Pitchfork highlights the “(In)essential Jade Tree Records”

Pitchfork’s Ian Cohen and Patrick Fallon of  have put together a list of their less obvious favorites from Jade Tree’s catalog. It’s a nice list that manages to include a few of the unsung heroes from the label’s catalog.


The Jade Tree Catalog Goes to Bandcamp

Jade Tree Bandcamp

Jade Tree’s entire catalog is now available on Bandcamp. Those eager to sample the upcoming Dark Blue single or dip into the extensive catalog for a dose of Lifetime, Pedro the Lion, The Promise Ring, Fucked Up, Kid Dynamite, Strike Anywhere, Jets to Brazil, Joan of Arc and more should head over to jadetree.bandcamp.com and stream or purchase them for a mere $5 for LPs, $4 for EPs and $2 singles.


‘Adapt or Die’: Jade Tree’s Darren Walters on Running a Major Indie for 15 Years

Billboard article on Jade Tree

‘Adapt or Die’: Jade Tree’s Darren Walters on Running a Major Indie for 15 Years 

As a high schooler in the late ’90s, the punk-aligned but never pigeonholed label Jade Tree loomed large in my world. So imagine my excitement last week when a report said the label had returned from a hiatus I wasn’t aware of. After reaching out to the label’s heads, however, I found out that that wasn’t the case. At all. Here, Darren Walters explains how his artful label has weathered the beating that the new music industry paradigm gave his label.

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