Wednesday, December 21, 2005 marked the day that JTU fans had been waiting for-the match up between JTU and their archrivals, Fist.

In attendance at Ab Jones were JTU supporters from around the country who made the trip to watch what promised to be the season’s most anticipated match up thus far in the D Division of New Castle County Indoor Soccer.

Jade Tree took the pitch ready for action, and the action started early as Victor Alvarez got on the board with the first goal of the game-and his first for the season-with a quick shot that caught Fist completely off-guard.

Fist came back with two goals before Alvarez scored brilliantly again, thus tying the score at 2-2.

Fist went up a point until Mike Leyva popped one into the net, once again putting the game on level terms.

Recent Boston transfer Alex Milne finally got into scoring mode this season, beginning with a hard shot on goal that put JTU up 4-3 going into the end of the first half.

The game became much more aggressive in the second half, as both teams fought hard for the win. As the score seesawed back and forth, JTU lost control of their emotions and were shown several cards. Victor Alvarez was chided for playing a man too close to the wall, while Casey Gallucio took a minute penalty for JTU ‘keeper Brian Olden, who ran through Fist’s Forward while attempting to save the ball.

Fist quickly picked up a goal and tied things up at 4-4.

Mike Reed headed JTU into the lead in the 10th minute, but Fist took a free kick in the 14th to equalize 5-5. This would begin a Fist scoring run that would eventually see them up 8-5 within but a few minutes.

Undeterred, Jade Tree finally found their feet again and pressed Fist relentlessly for the last 10 minutes of the match.

Mike Leyva was quick to put JTU back in the match with a perfect volley into the net. Alex Milne followed quickly behind Leyva, as he scored his second of the night with a swift shot across the back on the Fist net that left the Fist ‘keeper crumpled on the ground.

But the JTU scoring came too late in the match, as time ticked away and eventually left Jade Tree United at the losing end with a final score of 8-7.

Reflecting on JTU’s less than stellar beginning to the season, Manager Darren Walters commented, “I’m happy with the team performance so far. We could have won any of the last 3 games. I feel the team is just beginning to gel and I look forward to returning in 2006 ready to win.” Asked how JTU will weather the winter break Walters added, “We’ll be taking the holiday break seriously. We’ll be practicing as a team for the next two weeks and I’ll be looking to add some talent during the upcoming transfer window.”

Jade Tree United returns to action on January 3, 2006.


On Sunday, December 11, Jade Tree fell 8-6 to the Valley Strikers away during a mid-day match at the Ab Jones Gym.

Jade Tree, who stared strong in the first half with the additions of Mike Reed and Jim Brooks to the roster, played aggressively, beginning with several unrewarded shots on the Striker’s goal.

It was however, the Valley Strikers who got an early lead when a rocket shot was fired from the Striker’s defense and whizzed into the JTU goal. A few short moments later, JTU responded when Darren Walters nailed the ball into the net, bringing the match level at 1-1. From here, the two sides would match each other as the scoring began in earnest.

The Strikers would score two more rocket goals before JTU found their flow and began working towards the Striker’s net.

JTU’s Darren Walters scored his second goal of the day with a neat tuck in the right corner, while Mexican sensation Mike Leyva netted his first goal of the season with a beautiful kick that found the center of the net, both boasting JTU spirits and bring the score level at 3-3.

As JTU went down 3-5, Pittsburgh’s favorite son Mike Reed responded to the Striker’s attack with one of his typical finesse shots on goal, edging JTU closer to success.

The second half proved to be more intense, as both teams looked to gain an advantage. The Strikers took the lead yet again, as they attacked the JTU defense relentlessly, bringing the score to 8-4 in their favor.

JTU refused to ease up and once again started moving numbers forward and looking for opportunities. Several shots on goal yielded nothing for the JTU players, but the team kept pressing. Eventually, Mike Leyva broke through with a dance that confounded the Striker’s defense and brought JTU one more goal, making the score 8-5.

As the match minutes ticked away, a frustrated Casey Gallucio took a header from Mike Leyva and converted that into a goal, bringing JTU to within two goals of the Strikers. But alas, it would not be enough, as the whistle blew mere moments after that goal, capping the game at 8-6.

JTU is home next against their archrivals, FIST, on Wednesday, December 21 where the team will hope to improve their record, which now stands at 0-2-0.


Jade Tree United soccer team began their season late on Thursday, December 8, as the team faced off against ATM United at home at the Kirkwood soccer complex.

The second season of JTU has been long awaited, and the air was thick with anticipation as spectators began to fill the complex. As JTU warmed up, this year’s team looked more confident than last year’s, with many fan favorites and returning players in the line up.

The team that eventually took to the pitch for the first half was very familiar to JTU fans and also included the debut of two new key JTU players, Alex Milne and ‘keeper “Bad Ass” Brian. That being said, Jade Tree United still began the match short of players, as illness and impending bad weather kept several players from making it out to the match.

As the first half began, JTU was bursting with energy and speed, but ATM was able to keep possession for the first few minutes before JTU got a hold of the situation and made some serious attempts on goal. During this period, sturdy new ‘keeper Brian did his job with ease, as he did a tremendous job of stopping any ATM shots on the JTU goal.

Alex Milne stepped up in the striker position and made several thunderous shots on goal that, while they were on target, were stopped by the ATM keeper. Clearly frustrated, but not discouraged, Milne kept pounding ball after ball at the ATM net throughout the first half, only to be denied his just deserved debut goal.

Fifteen minutes in, JTU made its first substitution, with latecomer and new addition Mike Leyva (on loan from Stonecutters) entering the game for Victor Alvarez.

JTU and ATM were stuck in a struggle for goals, as neither team made any significant gains in the first period. As the whistle blew, ATM put the ball in the JTU net, but the goal was taken back as it had crossed the line after the whistle, leaving the score 0-0 heading into halftime.

The second half opened with JTU bringing the ball up field time and time again, only to lose possession on the edge of taking a shot. Mike Leyva danced his way into ATM territory and was able to get a few shots fired, but ATM’s ‘keeper held strong, despite being clearly intimidated by the quantity of shots from the JTU team.

Defensive player, Victor Alvarez took a shot to the face and had to leave the game due to injury. While JTU re-organized, ATM immediately capitalized on a confused JTU side and scored on a direct free kick, putting ATM up 1-0.

Midway through the second half, Victor Alvarez returned to the match and dumped the ball into the far left corner. Tim Owen found Alvarez’s lob and took a few shots, only to have them rebounded back towards him. After several more attempts by Owen, Owen passed the ball to Darren Walters, who was situated in front of the goal. Walters received the pass and put his name in the books with the first goal of the season for JTU and thus equalizing 1-1.

Buoyed by the goal, JTU began putting more plays together and taking ATM to the task for their poor defending. But it was JTU who ultimately became too loose in the defense and allowed ATM to get a goal and gain ground by going up 2-1.

Despite being a somewhat mild game for indoor, JTU was given a one-man advantage when an ATM player fragrantly fouled JTU’s Alfredo Agra by pushing Agra to the ground in a retaliatory move. JTU had two minutes to capitalize on this advantage, but was unable to convert anything during this time.

As the final minutes ticked away, JTU kept after ATM, but was not able to get the point they needed, leaving the final score at 2-1.

Jade Tree United’s next match takes place Sunday, December 11 at Ab Jones against Valley Strikers.


Jade Tree United soccer team begins its 2005/2006 season on Sunday, November 27 with a bye week. The team’s first match, as well as the entire season, will be announced within the next week.

The JTU team has undergone some dramatic changes in the off-season, with Manager Darren Walters acquiring some serious new talent. Mostly culled from members of the Stonecutters team, JTU has picked up a trio of Mikes: Mexican International Mike Leyva, youthful talent and Golden Boot winner Mike Reed, and defensive monster Michael Hoffman. JTU has also added Celtic warrior Alex Milne and a new ‘keep in Bad Ass Brian (last name withheld for security reasons) in order to keep the ball out of the net.

In addition to these new players, many JTU faves have returned: Cuban All-Stars Victor Alvarez and Alfredo Agra, Myspace.com celebrity and Jade Tree co-Owner Tim Owen (who spent most of last season on the injury list), Under 21 US Internationals Ryan Mann and Andrew Agra, Modell’s over 35 Team Spirit award winner Casey Gallucio, and Player/Manager Darren Walters.

The Orange fire has just barely begun to glow, so get in the spirit and get stoked!


Jade Tree United finally brought home a victory, as the team beat their archrivals, Fist, 7-5 in their final and scrappiest match to date at the Ab Jones complex early Saturday night.

Jade Tree United was truly on fire Saturday night, as the team set off the scoring right from the top of the game and never relented on their pressing offense.

Five minutes in, Alex Rudzinski (#4) set off the volley of goals, scoring from mid-field and giving Jade Tree United an early lead-and one that they would not lose throughout the match.

Goalkeeper Paul Bryant (#1) scored immediately thereafter with a goal kick that flew over the opposing keepers head and into the net, frustrating the Fist goalie and opening up another opportunity for Alex Rudzinski to score, putting Jade Tree up 3-1.

The next few minutes found both teams charging after the ball and looking for opportunities. Fist was able to get a few in the JTU net, but it was not long before Jade Tree was back in form.

As the first half came to a close, Casey Gallucio (#3) was taken out by the Fist goalie in front of the goal, but scrambled to lift his head and ably headed in the ball to add yet another point to the JTU score before the first half came to a close with JTU ahead 4-2

Going into the second half, Jade Tree was determined not to lose its precious lead and played a more defensive, yet intense game, concentrating on controlling the ball and narrowing its defenses.

The game was not without its share of penalties, with several players, especially Darren Walters and Steven Mann, being reprimanded for their aggressive play several times. In the end, Steven Mann (#9) received a yellow card in the 35th minute for a collection of fouls and was sent off the pitch, putting JTU down a man. However, Jade Tree was able to hold of the scoring until Mann was able to return to the field.

Late in the second half, Darren Walters (#16) took possession of the ball in front of the Fist goal and shot swiftly into the net for yet another point for his team.

Keeping the scoring going, Alex Rudzinksi received a hat trick for his efforts, and Victor Alvarez (#13) followed up on that goal to take a shot from wide right that found the upper left corner of the net and kept the JTU spirit pumping.

When the final whistle blew, Jade Tree United had found its first win of the season and celebrated in style. Manager Darren Walters commented, “What a great way to end the season. These guys played their hearts out in this match and they deserve all the adulation for the efforts.” Asked about the future of JTU, Walters said “Next season I’ll be looking to grow the team. I’ll be adding some players and beefing up the coaching staff.”

Jade Tree United would like to thank all of its supporters, especially those who attended games. It really made the difference!

Jade Tree United Season Statistics:

Most Goals: Alex Rudzinski
MVP: Alex Rudzinski
Most Saves: Paul Bryant
Most Cards: Steven Mann / Darren Walters
Best Goal: Casey Gallucio / Paul Bryant
Most Improved Player: Mehron Moqtaderi
Team Spirit Award: Tam Bui

Alex Rudzinski: 10
Victor Alvarez: 4
Darren Walters: 3
Alfredo Agra: 2
Casey Gallucio: 2
Keith Kendall: 2
Paul Bryant: 1
Tim Owen: 1
Andrew Agra: 1

Steven Mann
Darren Walters


Jade Tree United returned to the pitch this weekend with back-to-back games at the Ab Jones complex. Over the last two weeks, the team has been plagued by injuries and illness, leaving their bench severely depleted and without either their first or second position goalies. Andrew Agra (#12), who normally plays up front, took the keeper position for both games in a valiant attempt to keep the team on its feet in what turned out to be a very long weekend for the Jade Tree players.

Saturday night JTU faced WL Gore in a match that began rather evenly, but which eventually had Gore draining the Jade Tree team of its wind. Jade Tree held Gore most of the first period, but as the goals began coming their way, Jade Tree crumpled and Gore was able to sneak through and get several goals in the JTU net.

Alex Rudzinsky (#4) and Al Agra (#10) both contributed goals to bring Jade Tree back to life in the second half, reviving the team and bringing back its heart. In the end, it would not be enough, as Jade Tree fell to WL Gore 12-2.

Sunday’s game against United, JTU faced a strong team who has dominated the league most of the season. Knowing the game would be their biggest challenge to date, Jade Tree stepped up and brought an all out attack towards the United defenses.

Five minutes into the game, Victor Alvarez (#13) was knocked down in the box, but the referee turned a blind eye and JTU was denied the penalty kick.

While United got the upper hand early on, Jade Tree’s Alex Rudzinsky (#4) continued his scoring streak by placing two forceful goals into the net and keeping Jade Tree in the game before heading into half time down 6-2.

As the second half got off to fast-paced start, Alex Rudzinsky (#4) got his hat trick with a deftly timed kick at the United goal that easily found its way into the back of the net.

Late in the game, Darren Walters was able to convert a flubbed ball by the United keeper by slightly touching a rebound and flicking it towards the goal. The keeper turned to watch the ball roll into the goal before swatting the ball out of the net. The referee took a minute to review the play before finally awarding JTU the goal.

Andrew Agra, who was clearly frustrated by the endless shots on his goal, tried hard to keep composure in the second half, but it was evident that he was getting more than he could handle. However, JTU knew that they had to keep him in the goal and the defenses tightened to help the keeper. In the end, it would not be enough as Jade Tree suffered at the countless attempts on its goal. United ended the game with no mercy and giving Jade Tree United its worse defeat to date at 20-4.

The team has just one game left in the season, when it meets its archrivals, Fist, on February 12 at Ab Jones.


Home against Valley Strikers on Sunday evening, Jade Tree United narrowly avoided a win with a 2-3 loss against the green giants from Wilmington.

Playing with substitute goalie Paul Bryant, the team’s spirit was significantly buoyed by a win earlier in the day by the Philadelphia Eagles, copious amounts of alcohol, and the return of several players from the annual Mordam convention in Las Vegas.

Fueled with this spirit, JTU came into the game focused and undeniably more energetic than they had been in their last three games.

While possession was mostly Valley Strikers for a good portion of the first half, the Jade Tree defense aptly dealt with any breakthroughs and shots.

Meanwhile, the Jade Tree offense was able to take a few shots on goal that ultimately amounted to nothing. The first half would end with at 0-0.

Heading into the second half, JTU was even more aggressive, throwing more players forward and taking more chances up front. Five minutes into the half, Darren Walters (#16) caught a rebound and deftly ducked the ball into the lower left of the goal, giving Jade Tree the lead.

That lead lasted but 2 minutes, as the Strikers grabbed the ball and made a shot on goal that put the score at 1-1.

With the score now tied, Jade Tree refused to give up and continued to become even more forceful with the ball, setting up better plays and eventually bringing the score to 2-1 through a Striker’s defensive bumble that Victor Alavrez (#13) nipped and turned into a goal.

The game pace continued at a frenzied face, but despite JTU moving the ball forward at every chance, the Strikers were able to find themselves two more goals as the game ticked down into the final minutes. All the while Jade Tree refused to give up and gave what looked to be their most impressive showing of the season thus far.

The team has almost two weeks off, before returning for their back-to-back games the last weekend of January.


Jade Tree United was away against FMC at the Kirkwood Indoor Soccer club Tuesday night, in a match that extended their season long losing streak to 6 games in a row, as the team lost the match 10-2.

Jade Tree, who has yet to win a game this season, is perched at the bottom of the league table. FMC looked like a team that JTU should have beaten, but it was not to be,

The trouble began early in the first half when Tim Owen (#9) was injured in a clash that had him hobbling off the field with a sprained ankle. Already a man down five minutes into the match, Jade Tree became more defensive and only allowed one goal in the first 15 minutes of the game. However, this strategy led to a lack of offense, which allowed FMC to take the aggressive lead and add three more points to the board as the game headed towards half time.

However, JTU saw their chance just as the team was about to finish the half, and Andrew Agra (#12), the team’s youngest active player at 17, was able to score a spirit -lifting goal for the team.

The second half was a much slower affair, with both teams clearly winded and looking to run less and make more of effective passes.

While Tam Bui (#2) and back-up goalie Paul Bryant (#7) kept up the pace on offense, JTU began to dismantle a bit in the back, allowing FMC the ability to score 3 goals in a row. It took Alex Rudzinski (#4), who stepped up and blasted the ball into FMC’s net, to break FMC’s streak of goals and give Jade Tree yet another boost in the final minutes of the match.

The team left the pitch visibly wounded by their loss and by the injury of Tim Owen.

Jade Tree United’s next game takes place on Sunday, January 16 at home against Valley Strikers.


Jade Tree United took to the pitch on Monday night for their first game of 2005.

The team, who spent the last 2 weeks of the winter break practicing, rather than resting and getting out of shape, took the field heartily and ready to take on the visiting AstraZeneca II team.

JTU was strong as it took the ball towards the AZII net several times without result in the beginning minutes. The JTU defense was tried and tested several times before AZII were able to finally get a goal into their
net after 10 minutes of playing time had passed.

Minutes later, an AZII player was carded for unsportsmanlike conduct and the team was forced to play down a man for one minute, during which time JTU was
unable to make any significant plays.

Entering into the latter part of the first half, AZII finally began their assault, heaving goal after goal into the JTU net. Halftime would come with
JTU down 0-5.

As the second half began, JTU was obviously a bit tired, as two players were riding the bench with sudden illnesses, depleting every available player faster than expected and driving JTU to exhaustion.

Defensive players Andrew Agra, Mehron Moqtaderi, and Tim Owen were stuck trying to sort out the mess at the back of the Jade Tree defense, as the Jade Tree offense was trying to find any gaps in which they might be able to
exploit any available AZII weaknesses. Neither found much success in their efforts and the frustration was visible on the player’s faces.

However, Victor Alvarez (#13), the Cuban International, was able to tap the ball into the net for the first Jade Tree United goal of the night, and his second of the season, after he transformed a defensive blunder from AZII into a place for JTU on the scoreboard.

As AZII continued to force the JTU defenses, the team refused to acknowledge defeat and Casey Gallucio (#3) took a pass from Victor Alvarez and scored his first goal of the season with a strong shot that defeated the AZII keeper.

Despite Jade Tree’s best efforts, the team was still not able to find victory, ending the game with a 2-13 defeat.

Manager Darren Walters said of the team’s fifth consecutive defeat, “The team had several players ill and a few carrying injuries, so we were forced to cycle through players faster than normal. We were at half-mast before the end of the first half.” Walters suggests that the week until the next match on January 11 will be spent resting the team and concentrating on a strategy to take the team to a win.


Jade Tree United met the AstraZeneca Blast Sunday, December 19 at Ab Jones, in a heated match that would find JTU still unable to find any points, but giving the most impressive game of their season so far.

Jade Tree United suffered a pre-game blow when both Casey Gallucio and Alex Rudzinski were pulled out of the starting lineup with injuries, giving a rare opportunity to under-18 newcomer Steven Mann to start in Sunday’s game.

In addition to the injuries, Jade Tree United took the pitch without goalkeeper Mike Durbin, who was replaced with substitute keeper Paul Bryant.

Jade Tree United began the game strong, pushing into the Blast’s zone and taking several shots on goal. The Blast responded in kind, but the game stayed even for the first 8 minutes-with possession and shots split between the two teams-before Jade Tree United eventually conceded the first goal of the match.

Jade Tree United refused to let the deficit dampen their spirit and fought hard to keep the Blast’s lead to a minimum, something the team was successful at as the match headed into half time with the score held at 0-1.

Jade Tree United came charging out in the second half, realizing an opportunity by defender Keith Kendall (#8), who dumped the ball into the far side of the net, giving Jade Tree United their first goal of the match.

Kendall was able to score again almost immediately, buoying the JTU team spirits and giving the team a rare lead before the Blast scored two successive goals, giving them the lead at 3-2.

Moments later, Alfredo Agra, (#10) who received a ball deep into the Blast’s third of the pitch, quickly dumped the ball into the net and scored JTU’s third goal, tying the game at 3-3.

The tie, which was held for most of the second half, would eventually be broken by the Blast’s offense, who in the final five minutes penetrated a deepening divide in JTU’s defense, rewarding the team with a quick succession of three goals and ending the game with 7-3 loss for Jade Tree.

Speaking about Jade Tree United’s performance on Sunday, Manager Darren Walters commented that, “We had to be sound defensively and wait for our goals," manager Darren Walters said. "It was a performance with a lot of spirit."

Asked whether the team was going to find their season without a win to their name, Walters said, "That is not my belief. A lot can happen over the season. A lot can change. We knew this would be a big test and our three goals here proves that anybody can best anybody.”

Sunday’s match was Jade Tree United’s last match until the league returns from Winter Break on January 3.


Jade Tree United were unable to get out of their slump, extending their loss to a 3 game streak after Wednesday’s defeat to ING Direct 8-0.

JTU kept ING at bay for the first 8 minutes of the game, as possession remained even until ING stepped up and powered a shot past JTU keeper Mike Durbin (#1), hushing chanting JTU fans in the crowd at the grand Kirkwood Soccer Facility.

This match up proved to be the most aggressive game that Jade Tree has been involved in this season, with several cards being shown to both teams. ING received two yellow cards in the first half, and Jade Tree was given a one-man advantage two times within 10 minutes, but were unable to get into scoring position during that time.

JTU’s Alfredo Agra (#10) took a powerful shot on goal with a header that was stopped at the last minute by the ING defense before the game headed into half time with ING Direct up 4-0.

As the second half began, JTU looked a little stiff before finally coming to life towards the second half of the period. Unfortunately, JTU had several opportunities to score, such as a Beckham –like attempt at goal on a corner kick by Darren Walters (#16), who would later receive a yellow card and serve a one-minute suspension.

The match continued to become more aggressive as it moved into the final moments, with JTU’s Mehron Moqtaderi (#5) being grabbed by the legs by a ING defender, and Casey Gallucio (#3) being rewarded a direct kick after a flagrant defensive mistake, which missed becoming a penalty kick by mere inches.

Ultimately, Jade Tree United’s offense was effective in penetrating the ING defense, but lacked any real power behind their shots, making it even easier for the ING keeper to handedly defended his castle and keep the JTU offense scoreless for the first time this season.

Jade Tree United will be without their first-string keeper, Mike Durbin and mid-fielder Alex Rudzinski (#4) when they face the AstraZeneca Blast next Sunday at Ab Jones.


Jade Tree United’s Fighting Orange hosted the Gunners at Absalom Jones gym Wednesday night and was handed its second loss in less than a week.

The team, who was coming off a defeat just last Saturday, was determined to come away from this match with a win. Alas, it would not be in the cards for Jade Tree.

The first 5 minutes went without incident as the Jade Tree offense pressured the Gunner’s much slower defense. Several shots on goal by JTU were spot on, but were met with ease by the Gunner’s able keeper. The Gunner’s meanwhile came back at JTU and scored seven goals just as the half was headed to a close.

However, late in the first half, Tim Owen (#9) scored a goal to keep Jade Tree in the game.

Jade Tree came out screaming into the second half, firing off more than a dozen shots on goal, none finding their mark. The Gunners managed to score 3 straight goals before Alex Rudzinski, (#4) managed a fine shot from the top the Gunner’s box.

While Jade Tree ultimately lost its second straight game, the team was much more inspired on this go round and managed to create several opportunities that just could not get converted. Afterwards, team manager Darren Walters (#16) commented, “I’m proud of my team. We were better prepared for this match and we were quick on our feet and very determined. Unfortunately, that only gets a team so far.” Walters went on to say that “I have to maintain that PMA and so do my players. Gotta have that PMA. I believe a string of wins is close at hand for Jade Tree United.”

Final score 2-12. Jade Tree United meets ING Direct next.


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On Saturday, December 4, the Jade Tree United soccer team made their debut in front of a crowd of 10 at the Absalom Jones Indoor gym in Wilmington, DE.

The team, which consists of Jade Tree owners Tim Owen and Darren Walters; employee and Iranian International Mehron Moqtaderi; Cuban all-stars Victor Alvarez and Alfredo and Andrew Agra; and rising Asian star Tam Bui, is rounded out by the sturdy legs of Alex Rudzinski and Casey Gallucio and the handy Mike Durbin as keeper.

Jade Tree United took the gym floor for their inaugral wearing their fighting orange colors for their match against Grubb Lumber.

Jade Tree United, who started the match without their goalie, were immediately scored upon, setting the tone for a dismal match up which handed JTU a 11-1 defeat.

Victor Alvarez scored Jade Tree’s only goal of the match deep in the first half with a nice shot tucked into the corner.

A rather unimpressive start, but JTU refuses to be beaten. The Orange meet the Gunners on Wednesday at home.