Cloak/Dagger Surf Song 7" Now Available In Stores and Online

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If you’ve been fiending for new material by the Daggers, we have a surprise for you. Richmond’s CLOAK/DAGGER return to burn through two more of their signature anthems to alienation on this 7 inch. The SWIZ and Jehu references still ring true, but the Daggers have solidified their own sound and forged on. “Surf Song” resonates with anyone estranged by the detachment of the modern technological era (and maybe some geographically challenged would be surfers). On the flip, “Concentration Camps” gives us the tender side of CLOAK/DAGGER with brooding on the frustration of an infatuation-based attention deficit disorder. “Real life is not much fun” according to CLOAK/DAGGER, but with a single like this added to the mix, we beg to differ.

The 7" is now available in fine record stores that carry vinyl singles and in the . Each record includes a coupon with a unique code allowing the customer to download the songs in MP3 format.

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Track List:
1. Surf Song
2. Concentration Camp

Pressing Info:
500 Clear (From Band and eStore)
500 Black

The band will be selling the 7"s at all upcoming shows, including the following already scheduled shows. Check the for updates.

02/19/2009 Washington, DC United States @ Black Cat Backstage
03/15/2009 Richmond, VA United States @ Nara Sushi w/Obits
05/05/2009 Richmond, VA United States @ Nara Sushi w/The Stitches, Government Warning

CLOAK/DAGGER also graced us with an amazing Warzone cover from New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is. The song was recorded for the new photo book Adult Crash put together by Dave Brown. The book includes over 400 photographs and anecdotes from John Joseph, Chaka Malik, Taylor Steele and Paul Bearer. For information about the book check out the

The debut album We Are on CD and LP is still available from , fine record shops everywhere and digital music services:

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Jade Tree United 2008-2009 Season Update / JTU Supporters Scarves Now Available

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After a long absence, the Jade Tree United update has returned, and with a busy season already in full swing, there is plenty of ground to cover. The format has been adjusted for this season, with only the basic statistics noted for the sake of brevity.

Wilmington, Delaware’s Jade Tree United entered their fifth year in the New Castle County Indoor League with their sights set on winning the title once and for all. However, their start so far has put them far from the title-as the team sits dead last after their first seven matches.

Desperate for a win, Manager Darren Walters isn’t quite sure how the team is in the position that is in because despite tough economic times, Jade Tree was able to find the funds during the transfer window to strengthen its squad for the 2008/2009 season. Walters made significant changes to the JTU line up and with several players moving out during the transfer window, Walters was able to bolster his team’s strength with new and emerging talent.

Coming into the mix this season are Frank DiGregorio and Ryan Lord (both of the DelTech Spirit,) and Scott Campbell (Concord, Rangers) who offer a combination of mid-field experience and goaltending abilities. Returning this season are Jade Tree United stalwarts; Rich Emge, Alex Milne, Casey Gallucio, Victor Alvarez, Tony Coates and Alfredo Agra, all of whom have grown more confident in the last four seasons and offer experience and heart. Combined, these players were expected to help the team finally realize their dream of a title win this season.

However, the teams around Jade Tree have also added players (i.e. ringers), rethought strategies and employed better tactics, making the 08-09 season the most competitive one to date and stifling Jade Tree’s gains in the process.

Highlights thus far have been the goaltending prowess of Scott Campbell, the renaissance of the ever-reliable Rich Emge, the emergence of Casey Gallucio as a threat up front and the wunderkind youth players Ryan Lord and Frank DiGregorio as well as a healthy defensive group in the back field.

Despite the score lines, the team has played well-they just need to play better. If they do not, this season will be their worst since their inception in the league in 2004. With three matches left, they have little time to finally get a win on the books.

You, the supporter, can show your support by purchasing a Jade Tree United scarf. Details are below. Show your pride and purchase one today!

Match Day 1: December 11, 2008
FMC vs. Jade Tree United

Final: 13-5

Goals: Alvarez (1), Emge (2), Gallucio (1), Walters (1)
Fouls: 0

Match Day 2: December 14, 2008
Jade Tree United vs. FIST
Final: 1-8

Goals: Milne (1)
Fouls: DiGregorio (Yellow)

Match Day 3: January 8, 2009
FC Camden vs. Jade Tree United

Final: 15-8

Goals: Coates (1), Emge (4), Lord (2), Milne (1)
Fouls: 0

Match Day 4: January 11, 2009
Jade Tree United vs. Coup D’état

Final: 6-13

Goals: Goals: Alvarez (1), Emge (2), Gallucio (2), Lord (1)
Fouls: 0

Match Day 5: January 26, 2009
Jade Tree United vs. S&L 50.59ers

Final: 5-10

Goals: Emge (2), Lord (2), Milne (1)
Fouls: DiGregorio (Yellow)

Match Day 6: February 2, 2009
Environmental Alliance vs. Jade Tree United

Final: 15-7

Goals: Emge (4), Gallucio (1), Lord (1), Milne (1)
Fouls: (0)

Match Day 7: February 9, 2009
Jade Tree United vs. DS Wilson Excavators

Final: 4-14

Goals: DiGregorio (1), Leyva (3)
Fouls: (0)


The beloved Pride of Delaware, the Jade Tree United soccer team, has made available scarves for its supporters and friends of the team and its sponsor, Jade Tree.

The scarves are 100% acrylic knit in the Jade Tree United colors of orange, black and white. Both sides feature the Jade Tree logo, with the front reading “Jade Tree United” and the back reading “Pride of Delaware”.

Strictly limited to 150, these scarves show your support of both the Jade Tree United soccer team and their sponsor, Jade Tree. A great buy for fans of soccer, music or looking good off the pitch. Make sure to get yours today.

Scarves can be found here for the low price of only $18.75. Click on the image to order yours today!