to be found only in thick guitars.

From here, the album was passed on to co-producer Oktopus of the indie hip hop group Dalek. Here, the existing sounds of feedback, bass booms and cymbal crashes were twisted into haunting ambient interludes and serpentine waves trailing behind the buzz saw riffs.

With little debate, this is Paint It Black’s finest hour …or, half-hour, anyway, with 15 songs clocking in at a dizzying 30 minutes, 26 seconds.

LP available from Rivalry Records.

Produced by J. Robbins, Oktopus and Paint It Black.

Live instruments and vocals recorded at the Magpie Cage, Baltimore, MD by J. Robbins.

Overdubs, samples and other sonic tinkering committed by the Oktopus and engineered by Alap Momin at DeadVerse Studios, Union City, NJ.

Mixed by Oktopus at DeadVerse.

Anthem Vocals in “Shell Game Redux” by Jeff Pezzati. Recorded by Daniel Escauriza in Chicago, IL

Additional Vocals by Andrew Mackie, Joshua Noah Charles and Father Michael Patrick McKee.

Mastered at West West Side Music, New Windsor, NY by Alan Douches

Art Direction by Clint Woodside at Tomorrow. Photography by Sean Dack.
Paint It Black is:
Josh Agran: Guitar
Andy Nelson: Bass & Vocals
Jared Shavelson: Drums
Dan Yemin: Vocals

Paint It Black uses Ampeg amps, DR strings and C & C drums.

All songs © & 2008 Paint It Black
Daneurysm (SESAC)
Distort Ardmore (SESAC)
Play Hard Music (SESAC)
Mother Fucker Peanut Butter (SESAC)

(C) & (P) Jade Tree 2008 / JT1126

1. The Ledge
2. Four Deadly Venoms
3. We Will Not
4. Past Tense, Future Perfect
5. Missionary Position
6. White Kids Dying of Hunger
7. Gravity Wins
8. Dead Precedents
9. The Beekeeper
10. Check Yr Math
11. So Much for Honour Among Thieves
12. New Folk Song
13. Saccharine
14. Severance
15. Shell Game Redux


PAINT IT BLACK delivers unabashed, uncompromising hardcore, negating the preconceived boundaries between the personal, political, melodic and aggressive, accentuating a much-appreciated axiom: maximum intensity. Features current and ex-members of Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Good Riddance, and The Curse.

Dave Hause – Guitar
Andy Nelson – Bass
David Wagenschutz – Drums
Dan Yemin – Vocals.
Recorded and mixed at Atomic / Brooklyn, NY
Engineered by Dean Baltulonis
Produced by Paint It Black
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, NJ
Layout by J. Dean @ Comfortable Lead

1. Cannibal
2. Anesthesia
3. Womb Envy
4. Atticus Finch
5. CVA
6. Void
7. The Insider
8. Cutting Class
9. Head Hurts Hands on Fire
10. Bravo, Another Beautiful “fuck you” Song!
11. Watered Down
12. The Fine Art of Falling Apart
13. This Song is Short Because it’s Not Political
14. Less Deicide, more Minor Threat…
15. Four Simple Steps to Total Life Satisfaction
16. Short Changed
17. Why Film the Carnage?

Live Stream of Fun Fun Fun Fest

Not in Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest? Pitchfork is promising a live stream of every festival stage. While watching online is far from the real thing, it’s gotta beat working.

Friday 2:45 – From Ashes Rise (Black Stage)
Saturday 5:20 – Paint It Black (Black Stage)
Sunday 5:20: – Kid Dynamite (Black Stage)

[Note: At the time of this posting, it seems that the Black Stage stream is Off Air, but we're hoping that will change before From Ashes Rise plays]

TV Casualty (as Black Flag) to Play Benefit in Philadelphia

R5 Productions Presents:

Thurs, April 21, 2011 / 8:00 pm / $10.00

Andy Nelson of PAINT IT BLACK
Atom Goren of ATOM & HIS PACKAGE
Brian Sokel of FRANKLIN


Everything Sucks: A Tribute To The Descendents

The England Belongs To Twee Sound System

All Proceeds To Benefit:

This show benefits and celebrates the 20th anniversary of Dining Out For Life, which benefits organizations that help treat people with HIV & AIDS.

On Thursday, April 29, 2010 over 200 restaurants across the Delaware Valley will be participating in what the Philadelphia Inquirer has called "the busiest restaurant night of the year!". Benefiting thousands of men, women, and children throughout our region.

Remember, making a difference is as easy as going out to eat! Please visit Johnny Brenda’s again on 4/28 and we will donate 33% of the cost of your meal to the fight against HIV & AIDS.

Dine Out, Fight AIDS!

Venue Information:
Johnny Brenda’s
Philadelphia, PA
1201 N. Frankford Ave

Paint It Black Set for Midwest, East Coast Shows

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It’s been about 5 years since Paint It Black has shown their faces in the Midwest and actually quite some time since they’ve appeared on their own turf, but the band has put together to a handful of dates that should make a lot of people very happy. This is an opportunity to not only catch PIB live, but a roster of many of the best punk bands going today.

Fri Feb 4th // Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club
w/ Dillinger Four, Arms Aloft

Sat Feb 5th // Chicago, IL @ Locked Out
w/ Lemuria, Raw Nerve, Poison Planet, Boilerman

Fri Mar 4th // Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio
w/ Punch, Iron Chic, Vaccine, Zombie Dogs

Sat Mar 5th // Washington, DC @ St. Stephen’s Church
w/ Screaming Females, Punch, Sick Fix, Slingshot Dakota, Give

Sun Mar 6th // Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
w/ Screaming Females, Punch, Iron Chic, Give

Fri Mar 18th // Austin, TX @ Shirts For A Cure Showcase
More info to be announced

New Lexicon is in stores and . The digital version of the album is available from the , , , , and most other digital music services.

Paint It Black on the web:
| | |

Interviews: Paint It Black

In honor of this year’s Fest Punknews has teamed up with the organizers to bring you a series of ground breaking, earth shattering and otherwise mantle destroying interviews. In this selection Peter Marullos of Protagonist sits down with Dan Yemin and Andy Nelson of Paint It Black to discuss bands, babies and bifurcation.

The past couple Fest that you dudes have played, Paint It Black has certainly raised the bar for offstage performances. Playing inside of a box truck during Fest 7 and almost collapsing the dudes in Spanish Gamble’s apartment during Fest 6 were two of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Are these offstage sets planned before getting to Gainesville or are they more spontaneous?
Andy: Like that’s really the kind of question we’d answer for the Official Fest Guidebook [editors note: the Guidebook is where this interview was originally going to be published].

Dan: What we do is secret.

What bands are you looking forward to watching Fest weekend?
Dan: Punch, Hard Skin, Dear Landlord, Algernon Cadwallader, Dead To Me, Defeater, Torche, Bridge & Tunnel, Comadre, Deep Sleep, Iron Chic, Hour of the Wolf, No Friends, P.S. Eliot.

Andy: Yeah, I don’t even know where to start on this one. But I will say that I’m a little worried about the Hard Skin set — they always draw out the most violent, sketchy crowds. What’s going to happen when a gang of white power skins clash with dozens of Bomb The Music Industry! fans? Hopefully only a few people get stabbed.

As seasoned Fest veterans, you guys have been able to spend some time on the streets of Gainesville. Are there any places or restaurants that you would recommend or look forward to visiting while in town?
Dan: The outdoor bar at Common Grounds.

Andy: We’ve heard it’s pretty easy to walk into university frat houses and just take whatever you want. For those on a budget.

Any special Fest memories on and/or off-stage that stick out in your memory?
Dan: Dillinger Four at Fest 5 and 6 was really exciting, some of the greatest large scale shows I’ve seen in my life. And when Naked Raygun played I lost my fucking mind. The Ergs at Common Grounds was astounding. First time I saw The Measure was at 1982 at Fest 6 I think, and that was killer. And of course the "offstage performances" you mentioned in the first question will go down in history as some of the greatest musical experiences of our lives. I got the feeling that the Fest chain of command wasn’t too stoked about the U-Haul truck show, but you have to admit it was pretty epic.

Andy: Ted Leo/Pharmacists, The Marked Men and Armalite have been some of my favorite bands to see that Yeems didn’t already mention, I think. But that last time Avail played might have been the greatest. Honestly though, all my fondest memories are of our little, awful group of Philadelphians acting like loud jerks to the chagrin of anyone within earshot. Who can forget when we rented a Sebring convertible (the coolest car on the market, according to Motor Trend) and cruised the strip all day blaring Soulwax and Freeway? Not us, at the least! And though such shenanigans sometime end with someone getting arrested or Tony kicking us out of the Venue’s backstage during D4, these are the sort of memories we’ll cherish long after we’re all older and more irrelevant.

Do you guys have any upcoming touring plans?
Dan: Well, the word "tour" has kind of shrunk in its implications since I had a baby. We just got back from a week in the UK, and that was a stretch. We’ll be able to do weekends here and there and that will be it for quite awhile.

Andy: We’ve never been an actively touring band, though. Which I think is why our trips to The Fest have always been such a cool, affirming kind of get together with our most kindred of spirits and our sets a nice annual opportunity for the diehards to go crazy.

In 2009, we saw the release of two EPs, "Amnesia" on Bridge 9 Records and "Surrender" on Fat Wreck Chords. Can we expect any new releases for 2011?
Dan: We hope so. The songs are there, but the logistics of recording are a nightmare, between parenthood and Jared living in Los Angeles now. You’ll probably see a new Armalite record first. That should tell you just how slow things are running for Paint It Black right now.

This question is for Dan. So, you have played in Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Armalite, Paint It Black, you have a doctorate in psychology and have had a practice specializing in child and teen psychology. Now you are a big poppa with your first child. Seems like you have always been able to juggle many aspects of your life and continue to hold true to your lifestyle. How do you do it? What has changed with the recent addition to your family?
Dan: I just always believed that you’ve got to make time for the things that are important, which for me are family, friends, work and replenishment. The important people in my life have always been my first priority. Work has always been bifurcated, split between music and psychology, and I work for myself so I’ve always been able to manipulate my schedule to some extent, making time for almost everything (up to a point). Music, friends and family have provided most of my replenishment over the years. Being a father has really pushed me to slow everything down and make sure that I’m putting my family first, which you can’t really do if you’re away from home too much. Everything is for my daughter now, even the music. Whether we’re singing about political situations or personal stuff, it’s all about imagining a better world for her. I’m working on new 7" EP’s for all three bands, but it’s going to take awhile.

Paint It Black Shows with Naked Raygun Begin Tonight

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Paint It Black‘s four East Coast shows with Naked Raygun begin tonight in Philadelphia. Tickets are still available for the first three shows.

Paint It Black w/ Naked Raygun

09/10/2009 Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
09/11/2009 Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar
09/12/2009 Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
09/13/2009 Hoboken, NJ United States @ Maxwell’s [Sold Out]

New Lexicon is out in stores and is . The digital version of the album is available from the , , , , and most other digital music services.

Paint It Black on the web:
| | |

PIB Plays Release Shows for New EPs; Dan Yemin Featured in AP

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Paint It Black are playing three shows this weekend to promote the upcoming release of their on Bridge 9 Records. Philly show goers will receive a free copy of the Amnesia 7" with admission!

06/12/2009 Philadelphia, PA United States @ First Unitarian Church
06/13/2009 Lindenhurst, NY United States @ Lindenhurst Moose Lodge
06/14/2009 Providence, RI United States @ AS220

Dan Yemin has been featured in the July (Issue #252) speaking on the influence of Minor Threat on his life and music. has also published a nice interview with Dr. Dan here:

Keep an eye on the for any future tour related updates and further details.

New Lexicon is out in stores and is . The digital version of the album is available from , , , and most other digital music services.

New Lexicon was released on vinyl through and is also available in the .

Thoughout Europe, the album is available from and in Japan, .

Propagandhi / Paint It Black live in Philadelphia

The Beatles. The Ramones. Minor Threat. These are bands I will never see live. They all broke up a long time ago, and some of their key members are even deceased. Until this past weekend, there was another band on my woulda-coulda-but-won’t-see wish list that was actually still together, Propagandhi. Propagandhi spent the last 150 years (well, it’s actually like eight?°¦) shunning the United States, but with a new record (the OK comeback Supporting Caste), I suppose those crazy Canadians decided to conquer the States one more time. The result: a tight hardcore bill at the Trocadero featuring Philly locals Witch Hunt and Paint It Black that pretty much rocked my face from start to finish on March 14.

2009 has been a somewhat unexciting year for music so far; I haven’t been this apathetic about punk rock since high school. Up-and-comers Witch Hunt completely changed my mind, though. This co-ed quartet ripped through a tasty 30-minute set of blistering punk/hardcore in the vein of Choking Victim, Black Flag and Melvins. Oscillating from black thrash to street punk, Witch Hunt won me over with their eclectic chaos and passion. All three bands talked about scene unity that night, but Witch Hunt frontwoman Janine was the only one to take it a little further. She introduced the song “Slow Decay” with an entreaty for more open discussion about depression and addiction. Listing the pros to both therapy and simply talking to your friends, her anti-suicide/anti-abuse speech scored a round of applause from the crowd. As for the songs, they ripped and rocked. With a new record on the horizon, Witch Hunt is a crust punk band to watch in ’09.

Witch Hunt was my pleasant surprise of the night; Paint It Black was my old reliable friend. I’ve never seen them put on a bad show, and they came through yet again, although sound issues early in the set left the band sounding a little hollow. Paint It Black deals in short, fast hardcore hits, and the boon of writing 90-second songs meant that the band drew from all three of their albums well. New Lexicon shone through, with highlights including “The Ledge,” “Missionary Position,” and “Shell Game Redux.” Bassist Andy Nelson was quick with the quips while gangly yet muscled frontman Dr. Dan Yemin awkwardly tore about, frequently leaving the stage to share his mic with the crowd. It didn’t always work — The Troc was too big for the mic-less gang vox renditions of set-enders “Atticus Finch” and “Memorial Day” to be heard past the first few rows of bodies, making the band’s finale somewhat anti-climactic. But for the most part, Paint It Black kicked rump. They even debuted a new song from the band’s upcoming seven-inch. It still sounds like Paint It Black (sorry, Kid Dynamite fans), although it’s much slower and more controlled. You feel it every time drummer Jared Shavelson hits his kit. Think of the second half of Black Flag’s My War.

Then came Propagandhi.

Anticipation was heavy; there was a huge forward surge of bodies as soon as the lights cut out. One brave kid jumped from the Troc’s balcony to the stage. The band plugged in and kicked off a string of Supporting Caste cuts and?°¦proceeded to suck. Now, I’ve seen opening acts outperform headliners, but March 14 marks the first time I ever felt like the sound guy was deliberately favoring the opener over the main attraction. Witch Hunt’s sound was flawless and Paint It Black took a few seconds to congeal, but Propagandhi’s first few songs were all bass-’n-drums, burying all of those nifty guitar tricks from the band’s pseudo-recent metal direction. Whoever was manning the boards eventually got his and/or her shit together, but for those first few minutes were scary. Despite this little stumble — which didn’t seem to bother those in the pit, anyway — Propagandhi took off. Supporting Caste sounded pretty good live, especially cuts like “The Banger’s Embrace” and “Dear Coach’s Corner.” Drummer Jord Samolesky introduced the latter with a discussion about hockey, discussing how he put a curse on New York Rangers fans at the band’s previous show for being dicks. Lo and behold, my town’s very own Philadelphia Flyers trumped the Rangers 4-2 earlier that day. That, in turn, segued into a conversation about how, back in 2008, Republican Vice Presidential failure Sarah Palin visited a Flyers game on the campaign trail. The crowd was obviously booing, though close camera shots and some audio edits attempted to convince viewers at home otherwise.

Clearly, the guys had a lot to talk about since their last Philly visit.

The set list attempted to blend in aspects of each of the band’s albums — “A Speculative Fiction” from Potemkin City Limits, “Hallie Sallasse, Up Your Ass” and “Anti-Manifesto” from How to Clean Everything, and “?°¦And We Thought Nation States Were a Bad Idea” and “Apparently I’m A P.C. Facist” from Less Talk, More Rock all went over well. Today’s Empires, Tomorrow Ashes seemed to get the biggest reaction, with the crowd lapping up “Fuck the Border,” featuring Dan Yemin, and “Back to the Motor League.” Bassist Todd Kowalski teased the audience with references to “Come to the Sabbat,” the ridiculously awesome hidden track from Supporting Caste. While the band didn’t play nearly enough of the songs I wanted to hear — how could they? — I still felt generally stoked to have witnessed this rare show, regardless of the sound issues and thoroughly stinky fans. After a quick encore, the band asked concertgoers to check out some of the political literature they brought along, as well PETA’s booth (man, those folks really hate Kentucky Fried Cruelty, eh?).

With G7 gone, I hope Propagandhi can dig deep and hit up Pennsylvania a few more times. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I really, really want to meet Hannah in a VFW hall and have him scream, “My brown power ass in your white power face,” you know, in my face.

Paint It Black Join Propagandhi in March

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Paint It Black have just announced a March East Coast tour with Propagandhi. Most of the dates have tickets available online, so don’t wait:

03/05/2009 St Petersburg, FL United States @ The State Theatre
03/06/2009 Ft. Lauderdale, FL United States @ The Culture Room
03/07/2009 Elkton, FL United States @ St. John’s County Fairgrounds
03/08/2009 Atlanta, GA United States @ The Masquerade
03/10/2009 Virginia Beach, VA United States @ Peabody’s (Virginia Beach)
03/11/2009 Baltimore, MD United States @ The Ottobar
03/12/2009 New York, NY United States @ Highline Ballroom
03/13/2009 Brooklyn, NY United States @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
03/14/2009 Philadelphia, PA United States @ Trocadero
03/15/2009 Cambridge, MA United States @ The Middle East

Keep an eye on the for future tour related updates and further details.

New Lexicon is out now in stores and is . The digital version of the album is available from , , , and most other digital music services.

New Lexicon was released on vinyl through and is also available in the .

Thoughout Europe, the album is available from and in Japan, .


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PAINT IT BLACK‘s New Lexicon has been named Hardcore Album of the Year by’s Phrequency site. Check out the article here:

New Lexicon is out now in stores and is . The digital version of the album is available from , , , and most other digital music services.

New Lexicon is available on vinyl through and will also soon be available in the Jade Tree estore.

Thoughout Europe, the album is available from and in Japan, .

Best Hardcore Albums of 2008

What else can be said about Philly’s favorite sons that hasn’t been said in the past year? 2008 was huge for hardcore and as usual Dr. Dan Yemin was at the forefront. Kicked off be a crazy weekend in the basement of the Church, New Lexicon takes every rule in the book and breaks them into a million little pieces. From the introductory feedback of “The Ledge” to the singalong ending of “Shell Game Redux,” New Lexicon alternately kicks your face in and blows your mind. With anthematic hardcore songs, electronic segues and everything in between, this is one record sure to stay on turntables for years.

PAINT IT BLACK [I]New Lexicon[/I] Review

PAINT IT BLACK – New Lexicon {Jade Tree} The third album from this Philadelphia quartet and it’s an unrelenting, unforgiving and innovative masterpiece. Most are probably familiar with PAINT IT BLACK’s brand of HC; it’s structured, vitriolic and experimental and rarely relies on flat-out thrash (although when the band does floor the accelerator, you better get outta the way!). It’s kinda like FUCKED UP meeting AVAIL with some pulverising distorted rhythms and electronic noise that only BIG BLACK has equalled (check out ?°»We Will Not’ for evidence). Dan Yemin’s vocals are bitter; spat out with a disdain that evokes Vic Bondi at his most seething. The corrosive power of PAINT IT BLACK is captured perfectly in J. Robbins’ wall-of-sound production and the whole thing is wrapped in a tres artistic sleeve. Highlights? Get real – each and every track baby! BIG contender for the greatest slab of 2008.

Paint It Black mix brawn and brains

Treading a fine line between hardcore credibility and forward-thinking nous, Philadelphia’s Paint It Black were, until recently, just another decent gang of two-minute scuzz-punk exponents.

The March release of fierce buy explorative LP New Lexicon put paid to that notion. A half-hour blast of controlled aggression led by vocalist Dan Yemin’s throaty holler, the switch in scope could, in part, be explained by personnel changes.

The impact of new guitarist Josh Agran and drummer Jared Shavelson is rivalled by production from melodic hardcore legend/Jawbow founder J Robbins, and Oktopus of New Jersey experimental hip-hoppers Dälek. Processed interludes and rap-style bottom end don’t dilute guitar attacks that are very much influenced by Minor Threat, Circle Jerks and early Black Flag.

Yemin remains Paint It Black’s focal point, his ire tempered by an intelligence you might expect from a man who is a doctor of psychology as well as a veteran of hardcore predecessors Lifetime and Kid Dynamite. What you might not glean from roars fit to rupture forehead veins is that Yemin survived a stroke in 2002, as referenced on debut album CVA.

Ultimately, this is hardcore that boasts brains and brawn. It’s a combination mirrored by Californian four-piece Trash Talk, who support on this tour, joined tomorrow by Screwed Up Flyer and The Bendal Interlude.

Tue sep 23, Le Pub, 1 Caxton Place, Newport. 8pm, £8. Tel: 01633 221477.


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It’s been some time since our friends in Europe have been graced with the presence of the PAINT IT BLACK gang. Alas, PIB is heading across the sea with friends right now. Here is the word directly from PIB:

"This one goes out to all our friends across the Atlantic. In two short days we’ll be on a plane crossing the ocean with our friends Trash Talk, to launch a 16-day assault on the shores of Europe. We’re all really fucking excited about this tour, not only because it’s going to be amazing playing with Trash Talk every night, but because its the first time that either band has been to Europe since the release of our new albums on Reflections Records. Traveling far from home, seeing new things, and meeting new people is one of the most exciting privileges of being in a band. We’re grateful for all the support that "New Lexicon" has received in Europe since its release in February, and we can’t wait to play! We’ll see you very soon in one of these cities:

Sept 12 arnhem, holland @ the stage
Sept 13 linkoping, sweden @ deadfest
Sept 14 hamburg, germany @ hafenklang
Sept 15 berlin, germany @ cassiopeia/skatehalle
Sept 16 prague, czech republic @ 007
Sept 17 vienna, austria @ arena
Sept 18 trier, germany @ exhaus
Sept 19 stuttgart, germany @ juha west
Sept 20 duisburg, germany @ light in the dark festival (early show)
Sept 20 tilburg, holland @ zxzw festival (late show)
Sept 21 paris, france @ le klub
Sept 22 london, england @ the fighting cocks
Sept 23 newport, wales @ le pub
Sept 24 manchester, england @ star & garter
Sept 25 leeds, england @ trash
Sept 26 brighton, england @ the engine room
Sept 27 izegem, germany @ ill blood fest

We also wanted to apologize for all of the places that we won’t be playing. Because of jobs and family commitments we’re only able to come for a very short amount of time, and unfortunately, there are many cities and countries that we will miss. We have the same problem at home in the U.S. so please don’t take in personally. Hopefully, some of you will take the time, effort, and expense to travel farther distances to some of these shows. We promise that it will be worth it!

Finally, on a more personal note, while I’m taking the time to write about our European tour, I wanted to mention a couple of European bands that inspire me. There are so many great bands that are on fairly big labels, tour alot, and get alot of exposure, but you may not have had the opportunity to check out some bands that keep a lower profile. Deny Everything from Cologne/Koln Germany have a new 7-inch out on Yo-Yo Records titled "Speaking Treason" which is fantastic, fast, snotty, political melodic HC punk. The Steal, from the UK, have recorded a new album which will be released soon on Banquet Records. I have an advance copy and it has left me speechless. Both of these bands play fast, hard, and precise hardcore punk, and embody all the best aspects of the old-school, without ever sounding like a revival or a throwback. I’m truly awed and excited by both of these records and can’t wait to play with Deny Everything on the 20th. Sadly, the Steal are unable to share the stage with us due to work commitments, but I’ll be singing their songs in my head anyway. I’m so tired, but too excited to sleep, and have a long day at work tomorrow, but i’ll be screaming in your face in just a few days."

Keep an eye on the for future tour related updates and further details.

New Lexicon is out now in stores and is . The digital version of the album is available from , , , and most other digital music services.

New Lexicon is available on vinyl through and will also soon be available in the Jade Tree estore.

Thoughout Europe, the album is available from and in Japan, .

Punk rock dance party — F Yeah!

The F Yeah Fest, curated by Sean Carlson and Keith Morris, might be the younger, more precocious sibling to Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction, but it has its own buoyant charm. Only at F Yeah can one watch Austin, Texas’ Best Fwends while standing next to cheery Matt Johnson of Brooklyn’s Matt and Kim, and later, mosh with Jonathan Gray of L.A.’s The Mae Shi. Although this year’s festival suffered a huge setback when a financial backer pulled out at the last minute, Carlson and the crew — now more than $15,000 in debt — decided to press on, booking a wealth of musical acts into the Echo, the "F Yeah Fest Annex" and Echoplex.

The lineup included staples of the L.A. scene like No Age, Mika Miko and Abe Vigoda, but some visiting acts turned in memorable performances. As guitarist Josh Agran strummed the first chord of the set from Philadelphia hardcore punk band Paint It Black, the audience had a choice to make: mosh and slam into one another or stand to the side to avoid being kicked in the face. The band mixed in old songs like “Election Day” with some tracks off this year’s “New Lexicon,” and bassist Andy Nelson stoked the frenzied atmosphere attempting to crowd surf. Pink Eyes, singer of a Canadian punk band, also jumped headfirst into the crowd during his band’s 30-minute show at the Echoplex — after revealing that he weighed around 300 pounds.

It wasn’t all about punk rock, however. Comedians including Andy Daly, Jonah Ray, Bob Odenkirk and Jeff Garlin joked at the Rec Center, and bands like Brooklyn’s High Places provided a welcome respite from the aggressive hardcore energy, though the duo’s set was plagued by technical problems. Playing songs from an upcoming self-titled debut, High Places’ frontwoman Mary Pearson’s ethereal vocals were overtaken by the sounds of drum machines, samplers and music shakers, leaving patrons generally frustrated.

The adorable Matt and Kim found more success with such audience favorites as “Yea Yeah” and “No More Long Years” and plenty of lively stage banter. Yes, there was crowd surfing and moshing, but the aesthetic was more enjoyable dance party — complete with keyboard interludes of Top 40 covers — than gleeful street fight.


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Per tradition, PAINT IT BLACK will be appearing at the This Is Hardcore Fest in Philadelphia tonight. Word from the band below:

"Next on the PIB docket is the annual THIS IS HARDCORE festival in our hometown of Philadelphia, PA. Like Best Friends Day, we’ll be helping to kick off the event, playing Friday night, playing the role of sweet and tender veggie slices sandwiched between the thick bread slices that are 100 DEMONS and MADBALL! Also on the bill that evening are our friends DEATHCYCLE and COLIN OF ARABIA, plus JASTA (which, of course features this guy from MTV who I think is also in another band) so be sure to come out bright and early and then stay for the rest of the weekend to catch such young, fresh faced gentlemen as BLACKLISTED, CEREMONY, COLD WORLD, LET DOWN, CHEAP TRAGEDIES and TERROR! Tickets for all three days and weekend passes are on sale now at and at Deep Sleep Clothing in Philadelphia. YES!"

More info on future PIB dates is to come.

Keep an eye on the for future tour related updates and further details.

New Lexicon is out now in stores and is . The digital version of the album is available from , , , and most other digital music services.

New Lexicon is available on vinyl through and will also soon be available in the Jade Tree estore.

Thoughout Europe, the album is available from and in Japan, .


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PAINT IT BLACK is coming at you again with another flurry of activity in the coming days. First up is an appearance on Pat Duncan’s show on tonight. Then the band will be performing at the Philadelphia stop of the and moving on to play with Thursday and Hot Water Music in NYC, Sunday night, the band will be live on radio show with Pete Lepore. That’s not all, PIB has planned a bunch of shows for the rest of the summer including Best Friends Day in Richmond. Here is a message from Dan posted to the band’s MySpace page:

"This weekend is going to be madness. Friday night the Fuck Yeah! Fest lands in Philly at the Starlite Ballroom, and we were lucky enough to be invited to join. Fuck Yeah! has been an annual event at Echo Park in L.A. organized by Keith Morris of Circle Jerks/Black Flag, with tons of punk and hardcore bands and loudness. They decided to take it on the road this year, with a smaller group of bands doing the whole U.S., and the Circle Jerks & Dillinger Four joining in for Philly and NYC. It promises to be totally fucking insane. Those of you who know us already know how we feel about D4 (best current punk band in the world! Political, Catchy, Drunk! Referenced in the lyrics to "Election Day"!!!) What you may not know, is that PIB exists for 3 reasons: Minor Threat’s "Out of Step", Circle Jerks "Group Sex", and the early Black Flag singles. Keith Morris was an integral part of 2 out of 3 of these. We are hugely flattered and excited to have been invited to play this. There’s also an astounding array of art punk madness joining in, in the form of the electro-punk party of Team Robespierre, the insane mandatory crowd participation drum dismantling of israeli noise rockers Monotonix, and the true-love-forever-organ-and-drum wonderfulness that is Matt & Kim (is it new wave? is it punk? is it indie? is it danceable? Guilty on all counts!) and or course, your friends PIB, Dillinger Four (back to redeem themselves after the vomit-soaked disappointment that was their last Philly show!), and the Circle Jerks!!!!!!! I know we’ve been playing a lot of straight up HC shows lately, and this Friday promises to be a very different experience. Think Gainesville Fest (infinity-plus-one stage dives!) meets our Philly springtime outdoor show from 13th Street. Let’s raise the fucking bar for fun! Friday!"

"If that wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, we’re joining Hot Water Music for their long-anticipated return to New York City on Saturday night. Old friends from the days when they would play basements and VFW halls with Lifetime in the early 90′s, these guys have heart to spare, and always bring it live. I know that beard jokes and Fuel references would be lost on most of today’s youth, but you old heads know what I’m talking about! This promises to be an exciting night for everyone. Get ready!"

07/10/2008 Pat Duncan Show @ WFMU Radio
07/11/2008 Philadelphia, PA United States @ Starlight Ballroom
07/12/2008 New York, NY United States @ Terminal 5
07/14/2008 The Punkyard @ GRock Radio
07/25/2008 Santa Barbara, CA United States @ Sound and Fury
07/26/2008 Santa Barbara, CA United States @ Sound and Fury
07/27/2008 Santa Barbara, CA United States @ Sound and Fury
08/15/2008 Richmond, VA United States @ Best Friends Day
08/16/2008 Richmond, VA United States @ Best Friends Day
08/17/2008 Richmond, VA United States @ Best Friends Day
08/22/2008 Philadelphia, PA United States @ Starlight Ballroom
08/23/2008 Philadelphia, PA United States @ Starlight Ballroom
08/24/2008 Philadelphia, PA United States @ Starlight Ballroom

Keep an eye on the for future tour related updates and further details.

New Lexicon is out now in stores and is . The digital version of the album is available from , , , and most other digital music services.

New Lexicon is available on vinyl through and will also soon be available in the Jade Tree estore.

Thoughout Europe, the album is available from and in Japan, .

Paint by Colours

Submitted: June 10, 2008 @ 8:11 pm
"Paint by Colours"
Paint It Black – New Lexicon
By: Travis Persaud
Released by Jade Tree Records in 2008

Track Listing:
1. The Ledge
2. Four Deadly Venoms
3. We Will Not
4. Past Tense, Future Perfect
5. Missionary Position
6. White Kids Dying of Hunger
7. Gravity Wins
8. Dead Precedents
9. The Beekeeper
10. Check Yr Math
11. So Much for Honour Among Thieves
12. New Folk Song
13. Saccharine
14. Severence
15. Shell Game Redux

Short. Hard. Fast. All of these words have been used to describe Paint It Black at one point or another. And there’s no use in scouring through a thesaurus to find other adjectives to apply to this punk/hardcore foursome – because short, hard and fast is exactly what their music is.

Led by PhD Dan Yemin, former Lifetime and Kid Dynamite guitarist, Paint It Black spits out 15 hard-hitting tracks in half an hour – and they do it well. “Past Tense, Future Perfect” shows off the band at its finest. Sounding at times like Grade, Yemin’s growl mixes perfectly with the smattering of melody they mix in to add a slice of variance to their 2-minute tracks.

For the most part, Yemin springboards off where Lifetime last ended, adding a tinge more melody and greater cohesion between tracks. “Shell Game Redux” spills open with an anthemic chorus featuring Jeff Pazzati of Naked Raygun, ending the album on the right note. Without reinventing the genre, Paint It Black certainly showcases the best of what’s being done in it.


PAINT IT BLACK are at it again. Check out this message from the band:

Our Fellow Punks,
Well Then! No sooner after returning from another triumphant West Coast tour alongside our pals LEATHERFACE, DEAD TO ME + CEREMONY, LIFE LONG TRAGEDY and SABERTOOTH ZOMBIE (thank you all!), culminating with a ridiculous set at Rain Fest in Tacoma, do we find ourselves at the precipice of yet another ridiculous handful of punk rock days. This weekend’s über allies? Our hometown kindred spirits BLACKLISTED and our Floridian loves NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD. The fun begins tonight in New Jersey (a very special benefit show — please try to make it if you can) and then continues in Florida, where we will play four shows in three days. We’ve just pinched our collective selves. This is not a dream:

Thu May 29 / Franklinville, NJ @ Franklinville Skating Rink

Fri May 30 / Jacksonville, FL @ Fuel ***EARLY SHOW***

Fri May 30 / Gainesville, FL @ Atlantic ***LATE SHOW***

Sat May 31 / Lake Worth, FL @ Klein Dance Studio

Sun Jun 01 / Tampa, FL @ Transitions

This summer we’ll be mostly laying low, recharging for our European murder spree with our friends TRASH TALK in September, but we have some exciting festival and one off appearances in the works — some, have been announced (F’Yeah Fest with CIRCLE JERKS and DILLINGER FOUR! A ridiculous Manhattan show with HOT WATER MUSIC! The VERSE record release! The Sound & Fury Festival!), and more are to come. We also promise Midwestern loving. FOR REAL.

Hope to see you all this weekend.


Keep an eye on the for future tour related updates and further details.