Pitchfork highlights the “(In)essential Jade Tree Records”

Pitchfork’s Ian Cohen and Patrick Fallon of  have put together a list of their less obvious favorites from Jade Tree’s catalog. It’s a nice list that manages to include a few of the unsung heroes from the label’s catalog.


First Five Years

After ten years and fifty records, we thought it was only right that we pay homage to our earliest releases. These eleven 7-inch singles came out at a time when our mailorder catalog was still a xeroxed one-sheet and our website was still rumination for science fiction fodder. They were issued with very little fanfare, but loads of love. So with that, we thank GRAVEL, JONES VERY, RAILHED, PITCHBLENDE, EGGS, LESLIE, UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON, WALLEYE, and EDSEL – brought together for the first time on this 35-song double CD, and yours for the price of one.

Released June 2000

Gravel / Pointing Fingers at Faces JT1002 7″/CD
Jones Very / Trains of Thought JT1003 7″/CD
Railhed / I Am You JT1007 7″
Pitchblende / Weed Slam JT1008 7″
Eggs / Jade Tree JT1010 7″
Leslie / (All) Tricked Out JT1011 7″
Universal Order of Armageddon / Symptom JT1013 7″
Walleye / Stale Air JT1015 7″
Eggs/Pitchblende JT1016 Split 7″
Walleye/Damnation AD JT1017 Split 7″
Edsel / No. 5 Recitative JT1018 7″

Remastered by Alan Douches at West West Side, NJ
Layout by Jeremy Dean
Photography: As Marked

Gravel / Pointing Fingers at Faces JT1002 7″/CD
Jones Very / Trains of Thought JT1003 7″/CD
Railhed / I Am You JT1007 7″
Pitchblende / Weed Slam JT1008 7″
Eggs / Jade Tree JT1010 7″
Leslie / (All) Tricked Out JT1011 7″
Universal Order of Armageddon / Symptom JT1013 7″
Walleye / Stale Air JT1015 7″
Eggs/Pitchblende JT1016 Split 7″
Walleye/Damnation AD JT1017 Split 7″
Edsel / No. 5 Recitative JT1018 7″

Leather to Play Philadelphia’s Liberty Fest 2012

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Leather will be joining Psychic Ills, Easy Action, Pop 1280, Purling Hiss, Hoax, Raw Nerve and many others at Philadelphia’s Liberty Fest on April 7th.

Liberty Fest 2012
April 6th, 7th, 8th 2012
Emoda Gallery
3rd and Moore St.
Philadelphia, PA

Tickets and more details are available at the Phonographic Arts site:

The Sterile 7" EP is still available in the very best independent record stores, for online ordering and through most digital music services.

1. No Motivation ()
2. Zek
3. Relapse
4. Novitiate

The A To Z Of Jade Tree Records With Co-Owner Darren Walters

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The year is 1991 and Darren Walters, along with his partner Tim Owen, have a vision. They want to create a record label that releases quality music, without restrictions regarding genres or ethics, and to be the best they possibly can.

Fast forward to 1995, a 17 year old kid (yours truly), immersed in a love of independent/underground music, attends The Really Loud Music Fest is New Bedford, MA. Onstage is the band Lifetime, ripping through their song Neutral Territory off the Hello Bastards album released on Jade Tree Records. Kids are flying around everywhere, singing along, smiling, and having a great time. When I think about Jade Tree Records, I’m bombarded with a plethora of memories such as this, many of which, a Jade Tree band provided the soundtrack to.

If you’re a fan of indie music, there’s a good chance you have a Jade Tree release somewhere in your collection. They’re responsible for such artists as Jets To Brazil, Avail, J Church, Four Walls Falling, Universal Order Of Armageddon and so many more! That being said I hope you enjoy this romp down memory lane with Darren Walters, co-owner of Jade Tree Records.

TIS: Jade Tree is one of the fore fathers in the independent music scene, responsible for such acts as Cap’N Jazz, Hot Water Music, Texas Is The Reason, The Promise Ring and so many more! I’d have to imagine you guys could have made the transition over to major/corporate label status by now, so why not?

DW: It’s fair to say there have been a number of opportunities which have come our way over the years. When Tim and I started the label, our “dream” so to speak, was to be one of the world’s biggest independent labels. In that philosophy, was the idea that we were going to release records that we wanted to release, regardless of genre, geographical, or philosophical restrictions etc. We really wanted to be the biggest and the best and nowhere in those ideas were a desire to be corporatized or tied down.

It’s important to note that we always wanted to be big. I’m talking about when you’re 19 or 20 and want to make a living from selling records. Our vision was really influenced by our idols like Dischord and Touch & Go etc. We really wanted to do this for a living, but do it on our own.

There were definitely certain flirtations. Some of the people we dealt with went on to sign with major labels. We had friends who worked at major labels, we would work with people on certain projects occasionally that were affiliated with major labels and we’d see a side of the industry that certainly, at times, would appear more glamorous. Luckily, we were always brought back down to earth. I can only speak for myself, but ultimately, there were a number of things that made me feel uncomfortable about stepping into that other world.

First and foremost, I’m a business person, but I’m not a corporate business person, and I think that’s an important distinction. I was never comfortable stepping into corporatized offices and the phoniness that went along with it while I was in there.

On the other side, I didn’t necessarily feel anything against anyone who worked in that system, but ultimately I knew it wasn’t something I’d be able to do unless I could affect some sort of change.

The same thing went with the artists. Sometimes I felt like if we worked with a particular artist, that maybe it could help Jade Tree. In certain cases though, after I’d get to know the artist better, I’d learn they had aspirations to go much further than Jade Tree, and if that was at the forefront of it, I’d usually realize that’s not who I wanted to work with.

I apologize for going on about this. I’ve been working on a philosophical statement for my educational work so it’s all fresh in my head.

TIS: No worries man.

DW: Cool. And so that’s why I say flirtations. You go out to dinner with someone and think wow, this is so cool, I’m here with this person and they’re giving us all this free shit and took us out to diner or a movie or whatever. Here I am, just some stupid kid from the suburbs, and who would have thought!? But then you get back home and realize how phony it all was. I’d get back into my comfortable world and remember I wanted to be there, because it’s what I made.

There’s also the satisfaction I get from people who to this day say stuff like, wow, Jade Tree, a cool indie label who’s helped a lot of my favorite bands, just like you said when we first started the interview.

TIS: Yeah, definitely.

DW: And still, every time I hear someone say that to me, it solidifies my decision and position.

TIS: Right on. So I’m curious as to who has the final say in which bands will join the Jade Tree family since you don’t do the A&R thing.

DW: It’s always been Tim and I, as we’re the co-owners. We’ve always wanted to see the artist in a live setting which has been essential, so we’ve always relied a lot on the live show and how impressed we were by that. There have been times where we signed someone we hadn’t seen live and it didn’t worked out. If we’ve done that three times I’d be surprised but, we have made that mistake.

Otherwise, when it comes to music, the philosophy Tim and I agree on in terms of A&R is that it’s a gut feeling. There was never anything in particular that we looked for.

We both came from owning purely Straight Edge Hardcore labels. One of the things that was frustrating for the both of us at that time was that the genre was starting to die out. It became impossible for us to sign acts that were purely Straight Edge Hardcore artists and keep the label going, but it was also difficult for us to sign bands that were not Straight Edge Hardcore because that’s what we were known for.

So we said listen, we like all sorts of music and it would be great if we could start an independent label that had no restrictions in who we’d sign, and although there are certainly plenty of genres of music that Jade Tree hasn’t worked with, we still have zero restrictions on who we will sign.

Now, with all of that being said, there has certainly been disagreements about artists, and Tim and I have had to really sell one another on some of our bands. There have been times where Tim or I have told one another that we really liked a certain band and that you need to trust me.

We’ve also made deals with one another. For example, we might say, if you let me have this band, I’ll let you have that band. The world will never know who those bands are, but in most cases, they’ve almost always worked out. I’d be lying if I said that Tim and I didn’t have a running tally about who’s track record is better. We’ve definitely had a running competition and give each other a hard time about certain bands and how many records they’ve sold, all in good fun though.

TIS: So what is Tim up to these days besides Jade Tree?

DW: Well I should mention first that Tim’s father was very influential in Jade Tree. His dad unfortunately passed away about a year ago, but he was really there at the beginning of Jade Tree and he was a very sharp individual who helped guide us quite a bit. He was a real estate auctioneer, and so Tim has recently stepped into that a bit more.

Jade Tree has reached the point where it doesn’t require us to be there all the time. And that’s another important distinction that should be noted when it comes to sort of keeping things fresh in the music world. Personally, I find, and this is something I try to teach my students, that it’s difficult not to get burnt out. The music industry is tough. I love it, but it absorbs so much of my time. So it’s really important to constantly keep mixing things up. For me, teaching has given me a completely wonderful and unique perspective on the music industry that continually keeps it fresh.

TIS: Ok, and how do you juggle being a Professor at Drexel University and co-owning Jade Tree? Sounds like it’s actually a really good thing for you.

DW: Yeah. Well I’m a professor in the Music Industry Program at Drexel university and love it. It works well because being a professor there, I’m able to prepare my students for a life in the music industry and it’s continual evolution. So really, there’s only so much you can prepare them for, which is why I really impart the DIY ethic to them.

Of course, not all of my students are looking to run an indie label or to work at Jade Tree or Matador records etc. Plenty of them want to work at major labels, or manage stars or work at concert venues, but through the DIY values I impart to them, I’m able to teach them the things that I learned and how important it is to get in their and get your hands dirty, and really be involved. A good example is Drexel is a very hands on school, particularly our program. We have companies that the music program runs, for instance, we have our own record label called Mad Dragon Records.

There’s also a class I teach called Bantic Media which is an artist services company. We released a Dave Hause (of The Loved Ones) 7” last year. What we did there was look at how he was beginning a solo career and what we could do to help get the “brand” of Dave Hause out there. So the students job was to come up with some ideas, which culminated in us releasing a limited edition 7”, and use that as a spring board to help launch his career.

In that way, there really isn’t any delineation between what I do at Drexell and what I do at Jade Tree. If anything, being in contact with the students I teach, keeps me in direct contact with the people I want to be selling records to every single day, so I’m getting a great education from them too. There is a lot of learning for me, a lot of give and take in that situation, and through what I hear at Drexell, there’s a lot of ideas I can bring back to Jade Tree. I not only hear what bands they may like, or what trends they’re following, but how they are purchasing music and how they want to see things presented etc? We discuss these things in class so it works out great.

As far as juggling time, Drexel absorbs a huge amount. At the end of the day, it’s a corporation, so in that sense, there’s a lot of corporatized work I have to do which has nothing to do with students, but just the corporation of Drexel.

But it’s still great. I use my life experience, and Jade Tree experience in teaching. A lot of my students know the bands we’ve released and are familiar with the label. We’ll see each other out at shows or other events. Some of them have gone on to do projects with Jade Tree after they graduate, whether their working at labels or publicity companies etc. It’s really interesting to watch.

TIS: Is there any bands Jade Tree wanted to release but lost to someone else?

DW: Oh man, there’s been tons.
TIS: Ok, well are you at liberty to name a couple?
DW: Let me put it to you this way, the reason we started doing the split series, although we didn’t get very far, was that we realized we had a vast number of contacts and artists that we were friendly with, and it was just impossible for whatever reason to get them to commit to the label.

For example, by the time we knew them, they were already on their friend’s label, and although they would have been happy to do a record with us, they didn’t want to leave that friend’s label. So we thought well, why don’t we make this simple, lets do a split. It’s only a one off and no harm no foul. So all of those bands in the split series, Good Riddance, Hot Water Music, Alkaline Trio, My Morning Jacket, etc., those would be good examples of bands that “got away”. There were plenty of other bands that were going to do splits but the reason we never got much farther was because at the time the last one came out, there was a wave of bands signing to majors.

What happened is, a lot of these artists would say well, our manager told us we may want to wait, or, we think we’re going to be signing to a major so we may hold onto that song. So unfortunately, that started to gum up the works. All of these artists that had committed to giving us two or three songs were putting on the breaks and waiting to see if their deal would pan out, and now that I’m saying this, I’m realizing I can’t really mention the other bands because of reasons that are not entirely my own.

Let’s just say there are at least one or two that have sold a couple hundred thousand records who got away. I look at it like this, oh well. My kids and my wife don’t like to look at it that way though. They know some of the artists and were like, “what”.

But you know, I hear from a lot of people in passing, who don’t know my label, things like, whoa, My Morning Jacket, they were on Letterman, and that’s always cool for me to hear. It’s one of those things that not everybody knows, but I find a lot of people who are surprised I’ve worked with them, and others, and that’s cool with me.

TIS: Cool indeed. So in closing, do you have any tips for indie bands, labels, promoters etc. out there struggling to get by?

DW: They’ve just got to keep at it. I tell my students this is not something you should be doing because you want to make a lot of money. It has to come strictly from love and something you really want to do. Starting with my own first label, Hi-Impact, and continuing on to Jade Tree. Sure, Jade Tree has provided a full time living for me, and while that was a dream, it’s not why I started it.

Anyone starting a band, label, management company etc, has to love it because it’s tough. The amount of people who actually make it is minimal. I’m not trying to get people to think negatively about this. I really do want them to think positively, but realistically too. You don’t need to lose any money, but you need to love what you do and have a strategy for it.

Make a plan and stick to it. Things don’t just happen out of luck. Well ok, sometimes they do. We all know someone who just fell into something. But loving what you do is the key. You need to learn every aspect of what you’re involved in.

Again, I love that DIY ethic. Get your hands dirty. Learn about every angel you can regarding the business you’re in. Educate yourself and then you have a basis where no matted what happens, you’re ready for every outcome.

TIS: That’s some really great insight. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I know you’re insanely busy with things, so it’s greatly appreciated.

DW: No worries at all, and I’m sorry it’s taken sooo long to put this together.

TIS: No problem at all. I’ve been a fan of Jade Tree and it’s bands since the early 90’s so it’s great and nostalgic for me to do this!

DW: And that’s what I was saying before. That means more to me than any of the corporate stuff that came my way. That’s what I’ve been writing about in my philosophical statement for Drexel. I’m talking about the story of my life and about how I’ve been with the heads of every major record label around, and the guys who run the “music industry”. But it’s the kid at 2am in a parking lot somewhere who says wow, I really love this record, or the couple who got engaged at a Promise Ring show etc. That’s the stuff that I remember, not some guy who kissed my ass and said “if we invest in Jade Tree, here’s what we can do”. To me, that’s bullshit and never had any effect on me.

And again, that’s what I was talking about earlier, when you get back to earth, so to speak. It’s easy when your up in some big office and people are waiting on you hand and foot, but then you get back home and realize it really didn’t mean anything. When someone like you makes that comment, that’s genuine, and that’s what means something.

TIS: Wow, well that means a lot. Thanks Darren.

DW: Thank you.


Cap’n Jazz "Analphabetapolothology" Double LP Out Today

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Cap’n Jazz’s seminal discography Analphabetapolothology, is now available on vinyl for the first time. Over a decade after the CD anthology release, Jade Tree is proud to give record the full-featured vinyl issue that it deserves. This double LP, cut from the original high resolution source masters and pressed at RTI, is packaged in a deluxe gatefold jacket with a full color, full size, 8 page booklet. The booklet features never before seen photos, fliers, and extensive liner notes by Tim Kinsella. The package also includes high quality MP3 downloads of all tracks and 10 additional songs from the original anthology.

Cap’n Jazz Analphabetapolothology Double LP

Order at and the

Track Listing:

Side A:
1. Little League
2. Oh Messy Life
3. Puddle Splashers
4. Flashpoint: Catheter
5. In the Clear
6. Yes, I Am Talking To You

Side B:
1. Basils Kite
2. Bluegrassish
3. Planet Shhh
4. The Sands Have Turned Purple
5. Precious
6. Que Suerte!

Side C:
1. Take On Me
2. Tokyo
3. Ooh Do I Love You
4. Hey Ma, Do I Hafta Choke On These
5. Forget Who We Are
6. Olerud

Side D:
1. We Are Scientists!
2. Sea Tea
3. Troubled By Insects
4. Rocky Rococo
5. AOK
6. Sergio Valente

Bonus Songs Included with Download:
1. In the Clear
2. Soria
3. No Use For A Piano Player When You Got A Player Piano
4. Scary Kids Scaring Kids
5. Bluegrass
6. Winter Wonderland
7. Geheim
8. Easy Driver
9. Theme to 90210
10. Ooh Do I love You

We are also pleased to offer a Cap’n Jazz T-shirt for the first time, available in three colors, with available.

Cap’n Jazz Reunion Tour

The Cap’n Jazz reunion tour has expanded to seven shows, including the recently added California performances. While many of the shows have sold out, there are still tickets left for several of the scheduled reunion dates. The tickets may not last long, so don’t wait.

July 10 Louisville, KY @ Forecastle Fest ()
July 17 Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge (Sold Out)
July 18 Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge (Sold Out)
July 23 Washington, DC @ The Black Cat ()
July 24 Philadelphia, PA @ Starlight Ballroom (Sold Out)
August 27 San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo’s 365 Club ()
August 28 Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex ()

(Limited additional dates TBA)

10% Off eStore Holiday Sale

The is offering a 10% discount until December 30th. When checking out, just make sure to use the coupon code "holiday09" to receive the discount.

All releases are also now available directly from Jade Tree as 320 Kbps MP3 instant downloads on this very site. Head over to the to download now!

Cloak/Dagger "Lost Art" LP/CD Release Info, MP3 and European Tour

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1. Billions Millions
2. Dead Idols
4. Broken Wrists
5. Deathbed Rebels
6. Eyes On The Wall
7. Same Old Story
8. Dead Town Beat
9. Lower Eastada
10. In My Orbit
11. Fast Food Dream
12. Lost Art
13. Tragic Sleep

Is it punk? Hardcore? Garage? Make up your own mind about Cloak/Dagger’s latest full-length, Lost Art.

Colin Barth’s winding guitars juggle melody, punch and vitriol on par with the Avengers, John Reis, Mission of Burma and Greg Ginn. Play it loud on tracks such as “Deathbed Rebels” that push the punk envelope a bit further with frenzied, circle-pit fodder reminiscent of the Circle Jerks and Big Boys.

Underneath, snaking rolls of bass drive the proceedings with the flawless percussive thrust of the Ramones, Hot Snakes and bygone Boston hardcore heroes F.U.s, Jerry’s Kids. Over this Jason Mazzola distinguishes the band with a full, arching tenor that’s more bellow than scream. Mazzola’s delivery and lyrics shine especially on numbers like “Lower Eastada” and “Dead Idols,” where the band’s punk ‘n roll swagger takes over (think more Johnny Thunders, less Ray Cappo). After listening to Lost Art, you won’t be worried about categorizing the band, only when they go back on tour.

Lost Art will be released on CD and LP on November 3rd and is now available for in the Jade Tree Store. Each LP will include a coupon allowing a download of the songs in MP3 format. The album will also be available in digital form through iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, Jade Tree store and most other digital music stores.

A test pressing of Lost Art will be sneak previewed in the band’s hometown of Richmond at the store/gallery , for the First Friday Art Walk this Friday. If you live nearby, check it out at 212 W Broad St between Madison & Jefferson in Richmond.

[Brooklyn Vegan]


In advance of the release, Cloak/Dagger will be embarking on another European tour on this Thursday. Andrew Black of The Explosion will be playing drums with the band and as a special treat to European fans, they will be selling both an early white label pressing of 200 Lost Art LPs and the 7” single “Don’t Need A” released by .

Shortly after returning from Europe, the guys will head down to in Gainesville for another show where they will be selling Lost Art for the first time.

Tour Dates:
September 03 Berlin Germany @ Lokal
September 04 Weimer Germany @ Gerber 3
September 05 Schweinfurt Germany @ Stattbahnhof – Trainspotting Fest
September 06 Dresden Germany @ AZ Conni
September 07 Mülheim Germany @ AZ
September 08 Gießen Germany @ Ak44
September September 2009 EW Groningen Netherlands @ Orkz Bar
September 10 Amsterdam Netherlands @ Winston
September 11 Essen Germany @ Cafe Nova
September 12 Tessenderlo Belgium @ Jh Tessenderlo
September 13 AK Utrecht Netherlands @ Acu
September 14 Gent Belgium @ Frontline
September 15 Karlsruhe Germany @ Jubez
September 16 Rapallo (GE) Italy @ Nota Bene Live
September 17 Vicenza Italy @ Bar Sartea
September 18 Pisa Italy @ La Centrale
September 19 Roma Italy @ Traffic
September 20 Colorno Italy @ La Cascina
September 21 Ljubljana Slovenia @ Rog
September 22 Budapest, Magyarország Hungary @ Duerer Kert
September 23 Brno Czech Republic @ Yacht Club
September 24 Prague Czech Republic @ 007
September 25 Leipzig Germany @ Zoro
September 26 Bielefeld Germany @ AJZ
September 27 Hamburg Germany @ Hafenklang
October 31 Gainesville, FL @ The Fest
November 1 Gainesville, FL @ The Fest

Remember to check the for the most current listings.

Double Cross Posts Part Two of Darren Walters Interview on Turning Point History

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Double Cross, the online fanzine dedicated to hardcore, has just published part two of their interview with Jade Tree Co-Owner Darren Walters about Turning Point and his first label Hi-Impact.

[Double Cross]

The TURNING POINT discography, 1988-1991 is available for purchase via the and also via .

Tim Owen Shares His Memories on Swiz and Axtion Packed

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Double Cross zine has just posted an entry featuring Jade Tree Co-Owner Tim Owen and his memories of seeing Swiz for the first time and going on to work with the band.

SWIZ No Punches Pulled

Jade Tree Artists Featured in Amazon’s 100 Greatest Indie Albums of All Time

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Both THE PROMISE RING‘s Nothing Feels Good and JOAN OF ARC‘s How Memory Works have been included in .

| |

| |


CLOAK/DAGGER, NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD and PAINT IT BLACK head back down to Florida for the best fest of the year. All three bands are appearing at starting tomorrow.

PAINT IT BLACK performs at "The Venue" @ 7:20 on 11/1
CLOAK/DAGGER performs at "The Atlantic" @ 4:30 on 11/1
NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD performs at "Common Grounds" @ 10:20 on 11/1*

*This will be NMDSs last show!

Both the and CDs are still available from and at digital download sites. NMDS’ latest offering "Peave with Nothing" is available and on from the estore.

In Europe We Are and New Lexicon are both available from our friends at .


The new book "POST: A look at the influence of post-hardcore 1985-2007" by is now available in physical and digital formats.

The book devotes an entire chapter to The Promise Ring and features quotes from label owner Darren Walters. The book also covers LIFETIME, CAP’N JAZZ, and JOAN OF ARC.

Here is the full description of the book from Amazon:

POST is a look at how post-hardcore/emo music developed since its unintentional inception in the mid-1980s. With each chapter broken up by influential band or label, it focuses on a broad style of independent music that developed because of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ethic. Focusing on bands like Fugazi, Jawbox, Jawbreaker, Sunny Day Real Estate, Braid, the Promise Ring, Hot Water Music, the Get Up Kids, At the Drive-In, and Jimmy Eat World, as well as labels like Dischord, Jade Tree, and Vagrant, these bands and labels came from the ideas of DIY and sustained them. In turn, they inspired plenty that came after them. Looking at the surroundings and circumstances from where they came, this a look at the bonds that formed and the music that came out. ". . . a gripping, Our Band Could Be Your Life-style narrative," Aaron Burgess, writer for Alternative Press and Revolver.


We’d like to announce a couple of events coming up in New York to promote the release of the book "Radio Silence / A Selected Visual History of American Hardcore Music" written by Anthony Pappalardo and Nathan Nedorostek.

Radio Silence, described as "a selected visual history of American Hardcore Music" features Jade Tree artists , , and among hundreds of other hardcore greats. The book features contributions by Jeff Nelson, Dave Smalley, Walter Schreifels, Cynthia Connolly, Pat Dubar, Gus Peña, Rusty Moore, and Gavin Ogelsby with an essay by Mark Owens. Read all about the book at the .

Radio Silence / New York Release Party
Friday October 3rd, 2008

Please join us at the powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, New York to
celebrate the official release of Radio Silence / A Selected Visual
History of American Hardcore Music, published by MTV Press.

The following events have been scheduled in celebration of the book’s release.

Friday, October 3rd, 2008 / 6pm-9pm
powerHouse Arena
37 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
RSVP: ny_launchrsvp@radiosilencebook.com
DJs Steve Lowenthal and Tony Rettman, with a special performance by Mind Eraser.


Radio Silence / Selected Photography
October 4th-31st, 2008

Please join us at the Riviera Gallery in Brooklyn, New York for the
opening of Radio Silence / Selected Photography, featuring original
black-and-white prints from the forthcoming book Radio Silence / A
Selected Visual History of American Hardcore Music, published by MTV

Saturday October 4th, 2008 / 6pm-9pm
Riviera Gallery
103 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211 (corner of Metropolitain and Wythe)
RSVP: ny_photorsvp@radiosilencebook.com



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Jade Tree’s own Darren Walters was recently featured in the June issue of UK Football (soccer) magazine as part of a story on American fans of the global game titled "3,500 Miles to Watch Wigan."

However, Darren wishes it to be known that the photo spread on pages 90-91 contains a misrepresentation of epic proportions. Darren, who can be seen in the photo holding aloft a Liverpool scarf, is a die hard Manchester United supporter. Obviously the result of a 442 photo editor’s cruel Photoshop joke, Darren is livid at the thought of being thought of as a supporter of Liverpool and wants to make it known that this bit of retouching was done without his consent.

For the record, Darren was holding up a in the original photo and has lodged a complaint with 442 over this emotionally damaging insult.

Check out the story in the PDF located here:

Meet & Greet: Jade Tree Records

It’s nice to know that Jade Tree has a weird guy who lurks near their building. (Their buildingmate, actually.) The Detour Bivouac is surrounded on all sides by the shiftless and strange, the forms of creaky-looking men who we believe will one day assassinate us. But wait, that’s us. Jade Tree’s been doing the damn thing since 1991, and has given us great records like Jets To Brazil’s Orange Rhyming Dictionary and Fucked Up’s Hidden World. Here, co-founder Darren Walters (along with Tim Owens) gives us the lowdown on the label, his struggling vegetarianism, and his apparent knowledge of the proper way to abbreviate Sound of Music. — Thomas Rooker White

Who runs the label?
Tim Owen and myself.

Where is the label located? Describe your digs?°¦
Beautiful downtown Wilmington, Delaware. We share a building with a Merry Maids and a strange guy that we think lives in his office. Occasionally there is puke in the hallway, but we get lots of natural light.

How did the label get its start? Its name?
The label started when Tim and I merged our previous straight-edge hardcore labels into a new one. We both agreed that it would be more interesting to own a label where there was no focus on geography, genre, or philosophy (other than DIY) and where we could release any kind of music that we liked. The name was Tim’s idea and he can never remember where and how it came to him. When he mentioned it to me, I liked it because it did not conjure up anything at all in my mind. To this day, our bank thinks we are a lawn care company.

How many releases do you issue a year, on average?
That all depends. Some years we release 12 records; others 3. When we have music to release, we do it. Otherwise, we don’t push it just to fill a schedule.

True or false: Digital downloads are okay, but 7″’s are cooler?°¦
7”s are always cooler, we just barley make them anymore!

Favorite label besides your own?°¦
I very much admire Dischord and Touch & Go for their adherence to their manner of operation. In the past, I have been a fan of everything from Creation to Revelation and everything in between.

Favorite record ever?°¦
Could you think of a worse question? I, like many, cannot pick just one. So here are a few:
The Clash, London Calling
Madonna, Like A Virgin
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The Harder They Come
The Smiths, The Smiths
New Order, Power, Corruption, and Lies

Favorite movie ever?°¦
It has to be Star Wars for the massive impact that it made on my life. I’m a child of the 70’s.

Vegetarian or carnivore?
Vegan for 18 years. Recently downgraded to full-time cheese head and part-time fish eating slob. It’s probably my one real regret.

Your guiltiest pleasure. The thing no one would believe you watch, read, or listen to?°¦

Watch: “Prison Break”
Read: Men’s Health
Listen: Everything But the Girl

I love the Sound of Music movie and soundtrack, too. I can often be seen sporting a Maria Von Trapp (Julie Andrews) button and singing tunes.

In further pursuit to experience the Sound of Music, I have trekked not once, but twice to Austria.

The first time I took an overnight train from Munich to Vienna at 3AM, only to realize upon my arrival that I was supposed to be in Salzburg.

Returning to Europe on tour a year later, I traveled overnight from Saarbrucken to Salzburg and enjoyed a joyous day doing a SOM tour. It was one of the best days of my life!


Wilmington, Delaware’s Jade Tree United returned to action on Thursday, December 6, 2007. The team played at home at the Kirkwood Soccer Club against the newly promoted Clerks to kick off the start of the 2007-2008 New Castle County Indoor season.

JTU faced some challenges in the pre-season, with Player / Manager Darren Walters making significant changes to the JTU line up from last season. With several players moving out during the transfer window, Walters was forced to bolster his team’s strength with new and emerging talent despite a lack of funds.

New to JTU this season are Rich Emge (moving from Roma, DC United, Stonecutters) who brings with him a strong tactical mind as well as excellent on the ball ability; Tony Coates (Leyton Orient, Vitesse Arnhem, Grasskickers); and U-17 Shane Chanpimol, who was brought into regular senior team rotation this season.

Jade Tree took to the pitch ready for action, as Kirkwood erupted in applause to greet the team back for another crack at the title.

Jade Tree immediately proved the better of the two sides, when Alex Milne put JTU on the board just two minutes into the match.

Clerks, clearly rattled by the early goal, were shocked once again, as both Alex Milne and Shane Chanpinol-showing why he has been brought into the first team-moved the score line up to three before five minutes had elapsed.

Newly signed Tony Coates pushed up from his defensive position to attack and was rewarded for his effort when he shot and Rich Emge picked off his rebound, making it 4-0.

Jade Tree continued to apply pressure despite such a large and early lead.

Ryan Mann snuck his way past the Clerk’s defense to get his first of the season, with his striking partner Chanpimol netting yet another one right behind him.

Chanpimol received his hat trick just a minute later, confirming his manger’s belief in his talents.

Clerks, looking devastated, were becoming disorganized and sloppy all over the park. Jade Tree, pounced upon this, with Emge smashing one into their net with a pass from Casey Gallucio.

Ryan Mann, much too eager to get past the lapsed Clerks defense, was given a yellow card for his slide on a helpless Clerks defender.

Victor Alvarez scored a near perfect goal to get off the blocks this season, with a chested ball that he volleyed past the keeper.

With Alvarez’s goal, Jade Tree United was up an unbelievable 9-0, the JTU defense having barely been tested in the least.

As half time came, Clerks left the pitch dejected as the away fans booed their own team.

As the second half was set to kick off, the Clerks manager spoke to the referee and indicated that the Clerks were not going to take the pitch for the second half. Amazingly, the team had given up completely.

In the spirit of the holidays, JTU gaffer Walters suggested that the two teams let the score stand and simply play for the fans’ entertainment-even offering up the services of Victor Alvarez and goalie Brian Olden for the occasion.

Clerks agreed and came back out to the field. With that, a spirited game of football erupted as the two teams played their hearts out, eliciting cheers from both home and away fans who got in on the fun by chanting and singing good naturedly.

In the end, Jade Tree United walked away with an easy start to their season. However, the team will not have long to rest, as it meets another newly promoted team, Swiftkicks, on Wednesday, December 12.


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The has been bulked up for the holiday season with plenty of recent and not so recent titles. This year’s sale features CDs as low as $3.00, so step to it. The blowout continues until the end of the year, but there is no guarantee how long a specific item will be on sale. If you see something, buy something.


To Live In Discontent $7.00

So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness $7.00

Flash, Flash, Flash $7.00

Anaesthetic $7.00

That’s just a small sampling of what is available. Take advantage of the sale today.


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Publisher Akashic Books has just released Silent Pictures by underground music photographer Pat Graham. Jade Tree highly recommends this awesome book which is available now from the and fine bookstores everywhere. Akashic offers the following description:


"Pat Graham has been a photographer for nineteen years. His work has centered around musicians and has been used on dozens of albums. He spent years on the road with bands, especially Modest Mouse. Capturing all aspects of being a musician (playing music, and living the life). His debut book covers this ground and more. Pat’s photos have appeared in every major music publication in Europe and the U.S. His work is part of the permanent collection in the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle and the Arlington Cultural Affairs in Virginia. He currently lives in London,England where he continues taking pictues and running 96 Gillespie, the gallery he co-founded with his wife Melanie Standage."

Interview with Darren Walters of Jade Tree Records

It is an honor for me to bring you this interview with Darren Walters of Jade Tree Records. Jade Tree has long been one of two of my biggest influences when it comes to indie labels that I absolutely respect. I think one of the things that have always stood out for me is the fact that Jade Tree has put out so many incredible records from so many different genres that no matter what new release they have coming out, I have to check it out. They were also one of the first labels that I noticed to take the packaging of the release just as seriously as the music itself. Jade Tree is best known for the legendary releases they put out throughout the mid to late 90’s which included some of my favorite records by acts like Lifetime, Jets to Brazil, Kid Dynamite, and Promise Ring. Since that period though, Jade Tree have continued to put out some of the most exciting bands in independent music including Strike Anywhere, Loved Ones, Snowden, These Arms are Snakes, Lords, Denali, From Ashes Rise, Pedro the Lion/David Bazan, and so much more.

Darren was kind enough to share his thoughts on music sales in a post file-sharing/post Tower Records world, the start of Jade Tree, their best selling album, and what they look for in a band. I will admit that he kind of did a cop out answer when it came to the question of the one release he would suggest that everyone take a listen to. Since he didn’t answer that question, I ask all of you to pick your favorite Jade Tree release in their catalog and add it as a comment. My favorite Jade Tree release would have to be Jets to Brazil “Four Cornered Night”, but Lifetime “Jerseys Best Dancers” is a close second.

And I forgot to ask Darren when the Against Me / Lucero split was intended to come out. I think they were supposed to put it out. Maybe I can get him to answer that and add it to the interview.

Thanks Darren for taking the time to do this interview. I urge everyone to keep an eye on this label as they are seriously one of the best independent labels on the planet.

IndieHQ: When did your label start? What inspired you to start the label? Where is your label based? Do you do the label full time? What don’t most people know about you/your label?
JadeTree: 1990 In Wilmington, DE. Part-time until about 1996 (post-Lifetime/Promise Ring) when we went full-time. Both Tim and I had done 7” labels and we both wanted to do something more involved and on a bigger scale. It was Tim’s idea to start another label and he was able to pull me in as his partner. What inspired both of us were the bigger DIY labels like Dischord and Touch & Go that had grown fairly large without compromise. We thought that if we could do that without relying on specific genre, philosophy, or geographic commitment, that the sky would be the limit.

I suppose that something that most people do not know about the label is that Tim is also a realtor and that I am teaching in Music Industry department of Drexel University.

IndieHQ: What active bands are on your label? (please include myspace urls or website urls)
David Bazan
From Ashes Rise
Fucked Up
Micah P. Hinson
New Mexican Disaster Squad
Paint it Black
Panda & Angel
These Arms are Snakes
Young Widows

IndieHQ: What do you look for in a band? Have you ever signed a band from a demo? What advice do you have for bands trying to get your attention? What band or bands would you kill to work with?
JadeTree: The best way to get my attention is to be a good, honest, and hard working Artist. That makes all of the difference. In this day and age everyone wants thing to come easy and they will not. I respect the Artist who make it a point to write good music but also struggle to get their artistry heard. In general those types of people are hard to find-they are even more scarce in the music business.

Usually a demo doesn’t work. I wish I could say why that is?°¦it just doesn’t. The difference would be if I heard the demo on my own or got it from a friend. Again, I’m not sure why that makes a difference, but it does.

I would kill to work with Government Warning. I’ve been digging them a lot lately. I also really like The Boy Most Likely To as well. I could go on and on, but there’s two for you.

IndieHQ: What one marketing/promotions tool do you find is your greatest asset? What vendor/manufacturer that you work with do you recommend the most?
JadeTree: I think that hands down that the internet in general is the biggest asset anyone can have these days. It has changed everything and will continue to be at the forefront of change for years to come.

I think the best manufacturers for Jade Tree have been Mercantile (printing) and MCOM (CDS) as well as Alan Douches who does most of the mastering for Jade Tree records.

IndieHQ: What release is your best selling title? How many has it sold?
JadeTree: Jets to Brazil “Orange Rhyming Dictionary” 100K+

IndieHQ: Music retail is tough these days, what steps, if any, have you taken to adapt in the post-file-sharing/post-Tower Records music retail landscape?
JadeTree: We have made sure to get more involved in the digital arena on every front available to us. I truly believe that the future is being made now and I refuse to let Jade Tree fall behind.

IndieHQ: Who handles your distribution?
JadeTree: Touch & Go / ADA.

IndieHQ: What do you see as the future of music sales?
JadeTree: Clearly, it will be limited in the physical world and will gravitate towards the digital and online worlds. As DRM (Digital Rights Management) is removed, I believe this will grow to epic proportions.

IndieHQ: Are your releases available on Emusic? Why or Why not? Are your releases available for streaming on sites like Rhapsody, Napster, and Urge? Why or Why not?
JadeTree: Yes, they are available on:
iTunes (US, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand)
Best Buy
and Music Gremlin

If they are not on any other sites it is only because the contracts are still being negotiated. To not have Jade Tree Artists included on these sites (in a very general sense) would just be silly at this point in history unless I am given a good reason not to have our music sold through them (poor sales, economics, treatment, etc.)

IndieHQ: If you could tell the world to buy one release on your label, which one would you tell people to purchase? Why?
JadeTree: Hmm, that is one thing I can’t say. All of the Artists are dear to my heart! I think that the ones that are the most popular with people are my faves too. I’ll just leave it at that.


SXSW is just about upon us and as you already know, Jade Tree will return this year for another wild time. This year we’ll see you at the all new Lamberts with one of the best lineup’s we’ve brought yet.

Thursday, March 15th at
401 W 2nd Street, Austin, Texas 78701


And that’s not all! Here are a few other Jade Tree related shows that you should probably know about if you plan to be in Austin:

3/14 @ Lamar Pedestrian Bridge / Free Show 1AM
3/15 @ The Scoot Inn 1308 E. 4th Street (Brooklyn Vegan / AAM Party) 12PM
3/16 @ Scion Outdoor Stage 1106 E. 11th St (Vice Saves Texas) 5:45PM
3/16 @ The Trailor Space 2421 E. Cesar Chavez / Timmy Fest 8PM
3/17 @ Red Seven 611 E. 6th St (Chunklet Mess With Texas Party) 3:15PM

3/14 @ Beauty Bar 617 E. 7th Street (Gen Art SXSW Day Party) 2:30PM
3/15 On Woxy.com (Live SXSW session with Shiv) 11:30AM
3/16 @ Emo’s Annex (Woxy / Noise Pop SXSW Day Party) 1:00PM
3/16 @ Pure Volume Outdoors (7th & Trinity) 5:00PM
3/17 @ Urban Outfitters In Store (2406 Guadalupe St) 4:00PM

Make sure to keep an eye on the tours section for any updates and announcements of additional shows surrounding the SXSW weekend.


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Longtime friend and artist collaborator of Jade Tree, Jeremy Dean has recently started his own T-shirt label called Double Edged Sword. Jeremy has a long history of working with Jade Tree over the years, lending his skills to many poster, and .

We could tell you all about DES, but we’ll leave that to the Philadelphia Weekly:



Jade Tree will return to South By Southwest this year for another wild time in Austin. This year we’ll see you at the all new Lamberts with one of the best lineup’s we’ve brought yet. Keep an eye on the tours section for updates and announcements of additional shows surrounding the SXSW weekend.

Thursday, March 15th at
401 W 2nd Street, Austin, Texas 78701



Jade Tree United faced off at home against third placed Valley Strikers on Saturday, February 3.

Jade Tree, well aware that they were facing one of the most intense challenges of the season as they met the team just below them in points, were happy to welcome back Michael Hoffman and Shane Chanpaul to the first team after both had been out with mild injuries the last few weeks.

The crowd was prepared for the showdown and supporters from both sides were in attendance, though no trouble marred the night.

Both teams were up for it as the match began.

Jade Tree, who had been slow to act in the opening minutes of their recent matches, once again lacked spirit in the opening minutes.

JTU was lucky to keep the Strikers at bay and eventually took the lead in the 18th minute when Ryan Mann spun and nailed the ball past the keeper.

Both teams struggled with possession for the next few minutes until the Strikers broke through the Jade Tree defenses and tied it up 1-1 in the 14th minute.

Jade Tree then pushed forward with Michael Hoffman leading the troops. Unfortunately, Hoffman was denied a series of shots on net by the Striker’s goalie. As other Jade Tree players peppered the Striker’s net, it was to no avail until Shane Chanpaul took the ball from Mike Leyva on a break and sent Jade Tree up 2-1.

But the lead did not last long as Valley Strikers hit back instantly and equalized once again.

The Strikers then sensed the JTU attack waning and pounced on the opportunity, eventually putting them up 2-3 as the first half ended.

Visibly exhausted, Jade Tree took to the pitch for the second half with a lineup much like they ended the first half.

The JTU players rallied each other on and it seemed to make a difference as Shane Chanpaul was right on target to beat the Striker’s ‘keeper and let fly a volley that went wide right and put JTU on level terms at 3-3.

Strikers did not sit back and began pressing the Jade Tree defenses for a stretch that lasted 10 minutes. In this time, the Strikers were able to add to their tally, making the score 3-4, before surging ahead and adding four more to their take.

Jade Tree, now down by five goals with twelve minutes to go, began to attack with ferocity. The team picked up the pace and strung together play after play that eventually was saved by the excellent work of the Striker’s goalie.

Shane Chanpaul and Ryan Mann combined for Jade Tree’s fourth of the night when Mann bested the Striker’s defensive line and dumped the ball into the path of Chanpaul in the box, who converted it easily.

Hoping that the Strikers were tiring, Jade Tree kept up the pressure, but it would be to no avail as they were handily beaten 4-8.

The gaffer denied all requests for interviews as the team remained in the dressing room long after the match for what was surely a long talk.

Jade Tree United meet first place Gunners on Tuesday, February 6 in what is sure to be a huge match for the team.


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If you aren’t a regular shopper at the , you may have missed the latest batch of shirt that have graced the shelves.


As always, the store remains stocked with CDs, vinyl, stickers, buttons, and threads from all of your favorite , not to mention the excellent .