We here at Jade Tree adore the Internet. What’s not to love? It affords us the ability to shop from the comfort of our office cubicles while still looking busy, it allows us to talk with thousands of people without ever lifting up the tedious telephone receiver, and most importantly it provides for the free flowing exchange of uncensored ideas popping up on various message boards daily, right?

Well maybe, with the advent of hi-speed internet and better audio compression we are entering an online renaissance, spearheaded by the open-ended folks at Myspace and forward thinking music-junkies who run Pure Volume. Seems like both companies have taken some half-baked ideas of yesterday’s World Wide Web and given them new legs. Not to be left behind in any communal dirt we’re proud to announce that the entire active stable of Jade Tree bands have recently started their own Pure Volume accounts each one armed with at least one downloadable song and two streaming. If you’ve been dieing to hear more unreleased tracks from both THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES and BREATHER RESIST there could be no better time. While your at it check out our Myspace account or add us to yours, write some gossipy testimonial about your favorite Jade Tree show. Could eLife get any better?


Saturday, October 16 Doors 7:30
CBGB – 315 Bowery, NYC
$12 advance/door, 16 +
Advance tickets available at

From Ashes Rise 12:00-12:45
These Arms Are Snakes 11:00-11:45
Paint it Black 10:15-10:45
Breather Resist 9:30-10:00
Despistado 8:45-9:15
The Loved Ones 8:00-8:30 (Ex The Curse, Trial by Fire, & Kid Dynamite)

CMJ always gives us a good excuse to pack up and head to NYC for an extended weekend spent in dark, cavernous rooms with loud music and stank bands. This year we hope to squeeze ourselves into the one of New York’s most notoriously dank rooms and we couldn’t be more thrilled. On Saturday October 16th we will be hosting our 2004 showcase at CBGB and the line up couldn’t be tighter. Punk hotshots FROM ASHES RISE are coming out specially to headline the nights festivities, joining them will be Seattle bad boys THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES, PAINT IT BLACK, BREATHER RESIST and Canada’s freshest export DESPISTADO.

Also making their Jade Tree debut, opening the show, will be THE LOVED ONES. Featuring members of The Curse, Kid Dynamite and Trial by Fire, the three piece has been around since May and already have played with the best and brightest in the scene including The Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music, Alkaline Trio, The Explosion and None More Black. The band is an explosive mix of punk sensibilities, rock riffs, and raspy vocals. Brian Mcternan (Thrice, Hot Water Music, Strike Anywhere) is slated to produce their CD EP for an early 2005 release.

Expect big things, as earnest, heart-felt sing-alongs simply don’t get any better than this.



Seen enough of your school colors to last a lifetime? Need to decorate your locker or dorm room with something other than your old worn out Offspring posters? We have the perfect solution. For every CD that you order during the month of September you’ll receive the corresponding poster absolutely free. So pop on by the e-store and treat yourself.

(Posters are not available for all releases; please check the e-store for a current list.)


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As the hot afternoon sun hit the backs of the six participants in the First Annual Jade Tree Miniature Golf Tournament, it looked like Summer Intern Matt might run away with the day. After nailing a hole in one on his first shot Matt continued his dominance thru the first half only to be overcome on the ninth by Tim. With Tim and Matt leading at the start of the second half, the competition looked to be all but over. But as the famous vocalist Kenny Rogers once stated "You never count your money while you’re sittin’ at the table…" Enter David; born and bred on family vacation after family vacation, Disney World to Traverse City, there was always a mini-golf course to conquer. He did try to warn his co-workers of his non-amateur status but no one listened. The focus was on Tim, Jade Tree’s resident golf enthusiast and the subject of yesterday’s inner-office discussion on the hardest sport to play. Only four strokes back from the leader, David quickly won the tenth by two strokes and continued neck and neck with the leader until the 17th where he pulled away. At the end of the day one stroke was all that separated victory from defeat. David walked away with office bragging rights and regular size lemon water ice. Well done!

Matt "Silence is golden" DiStefano setting up his hole in one

Tim taking the lead

Darren looks to improve his lie… winter rules

Charles keep the competition close

The turning point

Math is good

Sweet victory, everybody wins

Your winner spends the evening in Wal-Mart looking for his own set of clubs


Our friends at have just released the second part in their Broken Lamps and Hardcore Memories series. Where as their first volume included Richmond’s STRIKE ANYWHERE, this time the boys in TRIAL BY FIRE give it a shake, including the "Point An Inward Finger" track off of their explosive, Ringing In The Dawn CD (JT1070).

The balls-to-the-wall compilation also includes killer tracks from Most Precious Blood, Atreyu, and Curl Up And Die among many others. All this and it’s only five dollars from the good folks at . You really can’t go wrong, can ya?


1. Blood Red – Conscience Calling
2. Crime In Stereo – Warning: Perfect Sideburns Do Not Make You Dangerous
3. With Honor – With The Wind
4. Trial by Fire – Point An Inward Finger
5. The Distance – And I Begin The Longest Year Ever
6. A Wilhelm Scream – The Rip
7. Break The Silence – Ocean’s Away
8. Staring Back – Haunted
9. Most Precious Blood – Funeral Photography
10. Atreyu – Deanne The Arsonist
11. Martyr AD – American Hollow
12. DevilInside – Loaded
13. Twelve Tribes – Translation of Fixes
14. Since By Man – Push the Panic
15. Taken – Arrested Impulse (demo)
16. Love Me Destroyer – 30 Packs and Pearl Snaps
17. Anthym – Darkness Falls (demo)
18. Death by Stereo – No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts (live)
19. The Back Up Plan – Looks Like I’m Back On Suicide Watch
20. Scraps and Heart Attacks – Don’t F with S
21. Nora – Dreamers
22. The Funeral – Separation Anxiety
23. Until The End – The Bond To Breathe
24. Curl Up And Die – I Hate Almost Every Person I Come Into Contact With
25. Misery Signals – On Account of An Absence
26. Glass Casket – In Between The Sheets


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Former Jade Tree employee Christopher McCann has recently put his speedy 1990 Ford Festiva up for sale. Mr. McCann, who was known around the office during his two-year tenure as “Joe Subaru”, switched over to Ford when his trusted 1986 Subaru GL finally bit the dust a few months back. Apparently, Mr. McCann has been attempting to make the switch back to the respected Subaru family for weeks now and is looking to finance his return to the brand with proceeds from the sale of the Ford, which is priced at a convenient $500.00. Many Jade Tree fans may remember Mr. McCann’s previous entry into the Jade Tree news on August 1, 2001 after he was asked to leave a local Subaru dealer after he was caught “lounging” in several vehicles. Interested parties may inquire about the vehicle at [email]jadetree@jadetree.com[/email].



So lets say you’ve been looking to grab the fuzzed out, mosh-metal masterpiece Misericordia by DAMNNATION AD or perhaps you’ve been wanting to get your grubby little hands onto the ALKALINE TRIO songs off their split with HOT WATER MUSIC , but you’re not so much into leaving the house to brave the local record store. Well, we’re happy to announce that you’re in luck because as of right now you can download the Jade Tree library via Apples virtual music store, iTunes. You want 30 Degrees Everywhere< by THE PROMISE RING? Totally! Have you been-needing to complete your JOAN OF ARC collection? Look no further. As far as we know we are the first to the finish line in this massive digital feat and our iPods couldn’t be prouder.


Jade Tree is now accepting resumes for Fall / Winter 2004 internships (September – December). The internship offers small office experience in a fast-paced, music-based environment and is ideal for a person with an English, communications, business or music background. This is an unpaid internship and will offer college credit where applicable. Duties include general clerical, reviewing customer email, responding to questions regarding orders, and providing general information to ensure quality customer service. Responsible for assisting staff with fulfillment of mail-order sales including processing online and mail-order purchases, assisting with promotional efforts including mailings, data entry, filling catalog requests, adding customer information to database, restocking inventory and supplies, and much more depending on the situation. In addition, it’s tons of fun and a great experience for anyone interested in the day-to-day operations of an independent record label.

Candidate should be available for approximately 16 or more hours per week and should have experience with computers, File Maker Pro, Microsoft Entourage, Adobe Photoshop, and Internet applications. Reliable transportation is a must.

Send resume to: Jade Tree/Attn. Internships, 2310 Kennwynn Rd, Wilmington, DE 19810 or via email to: internships at jadetree.com no later than July 30, 2004.

Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

The average record-label sampler is an inconsistent mélange of already overexposed songs that weren’t that great to begin with. Jade Tree’s latest 21-track compilation, however, is a rare find that showcases the most interesting and talented artists on the label’s impressive roster. Since launching the Jade Tree imprint in 1990, longtime buddies Tim Owen and Darren Walters have poured their souls into building one of the most admired and consistent record labels in indie rock. Inspired by Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson’s work at Dischord Records, Owen and Walters have proved that music can be professional and still be punk. This bargain compilation is a testament to their success.

Opening with the angular aggression of Seattle’s These Arms Are Snakes and closing with six previously unreleased live tracks by some of the label’s best-known artists, Location Is Everything, Vol. 2 has something for everyone. The politically charged onslaught of Strike Anywhere follows the creepy electro vibe of Cex. A few tracks later, Denali’s chilly ambience is sandwiched between the classic punk sound of Paint It Black and the land-speed records of From Ashes Rise. Strong tracks contributed by Onelinedrawing, Pedro the Lion, Kid Dynamite, Joan of Arc and many others round out this diverse collection. There’s even a track from the label’s biggest star, Jets to Brazil. Not a bad apple in the whole bunch. Throw Location Is Everything, Vol. 2 on at your next party; your friends will think it’s the best mix tape you ever made.

Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

"I like to think Tim and I are putting records out not just for younger people, but for people who are getting a little older and starting to think, ‘Do I want to be part of this anymore? What’s exciting about this?’ This label is our answer."

I just turned twenty-six, and I think it’s safe to say that the punk-rock scene is something I’m going to be a part of until the day I breathe my last breath. Darren Walters’ (co-founder with Tim Owen) statement perfectly reflects why Jade Tree is one of the finest indie labels out there today. With an impressive catalog of releases (93 to date) and an extensive fifteen years as a label, Jade Tree currently has one of the most exciting and varied rosters around (Denali, Onelinedrawing, Strike Anywhere, Cex, Pedro the Lion, Despistado, Jets To Brazil, Girls Against Boys, among others). Emulating the DIY ethics of such labels as Dischord and Touch and Go, Jade Tree consistently releases solid rockin’ albums. Some of the first Jade Tree records I bought were The Promise Ring’s 30º Everywhere and Lifetime’s Jersey’s Best Dancers. Needless to say these are still some of the most played albums in my collection.

Location Is Everything Vol. 2 is an affordable compilation (seriously, for only $5, how can you say no?) that showcases a small part of the great talent Jade Tree contains. These Arms Are Snakes, Cex, Strike Anywhere, Statistics, Paint It Black, Denali, From Ashes Rise, Onelinedrawing, Challenger, Ester Drang, Kid Dynamite, Fury, Joan of Arc, Milemarker, and Jets to Brazil all have one previously released album track on the compilation. Location Is Everything does contain five bonus tracks. There are live tracks by From Ashes Rise and Paint It Black, unreleased songs by Cex, Statistics, and Onelinedrawing doing a cover of Pedro the Lion’s "Rapture", plus an unreleased demo version of "I Do" from Pedro the Lion.

Even if some of these bands are already familiar to you, the extra tracks should be incentive enough to pick up this inexpensive compilation that displays some great songs and diverse styles by a group of awesome indie rockers. Three words: Jade Tree Rocks!

Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

Jade Tree has grown a great deal in the past few years. No longer merely the label that has the Promise Ring and a bunch of other lesser bands, this little Delaware-based label has changed in many ways, and you simply say they’re much of an ‘emo’ label any more. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that they’ve shed the ‘Jade Tree sound’ curse that could easily have damned it to failure–a common problem with many labels. This is quite obvious when you listen to their latest State of the Union sampler, Location Is Everything, Volume 2.

What you’ll find upon listening is a label that has expanded its roster to include hardcore (Strike Anywhere, Paint It Black), metal (These Arms are Snakes, From Ashes Rise), atmospheric rock (Ester Drang, Denali), poppy-rock (Jets to Brazil, Statistics), intelligent singer-songwriter rock (Pedro the Lion, Onelinedrawing) and bands that really defy classification (Joan of Arc, Cex). Of the twenty-one songs here, fifteen are from their most current releases. The other six songs are unreleased cuts by From Ashes Rise, Cex, Pedro the Lion, Statistics, Paint it Black and Onelinedrawing. Though these songs are interesting–especially the Onelinedrawing cover of Pedro the Lion’s "Rapture"–the real prize of Location is Everything, Volume Two is the sheer quality of the music you’ll find.

Jade Tree has turned into a very trustworthy label that’s also quite diverse. Where else could you find a roster that goes from screamo metal to quiet, pensive Christian folk-rock? While Location Is Everything, Volume 2 might not be essential to longtime fans, but it’s a fitting introduction for those of you who might not know what the label’s about. Here’s to the future, guys!

Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

In their 14 years and counting, Jade Tree have consistently released albums from noteworthy bands, planting themselves amongst the forefront of independent music. Location Is Everything Vol. 2, a sampler of Jade Tree artists, demonstrates the label’s penchant for choosing strong music from unique bands in a variety of post-hardcore indie styles. Perhaps variety is the one main aspect that separates Jade Tree from fellow cred-stacking indie labels like Saddle Creek or Thrill Jockey; though remaining rooted in the realm of underground college-friendly rock, Jade Tree bands display a wide breadth of diversity, representing everything from late ‘70s inspired punk, new school and DC hardcore to synth-pop, space rock and self-effacing singer-songwriter pop rock.
Location… floats from one strong track to the next, selecting an energetic number from each of the artists’ repertoire; even the usually droning Ester Drang chimes in with their engaging two-and-a-half-minute pop ditty “The Greatest Thing.” Other noteworthy offerings include Cex’s abrasive industrial-flavored, yet nonetheless pop-y “Kill Me,” Joan of Arc’s subtly complex “Dead Together,” and Onelinedrawing’s feel good / feel bad emo fist-pumper “We Had A Deal.” Interestingly, in the “previously unreleased” portion of the disc Jonah Matranga (Onelinedrawing) pays homage to label mate David Bazan (Pedro the Lion) with a cover of “Rapture” (Pedro’s original version having appeared on 2002’s Location Vol. 1). For Jade Tree fanatics, this album doesn’t offer too much you can’t get elsewhere, but for curious initiates to these bands, Location is Everything Vol. 2 is an essential acquisition. Plus, if you pick this up you’ll be less likely to be on the receiving end of the obligatory and ultimately annoying hipster mantra, “You haven’t heard them yet!?”


DESPISTADO, in anticipation of the June 22nd release of The Emergency Response CD EP (JT1096), will be hitting the Canadian highways with Omaha troublemakers and Jade Tree labelmates STATISTICS – don’t believe us, well read !

If that’s not exciting enough, we will be giving away tickets for each of the shows. So, to win a pair, simply email [EMAIL]contests@jadetree.com[/EMAIL] with "Despistado/Statistics Canadian Tour Ticket Giveaway Contest" in the subject. Be sure to include your full name, address, email, and which date you plan on attending. The winners will be picked randomly and there will be only 1 winner per show. Contest ends May 26, so good luck and enter today!

Please consult the Despistado for current dates.

Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

It’s not often that a record label’s CD sampler is worthy of a review, let alone listening to. For example, does anyone remember EVR’s "50th release?" exactly. Or Victory Style 1 through 1000 (although i must admit, #1 wasn’t bad). It’s usually quite rare when a label’s entire band roster is either similar enough or good enough to actually enjoy most, if not all, songs on the CD. More recently, there was the 50 band CDs that were free featuring 3 labels (like the deathwish/bridge9/thorp sampler from 2002) but usually that would mean skipping through most of the terrible songs too.
That being said, I can honestly say that this sampler does a pretty damn good job of not only covering all their bases (meaning ensuring a wide sample of bands are selected) but actually having good songs on here. You’ve got everything from your punk/hardcore side (Kid Dynamite is on it, along with Paint It Black and From Ashes Rise) to the more mellow indie style (Ester Drang, Denali, Mile Marker) and some in between stuff. I guess this album would be considered to be comprised by the "typical" Jade Tree type of music, which I don’t even like all that much, but i think it’s the combination of songs and bands that keep changing that keeps me interested. Not being familiar with all these bands, I could see myself expressing interest in a few in particular after listening to this sampler.

With most samplers, there also lies the problem that you don’t really know which band is which, and sometimes get an unfair exposure to them, due to the surrounding tracks, and who knows who really chose the tracks. It seems like you have to have prior knowledge to almost all these bands to know about them, and if that was case, you’d have no use listening to the CD anyway. This CD is no exception to this rule- especially because it’s rather long- and I lose track what song i’m on, and usually have no idea what band is playing, unless I follow the track listing. This isn’t necessarily a fault of the CD, but rather an obersvation of CD samplers in general.

Another unique aspect of the sampler is that it has a few bonus live/demo tracks at the end- something which many label samplers don’t have. Usually it’s just the studio version of tracks, which really makes buying sampler CDs a bad idea for people who have most of these full lengths. But i think with the inclusion of the bonus tracks, it might entice more listeners into purchasing the CD, especially if they’re into the bands featured on the bonus (From Ashes Rise, Cex, Pedro The Lion, Paint It Black, Statistics, OneLineDrawing). As far as samplers go, this is pretty top notch and covers a lot of ground. Sure to please most-to-all listeners!


DESPISTADO are gearing up to head out with Omaha-born labelmates STATISTICS for a Canadian tour in support of their debut Jade Tree joint, The Emergency Response CD EP (JT1096) due out June 22nd. Furthermore, the band has just stepped out of the studio where they were putting the finishing touches on their first full length, which is slated for release this coming fall, so expect a selection of old hits and new jams as both bands destroy club-to-club throughout the months of May and June.

Also, while the EP still has yet to drop onto record shelves, the hype is already red hot. Scope the links below to see what folks have been saying about one of Canada’s rapidly rising stars:

Please consult the Despistado for current dates.


The PUNKVOTER/JADE TREE UNITED TOUR is heading into it’s third week and the bizarre injury list is ever growing. First up Brad of FROM ASHES RISE fame, during one of his patented rock kicks, came down hard on his ankle sending the lanky front man limping into the hospital and back out on crutches with a badly sprained foot. Then CHALLENGER’S Jessica Hopper, in a freak sleeping bag accident, cut her cornea and spent the night in a Chicago emergency room getting fitted for an eye patch. Luckily neither would dream of packing it in after such minor diversions as Brad spent the very next night slaying the crowd from a club barstool, and Hopper proudly fronted her new pirate patch look while CHALLENGER killed it at their sold out record release show at the Fireside Bowling Alley. STRIKE ANYWHERE have yet to befall any serious injuries (knock on wood) and the tours newest addition, Kentucky’s BREATHER RESIST, will be hitting the stage every night this week with their fingers crossed.

More news later, now get out and see the tour, as it doesn’t get anymore dangerous than this…period!

Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

Ironic name. Fifteen years ago, as punk repoliticised and got hard around the DC renaissance, two teenagers in Delaware got hooked on the kind of DIY ethos that flourished at Dischord records. Tim Owen and Darren Walters put out a handful of hardcore CDs as individuals, and then in 1990 hooked up and started putting out the brightest and bravest of the Northeast’s underground. Jade Tree made early ground with successes from New Jersey’s Lifetime and emo-forefathers The Promise Ring. From a teenage hobby, JT became a medium-to-big cheese across the 90s, and is now one of the most accomplished and consistent indie operations of its kind. And while they specialise in the punk ethos, Location… showcases the musical diversity that flourishes on the punk scene.

Of course like any sampler, this is destined to be a curate’s egg, and both musical style and quality vary somewhat. These Arms Are Snakes are allowed to open proceedings with their nasty, noisy nonsense. It’s misleading though, as such hardcore uniformity is often defied here. While Paint it Black are as tough as boots, Kid Dynamite offer some serious speedcore, and Jets to Brazil, sadly, peddle sub-Neds Atomic Dustbin indie angst, there are such gems as the arty ennui of Joan of Arc, whose Dead Together sounds like beautiful early Lou Reed, all drug-hangovers and mal du siècle. Pedro the Lion demonstrate, quite marvellously, the continuing legacy of Kurt Cobain, not by aping the much-missed singer, but by going back to the underground that fed his work. Denali sound like PJ Harvey, or possibly Patti Smith, which is no bad thing at all, and an honourable mention must also go to Onelinedrawing, whose We Had a Deal is a fine piece of emo.

You may already have the albums that some of the best tracks on this album come from (and if you’ve got vol 1, can you send me a copy please, ‘cos I don’t), but there’s enough here for fans of punk, emo and hardcore to be worth a delve. Jade Tree have demonstrated daring, integrity, and a little bit of musical perversion. Try it, you might like it. 7/10

Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

If only all labels could be like Jade Tree. With so many other labels content to saturate the market with one particular style of punk (no matter how good that style is), it’s really refreshing to have Jade Tree around. It could be said that no two bands sound alike on Jade Tree’s roster, but this isn’t totally true. Paint It Black and From Ashes Rise continue the grand old tradition of screaming their heads off to a soundtrack played at 1000mph, as Kid Dynamite did before them. But then there are artists like Cex who creates unsettling and inspired electronic rock noise, Denali with their smoky jazz-bar art-pop feel and Jonah Matranga’s Onelinedrawing, the most listenable and heartfelt emo around today.

Then of course there’s Strike Anywhere, who offer the fantastic ‘Infrared’. If you haven’t heard the band’s latest album then you really are missing out on hours of enjoyment screaming along, jumping around your room and pumping your fist. Similarly Kid Dynamite’s ‘Heart a Tact’ from their recent rarities etc. release ‘Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems’ suggests it could be a really good CD. The beauty of this CD is being hit by one incredibly fast Hardcore attack, such as Fury or From Ashes Rise, then being soothed over by the likes of Joan Of Arc and Jets To Brazil with their authentic American Indie sounds, then being battered around the head again by the likes of arty-punk rockers Challenger and These Arms are Snakes’ angular post-punk sounds. .

With 21 tracks on here, 6 of them being previously unreleased, this CD acts as a comprehensive introduction to a fantastic label that are pushing Punk Rock forward, with their ‘nothing is unsuitable’ approach, and releasing great music from artists you’re likely to have not heard very much of.

Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

Reviewing a CD sampler is a task much better reserved for the last-picked kid in gym class. It has little to do with prepubescent awkwardness and more to do with the tedium of addressing each artist. But when you have a twenty-one song buffet of bands that delivers the backing muscle to one of the most respected indie-rock labels out there, being the zit-faced, pear-shaped loser isn’t so bad. In fact, it’s good.

For the past decade, Delaware-based Jade Tree has been putting out some of the finest music from various underground talents around the Northeast. The independent and consistently diverse label is most notable for its attachment to such big names as the Promise Ring and Jets to Brazil. And as Jade Tree’s fifteen-year legacy continues to grow, its strength is represented by Location Is Everything, Vol. 2.

The sampler — the follow-up to 2002′s Location is Everything, Vol. 1 — offers a little something for everyone. While grouping together some of the Tree family’s most musically diverse bands, the label has compiled a surprisingly easy to listen to disc. Singles from O.G. art rockers Joan of Arc, hardcore rock fusionists Challenger, and the prettiest angry band Jets to Brazil make this sampler a keeper.

Location Is Everything, Vol. 2 also features bonus tracks of unreleased, demo and live stuff from Pedro the Lion, From Ashes Rise, Paint It Black, Cex, Onelinedrawing and Statistics. Cex’s unreleased "Cut Wrists" and Pedro the Lion’s unreleased demo version of "I Do" alone make this thing worth checking out.

It’s been years since I’ve attended a "class." But lucky for me, my baby fat has resurfaced as a shapely hair-covered tummy. Earlier this week my face broke out with discolored, achy whiteheads. I have been masturbating so frequently that I have installed windshield wipers on my computer screen. Old, but still awkward, I guess it’s fitting that I reviewed this thing. But whether you’re the four-eyed science-fair victor or the strong-armed wrestling captain, take a crack at Jade Tree’s balanced collection on Location Is Everything, Vol. 2.

Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

Comprising a whopping 21 tracks ‘Location… Vol 2′ is your typical label sampler in that there are a few artists you’ll probably heard off, ex-Far front man Jonah Matranga’s Onelinedrawing being the most prominent here, alongside a whole host of new names that you probably never knew existed. Thankfully the A&R men at Jade Tree clearly have a well-tuned ear for those artists with vast talent across a substantial musical spectrum. The most welcome surprise here comes form electro hip-hopper Cex, whose combination of The Faint’s throbbing intensity and the bass-heavy beats of the Beasties on the marvellous ‘Kill Me’ and ‘Cut Wrists’ stand out as things of unsurpassable genius. Elsewhere, Jets to Brazil impress with their classic brand of American college rock, Onelinedrawing’s rousing ‘We Had A Deal’ makes you remember just how indispensable and powerful great songwriting is, and Statistics prove that boundaries are there simply to be pushed and broken.

Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

This is easily one of the best compilations I’ve seen a long time. Jade tree managed to put together a killer album utilizing all the genres they encompass to spin together a solid and listenable album. It starts with an awesome song by seattle prog-rock band These Arms Are Snakes followed by an electronica infused Cex song followed shortly by a song from punk/hardcore masters Strike Anywhere. The best thing about this cd is that they mix up the styles really well. The low key Statistics song is followed directly by a frantic Paint it Black song. The slow broodingly melodic Ester Drang song is followed directly by a loud aggressive Kid Dynamite song. Other artists include: Denali, Challenger, Onelinedrawing, Fury, Joan of Arc, Milemarker, and Jets to Brazil. There are also six previously unreleased songs, highlighted by from ashes rise’s “Bloodlust” and Statistics’ “Another Space Song.” Basically, if you are into getting comps or looking for new music, pick this up because chances are very good there will be something you will like on it and it supports a label which has stayed true to the music and is devoted to the scene. Good stuff.


The newest volume of the uber-popular Location is everything[/I] sampler is now available. Entitled appropriately enough as Location is Everything Vol.2[/I] CD (JT1094), the record offers a true cross-section of what makes independent music so exciting, vibrant and crucial; the art-damaged ennui of JOAN OF ARC rubs elbows with the anthemic, space age power-pop of STATISTICS as easily as THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES sinister, scathing chops butt up against the spellbinding, glacial hooks of DENALI – a perfect overview to our diverse family tree.

The CD also features bonus tracks of unreleased, live, and demo versions of tracks by PEDRO THE LION, FROM ASHES RISE, ONELINEDRAWING, PAINT IT BLACK, CEX, and STATISTICS.

Track Listing

1. THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES “Riding the Grape Dragon”
2. CEX “Kill Me”
4. STATISTICS “Hours Seem Like Days”
5. PAINT IT BLACK “Womb Envy”
6. DENALI “Hold Your Breath”
7. FROM ASHES RISE “Reaction”
9. CHALLENGER “Input the Output”
10. ESTER DRANG “The Greatest Thing”
11. KID DYNAMITE “Heart a Tact”
12. FURY “Resurrection”
13. JOAN OF ARC “Dead Together”
14. MILEMARKER “The Banner to the Sick”
15. JETS TO BRAZIL “You’re the One I Want”

Bonus Tracks

16. FROM ASHES RISE “Bloodlust” (live)
17. CEX “Cut Wrists” (unreleased)
18. PEDRO THE LION “I Do” (unreleased demo version)
19. PAINT IT BLACK “The Pharmacist” (live)
20. STATISTICS “Another Space Song” (unreleased)
21. ONELINEDRAWING “Rapture” (unreleased)


In case you still don’t know when to put away your winter long-undies and start fronting your camo-shorts – a hotly contested debate around the Jade Tree office – we’re here to tell you that the sure sign for a wardrobe change each year is always Jersey’s finest weekend, . Nothing says spring like slipping on your flip flops and heading out to Asbury Park after a long day at work, as DENALI along with Brand New, Hot Rod Circuit and Andrew WK will be kicking things off Friday April 16th or maybe you’re wondering how ONELINEDRAWING’S newest batch of rock-prowess The Volunteers LP/CD (JT1093) might sound live, well you’re in luck as ONELINEDRAWING will be joining Against Me, Taking Back Sunday, Midtown and Story of the Year on that Saturday to shake off old-man winter – be sure to come by the Jade Tree label label booth and say hey.

Please consult the onelinedrawing for current dates.
Please consult the Denali for current dates.

Various Artists [I]Location Is Everything, Vol. 2[/I] Review

It seems that Jade Tree is constantly being referred to as an “emo label.” Sure, their first band to really break was super-emo the Promise Ring, but the tag discounts the incredible diversity of music on Jade Tree’s roster, past and present. This sampler, a collection of mostly previously available music from both current bands and a few old notables, serves as an excellent representation of the strength of music available from Jade Tree. These Arms Are Snakes kick things off with “Riding The Grape Dragon,” a frenzied post-punk blast that is suddenly followed by the jerky electro-rock of Cex. What’s important is how all these diverse sounds, from the sweet pop of Denali to the free pop of Joan of Arc, and from the hardcore kick of Kid Dynamite to the hardcore dissonance of From Ashes Rise, come together under one big umbrella of punk rock. Every track showcases a band pushing the limits of the genre; a whole scene of musicians not content to play the same music they’ve been listening to for 20 years. The influences are certainly there, but the noises are all unique. By putting out an affordable sampler with such strong music — and some decent unreleased tracks to boot — Jade Tree have offered definitive proof that they are not just an “emo label.”


always comes just in time every year to wake us from our snowy slumber – originally conceived by WXJM, the JMU student-run radio station, as a college radio conference that would "strive to recognize lesser-known bands that are overshadowed by an industry dominated by corporate record labels and commercial bands," the format has grown to include more and more bands along with roundtable discussions that run non-stop throughout the weekend – this year is no different with tons of great bands (including many of our own), good people and a label expo to boot.

The fest runs April 2-3rd with the label expo on campus that Saturday from noon-5. So if you’ve been waiting for a good excuse to make your way out to Harrisonburg, VA (“the friendly city”) get your ass in gear and come say hello!


Pedro the Lion
April 2 Harrisonburg, VA @ PC Ballroom on JMU Campus (800 South Main St)

April 2 Harrisonburg, VA @ Court Square Theatre (61 Gram

Ester Drang
April 2 Harrisonburg, VA @ Court Square Theatre (61 Gram St)

Paint it Black
April 3 Harrisonburg, VA @ Godwin Gym on JMU Campus (800 South Main St)