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Jade Tree’s own Darren Walters was recently featured in the June issue of UK Football (soccer) magazine as part of a story on American fans of the global game titled "3,500 Miles to Watch Wigan."

However, Darren wishes it to be known that the photo spread on pages 90-91 contains a misrepresentation of epic proportions. Darren, who can be seen in the photo holding aloft a Liverpool scarf, is a die hard Manchester United supporter. Obviously the result of a 442 photo editor’s cruel Photoshop joke, Darren is livid at the thought of being thought of as a supporter of Liverpool and wants to make it known that this bit of retouching was done without his consent.

For the record, Darren was holding up a in the original photo and has lodged a complaint with 442 over this emotionally damaging insult.

Check out the story in the PDF located here: