In light of yesterday’s tragic events in New York City and Washington, DC, Jade Tree is urging everyone to put aside political and philosophical divisions and to come together in a Revolution of Caring, both within our scene and across the nation, in order to destroy apathy at every level and help our nation in a time of grief and to give aid and support to those whose lives were directly touched by yesterday’s horrific disasters. These innocent victims of terrorism and their families need your help in several ways. If you live in either of the areas directly affected, please consider volunteering on any level that you can. If you are outside of these areas, please consider helping by the simple act of giving blood. The Red Cross has stated that it will need blood donations for the next few days and is asking citizens across their country for their help. Information on donating blood can be found by calling the Red Cross at 1-800-GIVELIFE, where you can schedule an appointment, or visit, where you can email your name and phone number and a representative will call you back to set up an appointment.

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