Acts Band Together To Save Legendary Club

NEW YORK — Punk acts young, old and reunited have pledged their support for the legendary New York club CBGB, which is fighting to renew a soon-to-expire lease and may be forced to close shop entirely.

Acts including the Misfits, Thursday, Against Me, Liars, Dead Boys, Gorilla Biscuits and the Vandals will perform at a series of benefit concerts at the club in the coming weeks to raise money.

The Save CBGB fund is earmarked for the club’s legal fees as it lobbies its landlord, the Bowery Residents Committee (BRC), a not-for-profit organization that provides services and shelter to homeless and disabled New Yorkers.

Additional artists set to appear include Living Colour, Flipper, Kid Dynamite, Bush Tetras, Chevelle, the Exit and World Inferno Friendship Society.

Beyond the shows, acts including the Bangles, Elvis Costello and Sting have donated memorabilia for an auction, and the E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt has made efforts to negotiate with the BRC. Former Talking Heads vocalist David Byrne has also offered to assist in mediation.

"CBGBs supports the BRC’s fight to help the homeless — we just want our lease renewed to keep this historic venue in its original place," says CBGB owner Hilly Kristal.

The conflict stems from a series of rent hikes. According to CBGB spokesperson Scott Goodstein, on several occasions the BRC raised the rent on CBGB’s home at 313 Bowery without properly informing the club, later bringing the issue to court in order to collect interest. The most recent dispute involves about $80,000 in back rent the BRC claims it is owed.

In May, the committee cut off negotiations with Kristal to renew the lease on his space, which will terminate on Aug. 31, citing fire-safety violations, among other problems. According to Goodstein, those charges are merely spin as the landlord looks to double its income from the property. If there were real safety hazards, "the city wouldn’t allow us to be open," he adds. A BRC spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

Goodstein says the possibility of moving the club has been ruled out.

"You can’t move the stage and the club that so many bands played on and were launched from," he offers. "I mean, CBs is the Bowery. The only place that that type of New York energy could take place and be expressed in is the Bowery."


CBGB has finally announced its initial listings for the Save CBGB Benefit Shows (see below) and for a large numebr of events including the KID DYNAMITE reunion go on sale tonight at midnight! Only 150 tickets for each show will be sold online in advance, we hear the rest will be ‘early bird gets the worm’ on the day of each show.

8/3 RANA


Drop by for up to date information about additional shows and .


It’s official! Jade Tree’s 15th year is the year to dust off your collection and start cramming for the upcoming examine because if you’re caught just mouthing along in the month of August you’ll be banned forever. On the heels of last week’s LIFETIME news comes confirmation that both KID DYNAMITE and DAMNATION AD will be reuniting for shows next month. Although the exact dates have yet to be determined, DAMNATION AD will be performing at and KID DYNAMITE will be playing CBGB along side good friends Greyarea in support of the campaign. Exact details and dates will be announced soon, stay tuned…

On a related note, recently posted this updated about the KID DYNAMITE DVD project:

"While unconfirmed rumours abound, the only definitive news about acclaimed hardcore act Kid Dynamite is the progress of their long awaited DVD. The package was first promised in 2003 with the release of Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems. According to sources in the band, the DVD is progressing steadily, and the source revealed some tentative features for the DVD, though as work is underway this may change.

The DVD is expected to include live footage from their first and last show as well as their reunion for the Syrentha Savio Endowment in 2003. As well, the DVD will include interviews including a special group interview created for the DVD, and plenty of behind the scenes material. The DVD will be packaged with artwork produced by Jeremy Dean who was also responsible for the artwork for both Kid Dynamite and Shorter, Faster, Louder. A commentary and photo gallery are also planned.

While nothing is definitive as yet, the band and label hope to see a release in early 2006. The esteemed band broke up in 2000."

Video of the Week: Kid Dynamite – Philadelphia, PA

This week’s video is once again brought to you by sickboi and comes from Kid Dynamite’s final show. The reunion was part of a three day event to benefit the Syrentha Savio Endowment and the April 13th, 2003 show helped raise over $20,000.

You can check it out : Kid Dynamite – "Two For Flinching/K05-0564"

Please take a moment to visit and consider picking up a . The endowment is a non-profit organization that provides funding for chemotherapy and other medication for underprivileged women who cannot afford the growing expense of fighting breast cancer.


With PAINT IT BLACK planning mid-summer dates with THE LOVED ONES and NONE MORE BLACK, the timing has finally been right for one of the most anticipated traveling reunions of the century: KID DYNAMITE.

That’s right, after a few reunions and a long lay off, KID DYNAMITE will be taking advantage of having all of its members on the same tour by playing a brief set of 5-8 songs each night. The band will rotate the set each night, culling songs from each of their three albums and treating fans outside of the Philadelphia area to their first taste of KID DYNAMITE in years.

KID DYNAMITE will play immediately before PAINT IT BLACK hits the stage-just about as KID DYNAMITE / PAINT IT BLACK / NONE MORE BLACK drummer David Wagenschutz keels over from exhaustion!

It all kicks off with two shows on July 4th at the Philly Independence Day Celebration, which is being held at the lovely First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia.

Please see Tours page for full listing.


Want to see your face on the big screen? Been dying to have your moment in the Reality TV spotlight? Well, while your pitches are going unheard by the dorks at VH1 why not submit a video of your favorite KID DYNAMITE story for inclusion on the forthcoming DVD? Are you a fan, a super fan? Did you hate them then and still do? Let us know.

We are currently accepting personal video submissions the forthcoming KID DYNAMITE DVD. Got a favorite show or song, tell us about it. Did Colin back the van over you in a parking lot one night, now is the time to be heard (and seen!) Did you have a band that once covered a KD song? Got it on video? As we enter the final production stages on what will surely be the must have DVD of all time we want to hear from you.

We hope to use any and all material, pro-quality or low budget, positive or negative. So if you got it, send it to KD DVD c/o Jade Tree 2310 Kennwynn Rd. Wilmington, DE 19810 by August 20th, 2004. Don’t own a video camera but are still dying to tell your tale? We hear Best Buy have a 30 day money back guarantee, but don’t quote us on that one. DV or Mini-DV preferred but not required.


KID DYNAMITE [I]Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems[/I] Review

This band really needs no introduction.  Just say the words Kid Dynamite and you will get a plethora of responses.  Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems is a catalogue somewhat of Kid Dynamites short but illustrious career.  The first set of songs are from compilations and splits, followed by five covers including a very cool cover of The Clash’s ‘Hateful’ and Minor Threats ‘I Don’t Wanna Hear It’.  It also includes the original six-song demo and live versions of Kid Dynamite classics.  The layout is very cool where each song gets an explanation of what was going on with Kid Dynamite at that time and how it was recorded.     The record concludes with KD doing a humorous radio-show in Philadelphia.  Oh yea and to top it off you get a DVD packed with live footage, photos, and flyers.  This is great for any Kid Dynamite fan to add to their collection.  Even if you are not a fan of Kid Dynamite and want to learn more about the band this would be a good place to start

KID DYNAMITE [I]Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems[/I] Review

Formed from the ashes of NJ hardcore heroes Lifetime, Kid Dynamite hold an important place in punk rock history, both in their native Philadelphia and beyond. This release chronicles the history of the band through assorted rarities and unreleased material, including tracks culled from a live radio performance. Beginning with “the classics,” the tone for the disc is set for all those unfamiliar with Kid Dynamite’s energetic brand of hardcore punk rock. This is smart move for another reason, as well — often times, rarities CDs end up being fan-only releases, the kind that only someone already interested would bother to pick up. Thanks to great song selection, however, and fantastic liner notes (complete with comments on every single track), this album is as much for those new to the band as long-time fans. Whether it’s to hear what all the fuss is about, or to hear a fantastic cover of Circle Jerks’ “Deny Everything,” this is one rarities collection worth your time.

KID DYNAMITE [I]Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems[/I] Review

I don’t know what I can say to do KID DYNAMITE justice. Few bands have had more of an influence on me than these Philly punk rockers. Even two years after they disbanded, KID DYNAMTE is still prolific and highly praised. This band, quite simply, rips. With “Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems”, the band has put out a record that should broaden their fan base as well as show appreciation towards their fans from when they were still together. “Cheap Shots…” offers up some covers of legendary bands like THE CLASH and BLACK FLAG while also releasing B-sides and a nifty little DVD. Even the booklet on this album is amazing. For a band that only released two full lengths and a split, KID DYNAMITE has managed to bury themselves in the archives of the greatest hardcore punk bands of my lifetime during their three-year existence.

Since their breakup in 2000, the members of KID DYNAMITE have gone on to well-documented futures. Jason Schevchuk took a brief music hiatus before making a return to the scene with NONE MORE BLACK. Guitarist Dan Yemin has picked up vocal duties with the throwback hardcore PAINT IT BLACK. David Wagenshultz went on to play in GOOD RIDDANCE. For all of their new (and generally awesome) projects, KID DYNAMITE will always be considered the highlight of their careers by many fans. “Cheap Shots…” does the band justice, providing further insight into the actual members of the band and the song writing process as well as the bands that influence them. The DVD is a teaser for a KID DYNAMITE DVD that should appeal to everyone who has ever picked up a KID DYNAMITE album. “Cheap Shots” isn’t a “best of” album by any means, but it is a genuine display of the band’s short-lived career. The demos are excellent and the covers are unique (as well as gutsy). The live radio tracks are great for those who are loyal fans. For anyone looking to get into KID DYNAMITE, “Cheap Shots…” is a great introduction to the band and you should go buy a copy right away. For older fans of KID DYNAMITE, “Cheap Shots…” will induce a tinge of nostalgia after rocking your brains out, so buy it. If you’ve never heard of KID DYNAMITE, buy it. Get the general idea here?

KID DYNAMITE [I]Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems[/I] Review

It’s incredibly dismaying to come to the realization that old fashioned hardcore punk, once championed in it’s halcyon days by the likes of Bad Religion, 7 Seconds, and even straight-edgers like Gorilla Biscuits, is becoming a dying art form. Few vestiges of the "old-school" remain, having been supplanted by dumbed-down, assembly-line mall punks, and the ever-increasing commercialization of "emo-core," a genre ironically spawned as a doggedly anti-corporate offshoot of hardcore punk. Could it be that when they dissolved in 2000 Philadelphia’s Kid Dynamite exhaled the last dying breaths of this once gloriously galloping horse? While they didn’t exactly fit the mold of the aforementioned Kid Dynamite undeniably evoked a similar ethos, and in keeping with such, Cheap Shots, a posthumous compilation of rarities, demos, and radio sessions also features appropriately blistering readings of Minor Threat’s "I Don’t Wanna Hear It," and the Circle Jerks 30 second anthem, "Deny Everything," further cementing Dynamite’s reputation as in-your-face hardcore purists to the hilt. It’s their originals of course that are the real emphasis of this album, with each track (averaging a fleeting 90 seconds) being a rigorous exercise in tight, visceral no-bullshit punk, that’s rapidly becoming as extinct as the Dodo. The CD version of Cheap Shots is paired with a short DVD featuring live material and a preview of a more thorough Kid Dynamite full-length DVD coming to a store near you. (

KID DYNAMITE [I]Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems[/I] Review

Reviewing a Kid Dynamite album is not a very easy issue for myself, as I am a great fan of this band and I know I would not be able to judge well their songs and records as a "real critic". But nevermind that, I will try. The new record from Kid Dynamite is not a new album. "Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems" is a collection of 29 songs, plus one DVD where you can see some amazing live recording and interviews. Speaking of the CD, it features 29 songs divided into five sections: the classics, the covers, the demo outtakes, the unreleased songs with Jay singing, and some live songs recorded on a live radio show. Basically, this disc has it all: 29 good reasons for statring the mosh pit. From the Kid Dynamite stuff like "Heart A Tact", "Give ‘em the Ripped One", "Showofff", "Never Met the Gooch" and "Wristrocket", the album does not have a moment of stop. You can also hear how Kid Dynamite sound when they are recording a demo for a record: even faster and most furious, on such tunes as "Sweet Shop Syndacate" and "Fuckuturn". The unreleased tracks are smashing stuff as well, with Jason spilling blood from his troath, as on "News At 11", "Death And Taxes" and "32 Frames". The band also do cover some punk rock classics, as "Rise Above" from Black Flag, "Deny Everything" from Circle Jerks", "I Don’t Wanna Hear It" from Minor Threat" and a less classic as "Macho Insecurities" from Dead Kennedys. The live radio show is made of seven tracks plus some interview questions during the time: "K05-0564", "The Penske File" and "Ph. Decontrol" are just awesome played live. The DVD instead features live video recordings from some old Kid Dynamite show and from their recent 2003 reunion for benefit shows. This band is a part of hardcore history, if you ever liked hardcore, I think this Kid Dynamite album is the number one MUST BUY ALBUM OF 2003: it contains a piece of hardcore history that we will not live again.

KID DYNAMITE [I]Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems[/I] Review: 9 out of 10

It’s Kid Dynamite, and they’re one of the best bands ever, need I say more? Well, I guess if you’re a fan and you want the low-down on this release it goes like this: Songs from every compilation and split release, cover songs, the original six song demo, a live radio appearance, as well as assorted demo versions of Kid Dynamite classics. Twenty-nine tracks in all as well as a DVD of never before seen live footage and photos as well as flyers. Without a doubt, this is something you have to have. Don’t be stupid, get this release. Damn this band was amazing. Members went on to join or start the following current bands: Paint In Black, Good Riddance and None More Black. For fans of: Lifetime, None More Black, Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere, Trial By Fire.


KID DYNAMITE Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems[/I] CD/DVD (JT1085) is released today. This posthumous release contains songs culled from every compilation and split release, cover songs, the original six-song demo, a live radio appearance, and assorted demo versions of KID DYNAMITE classics. In addition, the CD includes a bonus DVD of never before seen live footage and photos, as well as flyers, and a booklet with extensive liner notes written by the band.


KID DYNAMITE Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems CD (w/Bonus DVD) (JT1085) is now available for preorder (Released on September 6). This posthumous release contains songs culled from every compilation and split release, cover songs, the original six-song demo, a live radio appearance, and assorted demo versions of KID DYNAMITE classics. The package also includes a bonus DVD of never before seen live footage and photos, as well as flyers, from the band’s first show through to their reunion and extensive liner notes written by the band.


KID DYNAMITE has announced the track listing for the upcoming Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems CD (w/Bonus DVD) (JT1085). Containing 29 tracks and a bonus DVD, this compilation is one of the hottest that Jade Tree has ever released. In addition, the bonus DVD includes a collection of flyers, photos, and live footage of the band in action. Originally intended to be the last KID DYNAMITE release ever, once the band began compiling the DVD footage, it became obvious that there was way more existing tape than thought and that it all of it should be shared with fans. The bonus DVD is now a teaser trailer for what will eventually be a full-length DVD that Jade Tree will release a few months from now. While this DVD will have some of the same features as the bonus DVD included with Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems, it will also have expanded content and focus on new interviews and possibly even commentary. As soon as more information is available, it will be posted immediately. This record will be available for preorder July 29 and released on September 16.


1. Heart a Tact
2. Breakin’ a Memory
3. Give ‘em the Ripped One
4. Two for Flinching
5. Rise Above
6. Deny Everything
7. Hateful
8. I Don’t Wanna Hear it
9. Macho Insecurities
10. Showoff
11. Sweet Shop Syndicate
12. Never Met the Gooch
13. Fuckuturn
14. Scarysmurf
15. The Ronald Miller Story
16. Bookworm
17. The Unheard Chorus
18. 32 Frames
19. Wristrocket
20. News @ 11
21. Death and Taxes
22. S.O.S.
23. Heart a Tact
24. Handy with the Tounge Sword
25. KO5-O564
26. Never Met the Gooch
27. The Penske File
28. Ph. Decontrol
29. Deny Everything


During the KID DYNAMITE SSE Charity Shows, which took place over April 11, 12, and 13, Philadelphia Public Television Station (WYBE) filmed the whole event. Now, footage from the shows, including interviews with Dr. Dan Yemin, Jason Shevchuk, David Wagenschutz, Michael Cotterman, Promoter Sean Agnew & Organizer Mark Beemer will premier on Thursday, June 5th. If you live in the Philly area, be sure to check it out. There will also be subsequent showings on Saturday, June 7th and Sunday, June 8th. Please see the schedule below for more details.


Thursday 6/5 at 10:48 pm
Sat 6/7 at 9:35pm
Sun 6/8 at 11:45 pm

Broadcast on channel 35
Philadelphia Comcast on channel 35
Digital on channel 34

For any others you can check their website at

If this link does not work, please consult your local channel line up.

Please visit for more info on SSE or to purchase Mark’s amazing book of photography, Stealing Time, which benefits SSE.


During the KID DYNAMITE reunion shows-which took place over April 11, 12, 13 to help raise funds for the Syrentha J. Savio Endowment (SSE) fund-several interviews and live footage were caught on tape. Some of this tape made its way to the clothing site .

In addition, all this month, will be donating $1.00 from all purchases made during the months of May and June to the Syrentha J. Savio Endowment (SSE) fund.

Please visit for more info on SSE or to purchase Mark’s amazing book of photography, Stealing Time, which benefits SSE.


In preparation for the upcoming KID DYNAMITE splits, rarities, covers, demos, and assorted extras CD/DVD that Jade Tree plans to release later this year, Jade Tree and KID DYNAMITE are asking for the fans help by asking them to submit any video footage that they may have of the band. Footage from KID DYNAMITE’S first show to their last-and anything in-between-is needed. VHS or Mini-DV masters preferred (Jade Tree will return once footage is compiled). If your footage is used, full credit will be given. Deadline for submissions is May 19. Questions regarding submissions? Email with the subject ‘KD DVD’. All submissions should be sent to Jade Tree c/o KD DVD, 2310 Kennwynn Rd., Wilmington, DE 19810.


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The KID DYNAMITE reunion shows took place this past weekend and were a huge success, with Mark Beemer’s Syrentha J. Savio Endowment (SSE) raising over $20,000 during the course of the three day event. In the name of a good cause, kids went wild (including some stunning moves by the over-30 crowd) for Strike Anywhere, The Curse, Trial By Fire, and Grey Area, who all graciously contributed their time to Mark and SSE. There are not words to describe just how amazing these shows were as they were beyond words. Be sure to check out the photos below for a glimpse of the action! But before you do, please visit for more info on SSE or to purchase Mark’s amazing book of photography, Stealing Time, which benefits SSE.


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Damn, I guess you missed that impromptu KID DYNAMITE house party in Philly last night. The band played a huge set list of faves and Jade Tree’s own Tim Owen caught a bunch of it with his camera. Catch a glimpse of all the glory below.

In related news, Pulse Weekly recently did an interview with Jason and
Dan from KID DYNAMITE. Check it out here:

DYN-O-MITE: Kid Dynamite Reunites

The weekend of April 11, 12 and 13 won’t just be any weekend in Philadelphia – it might just be the greatest weekend ever, and for more people than you might think. Not only will the reunion of Kid Dynamite be a wonderful occasion for tons of kids in the area, but this particular event will be a hundred times more wonderful for Mark Beemer, a renowned photographer from the Washington D.C. area. That’s right, we said Kid Dynamite reunion, but we’ll get to that later.

What’s more important than any performance, by any artist, is where the money made by these three, one weekend only reunion shows will go, and that’s to the Syrentha J. Savio Endowment (SSE). Beemer set up the SSE in memory of his late wife Syrentha, who lost her life to cancer in January 2002. As we all know, cancer is a horrible disease without a cure, but treatment is available through chemotherapy. Unfortunately, chemotherapy is extremely expensive, and is for some unaffordable all together. That’s where the SSE comes in. The SSE helps provide chemotherapy and medications for those individuals who cannot afford them otherwise.

What better way to raise money for such a great cause than to put on a great show? That’s how the reunion of some of the most revered and now infamous bands to come out of Philadelphia (if we do say so ourselves) came to be. When Beemer asked the members of Kid Dynamite to get back together to play a benefit show for the SSE, there was no way they could say no. Thus we come to this weekend, a series of three shows with very special guests The Curse (playing their final shows), Strike Anywhere, Trial by Fire (a special reunion) and Grey Area (another special reunion), that will do nothing but help people both emotionally and financially. Kids will be happy to see some of their favorite bands one last time, and those who are not as fortunate as some us will be happy to be able to receive aid. We can all be assured that Syrentha herself will be smiling as she watches the fun and her legacy contribute to the help of others.

Although these shows sold out the day tickets went on sale, there are other ways in which you can contribute to the SSE. Beemer has released an excellent coffee table book chronicling his 13 years photographing the punk rock community called Stealing Time: 13 Years of Punk Images that is available for $20 from 100% of your purchase will go to the SSE. Fully tax-deductible donations can also be made by sending funds to the following address: The Lombardi Cancer Center, Georgetown University Medical Center, 3970 Reservoir Rd., NW Research Building, Suite E 501, Washington, DC 20007.

For more information on the SSE check out and to see some samples of Beemer’s photography and to order a copy of Stealing Time (do it!) log on to Information on Kid Dynamite can also be found at

Kid Dynamite vocalist Jason Shevchuk and guitarist Dr. Dan Yemin were kind enough to take a few minutes to talk with us about these reunion shows, the Endowment and their respective new projects. Here are their comments.

PULSE WEEKLY: After looking at Jade Tree’s web site, I have come to the conclusion that Mark Beemer’s photography is awesome. I’m definitely going to pick up a copy of his book at the show and I understand that to get tickets for the Sunday show, you also had to buy a copy of Stealing Time.

JASON SHEVCHUK : Yeah. Actually, what they did was they split it up. You could buy 300 [tickets] at Spaceboy in Philly and you could buy 300 from Jade Tree online and the ones that you bought off Jade Tree you had to buy the book, too. He sold a lot of books, it was great, and they are still for sale too, which is cool. It’s a great, great book. But basically he’s been trying to arrange this for a while and we were finally able to open up our schedules and said, “Ok, let’s just set a date and we’ll do it.†So we’ve been talking about this for months and months and months, I would say pretty close to a year we’ve been talking about it and finally, I think it wasn’t until late summer or fall that we actually nailed down a date for when we were gonna do it.

PW: So it was pretty much a no-brainer to say that Kid Dynamite would get back together for a weekend for this particular cause?

JS: Oh yeah. It’s not like we hate each other; we still talk to each other. It’s just, you know, easy. It’s an easy thing to do, why not? Help him out.

PW: How do you feel about the first two shows selling out so quickly?

JS: I’m amazed. I think just a lot of people are just gonna have a good time. I’m also amazed that the third show sold out so quickly.

PW: Was a third show on Sunday something that was planned in advance because there were expectations of Friday and Saturday selling out so quickly?

JS: Well, Sean Agnew, who is booking the show and promoting the show, he pretty much put a third day aside because he thought it was gonna sell out quickly, but no one knew it was gonna be that quick, it was kind of just like, “Well, you know, if there’s a demand for a third show we’ll do it,†and we were like well if there’s going to be a third show, there’s only going to be 50 kids there. A lot of kids bought tickets for both days and that’s what I think made them sell out so quick – because kids bought multiple tickets. I wouldn’t be surprised if 20% of the kids are gonna be there all weekend. The main concern was that since they sold out so quickly, did anyone even know where the money was going? The whole thing’s point was to raise money and at the same time raise awareness. I’m sure we’ll make them aware at the show.

PW: On Friday and Saturday, The Curse and Strike Anywhere will open and on Sunday Trial by Fire and Grey Area will open. Is there a show that you are looking forward to more?

JS: The first one because, you know, it’s the first one. We’ve been practicing and the adrenaline is just going to be there and it’s gonna be out of control.

PW: Is there anyone that you wish was on the bill?

JS: No. Not really. It’s pretty much set by Mark [Beemer]. Mark put on bands that were close to him and that he wanted to see play. Grey Area was kind of our request. Grey Area played our last show and we always joked about it like, “We’ll play together when you guys play together again.†It’s not all the original members, which isn’t the greatest thing, but it’ll still be fun.

PW: With None More Black, will you continue to contribute to the Endowment?

JS: I hope so. If Mark ever needs us, we’ll totally do it.

PW: Do you have any idea how you would contribute?

JS: I don’t know, we have to have a talk about it with Mark. We were talking about doing a live recording of Kid Dynamite, like recording the show live and the proceeds would go to Mark. There are so many ways you could do it. If Mark wants to do a record or something later on, we would totally be into doing it but for right now we have a contract with Fat [Wreck Chords]. Fat actually had an idea of doing a Kid Dynamite live thing but it’s just too close to the time that we’re doing it and we wouldn’t be able to pull the project together so we just said we’ll just do the shows. He [Mark] is gonna have t-shirts for each show, posters, books so he’s gonna make out. I’m totally interested in helping Mark with the endowment, I think it’s a great thing.

PW: You said that in practice all the chemistry and adrenaline is there. How excited are you to actually be performing as Kid Dynamite again?

JS: Very excited. I think we all are.

PW: Do you think that performing will rekindle any interest in bringing Kid Dynamite back, or will you just concentrate on your respective bands?

JS: This is it; this is what we’re doing. Three shows and that’s it. It’s just fun and good times. We’re having fun together, and there is no point in trying to commercialize on it.

PW: Concerning None More Black, what do you think about the tags that have been added, like ex-Kid Dynamite, to your band? Do you think it helps or would you rather have None More Black’s music speak for itself?

JS: I think it [None More Black] speaks for itself, I mean, you’re gonna get that no matter what you do. If I was ex-President of the United States people would say it’s the band with the dude who used to be President, everybody’s gonna get it and once the record comes out a couple months from now it’s not going to be a big deal. That’s the way I’m looking at it. I tried to fight it when we started, I was like, “I want to base our success on what we are,†but it’s not possible because people talk, you can’t stop every flier from going out and saying ex-Kid Dynamite.

PW: None More Black is awesome by the way.

JS: Oh, thank you.

PW: I listened to Dinners for Suckers over and over the other day and I came across a couple other songs.

JS: Hey man, how’d you get those?

PW: I downloaded them.

JS: From where?

PW: You know … the internet.

JS: Aw man, I thought we were being good. Oh well. It’s cool. Those songs are going on the record anyway but there are different versions. But that’s cool, I’m glad.

PW: Why did you choose to go with Fat Wreck Chords?

JS: Jade Tree didn’t express any interest. They may have, but at the same time I wanted to do something different, you know? To perpetuate the whole ex-Kid Dynamite thing I figured not putting it out on Jade Tree would be a positive thing. Nothing against those guys, they’re great dudes, they’re a great label, I just wanted to do something different. We had a choice between four other labels and Fat was just really, really fast and really persistent and they got the ball rolling quicker than anybody else did. Everyone there is fantastic.

PW: So when can we expect to see None More Black on the road? Any idea who you’ll be playing with?

JS: Our first tour starts June 3rd, the day the record comes out and it’s with Death by Stereo; we’re doing an East Coast tour with them. Then we come back and we’re taking a little breather because Paul is in a band called Kill Your Idols and they’re going to Europe for eight days, so we do that, then we come back and we’re trying to put together some tours for the end of the summer and through the fall.

PW: Ok Jason, that’s it. Thanks a lot.

JS: Cool, thank you.

PULSE WEEKLY: How close are you and Mark Beemer? What kind of relationship do you have?

DR. DAN YEMIN: Well, we’re not old, old friends, we’re basically friends through the whole Jade Tree connection. He grew up with the Jade Tree guys and I’ve been working with them in one form or another since like 1994 and those guys have become some of my closest friends too, so it’s kind of an extended music family, I guess you could say.

PW: Is that mostly the reason why you stayed with Jade Tree for Paint it Black?

DDY: Yeah. I look at it as one ongoing relationship regardless of what band I’m in. You know, there’s something to be said for consistency and I know how they operate inside and out. They also hired our drummer, who’s also the drummer for Kid Dynamite [Dave Wagenschutz], as their office manager. Yea, it’s kind of just all in the family, plus if things go wrong I can drive down there in half an hour and get my hands around the appropriate throat.

PW: How special was it for you for Mark to ask Kid Dynamite to get back together for these benefit shows?

DDY: It’s very special. I think all of us would agree that it’s the only reason on earth that we would get back together and do Kid Dynamite again, not because I don’t love those guys but because the whole idea of a reunion, usually under every other circumstance is pretty self indulgent. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to use something I’ve done artistically to really have sort of a real concrete benefit that I can see. I mean, I like to imagine it will have an emotional effect on a lot of people, I know it has on me, and that’s the feedback I’ve always gotten. It’s nice to be able to really see it, you know what I mean?

PW: What if he would have asked for Lifetime to play?

DDY: I don’t think that would happen. The other guitarist lives in California, plus I don’t think any of the Lifetime guys really know Mark.

PW: What are you going to do during the show to make sure kids are aware of the cause, like those that just bought tickets without realizing the cause or taking the time to look into it?

DDY: Well, that was actually a big concern, especially for Mark, you know, this is really, really personal and important for him and the Endowment, so this is extremely special for him. We were really concerned that that would be the issue, that people would be like, “Oh yeah, Kid Dynamite!†and not even think about the Endowment, so we’re gonna have information and a table and we’re going to say something before we play each night. We also have shirts made up that have the band’s logo on one side and the Endowment’s logo on the other; it’s sort of going to be in the air. The way we structured all the press releases, we always put the Endowment as the primary thing.

The other cool thing is the Philadelphia PBS station is also doing a feature on it, they are focusing on the whole aspect, they’re focusing less on the band and more on the whole aspect of the punk rock community and people basically putting themselves out for each other and supporting each other. They’re interviewing Mark, they’re interviewing me and they’re interviewing Sean Agnew from R5 Productions and then they’re gonna tape the show.

PW: That’s awesome!

DDY: Yeah, I’m very excited about that.

PW: When I was talking to Jason, he said he’s most excited for the first show because it will just be out of control. Is there a certain show you are looking forward to the most, perhaps Sunday with Grey Area?

DDY: It’s hard to say, I mean, this is going to be a typical Yemin answer, I’m gonna walk the fence, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to pick. There’s something good and amazing about each one. I mean, the first one is just going to be ridiculous, it’s going to be the first time we’ve played together live in front of people in three years and it’s just going to be nuts. I think everybody’s gonna be excited, our friends are gonna be excited, we’re playing with The Curse, the guitarist in The Curse is also the guitarist in Paint it Black and we’re very close. Strike Anywhere are close friends of ours, it’s gonna be a love fest, it’s going to be very special for Mark.

The second show is gonna be probably our best show in terms of playing well. Friday I basically have to work up until 7pm and then go to the show, so Saturday I’ll be rested and we’ll probably be tighter as a band. Then Sunday is going to be special because Grey Area is getting back together just to see the show, and Trial by Fire is getting back together just to play the show too.

PW: What has practicing as Kid Dynamite been like?

DDY: Fun. We were worried about where to do it and Jason just said, “Let’s do it in my living room.†He lives right on South Street; he actually lives right above Dave, the drummer, so we won’t get noise complaints from them. We basically just moved all his furniture out of the living room and had all our stuff set up in there, it’s been really fun.

PW: How else will Paint it Black continue to help out Mark and the Endowment, if at all?

DDY: Well, hopefully, just to keep it visible. Also, he put out a book that benefits the Endowment that has pictures of Paint it Black and Kid Dynamite in it and we’ll continue to promote that through the band. One of the other ways he raises the money is that he puts together a Walk-a-thon team, like Race for the Cure and Walk for the Cure and all those things, even though it’s usually down in D.C. where he lives, I try to participate whenever I can. Also, I may give a percentage of Paint it Black profits to the Endowment. I decided with Paint it Black that one of the ways that I could sort of keep my influences pure instead of worrying about selling records was to donate my quarter of the royalties to various causes, that’s what I’m doing for Paint it Black. Part of that will go to the Endowment, the rest of it’s gonna go to Philadelphia area DIY endeavors like the Wooden Shoe, you know, a lot of small set-ups that just make money from benefits and fund raisers and things like that, which I consider vital to the underground artistic community.

PW: What do you think about the ex-Lifetime/Kid Dynamite tag that seems to be attached to Paint it Black?

DDY: It’s fine, I mean, I don’t want to ride on it but it’s the reality. I guess I’m ambivalent, we had some disagreements about that in Kid Dynamite back in the beginning. On one hand people would say it’s a cheap shot to benefit from the notoriety of your old bands, just start from scratch, but on the other hand, and I guess there’s something to be said for that, I think people should have to work hard and not just coast. But what I hope is that Kid Dynamite would have been popular based on what we did even if we hadn’t been “ex-Lifetime.†Maybe that made more people notice in the first place, but if we had sucked, nobody would have cared. Hopefully that will be the same with Paint it Black, I mean Paint it Black’s gonna turn off a lot of Lifetime and Kid Dynamite fans because it’s not melodic at all and people that want the melody aren’t gonna go for it. I always wanted to know what the ex-members of my favorite bands were doing so I think as long as you don’t milk it; it’s not a problem.

PW: Was it a difficult transition from guitar to vocals?

DDY: Doing vocals is way more challenging, oh man, I sound illiterate. Doing vocals is a lot more challenging. I find it to be, first of all, a lot more physically challenging. I feel like I’m about to go to the hospital when we’re done, which is great because it kind of adds to that whole feeling; I prefer to feel exhausted and depleted when we’re done. The whole purpose behind playing short sets, which has always been a priority with Kid Dynamite too, is the fact that I feel that if you can play longer than 20 minutes then you weren’t playing hard enough. I think you should be absolutely spent when you’re done and I’m definitely spent, I feel like I’m gonna puke up my diaphragm when we’re done, it’s really hard.

PW: How is your psychology practice going?

DDY: Oh it’s good; it’s very good, thank you.

PW: Do you have a lot of patients who are fans of your music and come to you because of that or do you gain a lot of fans after the fact that they discover your music?

DDY: I’ve had people come to me because they knew, they were from a punk rock background. You know what, I don’t think anyone’s ever come to me because they were a fan and I would actually try to not have that happen, I would feel out exactly what the motivations were. If it was just like a fan thing I don’t think it would be very helpful because there’s kind of almost a pre-existing relationship, although not a face to face one, and I think that could potentially impede the process of therapy. But if someone came to me because they are from a punk rock background and they know who I am and they figure they’d have an easier time relating to me than some old dude, then that’s fine, and that’s happened quite a few times.

PW: Thanks a lot, Dan.

DDY: Hey man, no problem. Will you be at the show?

PW: Damn straight.

Kid Dynamite [I]Shorter, Faster, Louder[/I] Review

Just as the title suggests, this new (and last?R.I.P) Kid D. album is short, loud, and always fast. Featuring ex-members of Lifetime, this Philadelphia band carried on a legacy of punk rock completely unique and intense to listen to, mainly because they perfectly know how to blend in the finer elements of hardcore. Fans of their first, self-titled release will love this new album.


Attention: The procedure and policy is changing for the sale of tickets for the third KID DYNAMITE benefit show that will go on sale starting this Saturday March 8th at Spaceboy Music. The tickets purchased at Spaceboy Music will be $10 each and will NOT require the purchase of the Stealing Time photo book as previously announced. Additionally, no more then four tickets per-person will be sold. Tickets will be sold for CASH ONLY unless purchased with something else from inside the store.

Spaceboy Records is located at 409 South Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Tickets available online at Jade Tree at Noon (EST), Monday, March 10 will still be sold as previously announced and will require the purchase of Stealing Time.


When JADE TREE / KID DYNAMITE friend Mark Beemer asked KID DYNAMITE to reunite in order to benefit his late wife’s endowment, the band couldn’t resist. That being said, KID DYNAMITE will reunite for 2 shows and will donate 100% of the proceeds of each show to the endowment Mark established in the name of his wife, Syrentha J. Savio, who lost her life to cancer in January 2002. The Syrentha J. Savio Endowment (SSE) was established to honor the memory of Syrentha, and provides chemotherapy and other medication for individuals who cannot afford this expensive medical treatment.

Please visit: for more info on SSE or to purchase Mark’s book of photography, STEALING TIME, which also benefits SSE.

Both shows will be held at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia on Friday and Saturday, April 11th and 12th. Please visit for more show and ticket info.