Jade Tree United were handed their first loss of the season when they met Logan House, home at PAL II on Sunday, December 16.

JTU, who sat second in the table, were optimistic about going into the winter break in the number one position.

It was immediately evident that Jade Tree were going to have a hard road ahead of them.

Logan House attacked from the first touch, scoring three in just under five minutes.

Jade Tree rallied to score, as wunderkind Shane Chanpimol rounded the ‘keeper and put one in to the net.

Ryan Mann made a showing for his family in the stands, receiving a pass from Victor Alvarez and converting it.

Rich Emge pushed up from defense to put his power behind a shot that swooshed past the goalie and into the netting.

But the tie was short-lived as Logan House put in five more to put them up, where they would remain for the rest of the half, despite two more goals from Chanpimol and a nick in from Alvarez. to keep Jade Tree in the game,

Looking at a score of 5-8 at the half. JTU knew that the match was still within their reach. How they would overcome their leaking defense to attain the desired win proved to be the question that had yet to be answered.

Jade Tree came out strong in the second half. Casey Gallucio had several shots deflected, but it was Ryan Mann who found the net after faking to the left and shooting high and on target.

Victor Alvarez stepped into the box to get his second and come within a point of making the game level.

Logan House and Jade Tree then played cat and mouse, as Logan House scored, only to be answered by Jade Tree, but never letting JTU level the match.

Constantly giving chase, Jade Tree began to tire. This was most evident when defender Jim Brooks was carded for a strong tackle on a Logan House player and removed from play for two minutes.

Playing a man down, Jade Tree struggled. But the team did manage to get another goal from Emge, who stepped into the ball and took a rocket shot that put the score at 8-9.

Ultimately, Jade Tree’s final undoing was the Rich Emge’s foul on a Logan House player. The foul, which led to a penalty kick that Logan House converted, deflated JTU. It was at this point that the game-and morale-slipped out of the team’s control.

Shane Chanpimol did his duty and bravely netted two more for JTU, but Logan House was up and away on the revived energy that they had received from the PK, slotting shot after shot into the Jade Tree net.

With a final score of 11-16, Jade Tree was left wondering how they remained so close for most of the match, only to lose it in the final minutes. Manager Darren Walters now has three weeks to contemplate this as the league enters the winter break. Perhaps he will have an answer when the team returns to play at home against B.A.C. on Thursday, January 10.


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To celebrate the impending release of New Lexicon, Paint It Black has planned weekend long record release blowout in Philadelphia that is not to be missed.

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Sunday, January 6th 2008 6:30pm
THE HOPE CONSPIRACY (Only East Coast Appearance!)
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At The First Unitarian Church
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Also, the band has put together a Friday night pre-party show with some killer bands and a Saturday night after party with "celebrity" DJs and bands. Details for both of those will be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

New Lexicon will be released in stores on February 19th and is . All pre-orders will be shipped February 1st. The digital version of the album will be available from iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, and a host of other digital music services.

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Jade Tree United kept their 100% start to the season with a win over Swift Kicks away at Kirkwood soccer club on Wednesday, December 12.

Jade Tree made history on Wednesday, as they took advantage of a new rule instituted by FIFA, the “Leyva Ruling”, in which a woman may play as 1/10 of a Men’s senior team. JTU used this ruling to add the broadly -talented Krista Butler (Arsenal Women’s, U.S. Women’s National Team, Stonecutters) to the line up for the match.

Jade Tree would begin the match with reserve striker Alex Milne between the sticks, as both JTU goalies were struck with food poisoning prior to kick off. This cast doubt on whether JTU would be able to hold off Swift Kicks-doubt that was quickly put to rest.

Immediately taking charge of the match, Shane Chanpimol put in his first of many of this night with a shot that blistered the goalies fingers.

Chanpimol deftly avoided the Swift Kick’s defense to strike yet again in less than three minutes, providing JTU the cushion that hey needed to relax and get comfortable with the match.

Keeper Jim Brooks, having recovered from his illness, replaced Milne in goal eight minutes into the match.

As Rich Emge distributed the ball down field to Casey Gallucio, Ryan Mann was set up for a goal that eased past the keeper and put Jade Tree up 0-3 in just under ten minutes.

However, JTU was struck suddenly when Swift kicks took a shot on goal that was caught by Brooks. Freakishly, Brooks was struck by a Swift Kicks player and watched the ball fall out of his hands and into the net.

Determined not to let Swift Kicks capitalize on their goal, the JTU defense shut off all possible angles, making it impossible for Swift Kicks to break through.

Shane Chanpimol received his hat trick with a stunning blast that smashed into the net, reviving the Jade Tree offense.

Unfortunately, Swift Kicks were able to score yet another goal as they watched an errant pass take an unexpected turn into the Jade Tree net.

With the score standing at 2-4, Jade Tree knew that they had to move ahead.

They did with dramatic pace as Alex Milne tricked the Swift Kick’s backline and from 8 yards, pummeled one into the net.

Brining the ball out of the back with help from Al Agra, Krista Butler made a series of runs that eventually paid off with a slight, but dead on, pass to Victor Alvarez which saw him convert from in front of the net, putting Jade Tree up by 2-6 as half time approached.

But the Swift Kicks were not going to be outdone. The team came up and scored what looked to be like another implausible goal as confusion reigned on the JTU backline, the ball sitting idly at the foot of the net as JTU scrambled to clear it. Ultimately, Swift Kicks converted leaving it 3-6 at the half.

Jade Tree was clearly not worried as they returned to the pitch. The team did play more conservative though, making clean passes, better-timed runs, and shutting down any opportunities for the opposing team.

JTU did pepper the Swift Kicks goal throughout nonetheless, as the Swift Kick’s defense fell apart and allowed Jade Tree to virtually waltz into the box without distraction.

Almost every member of JTU stepped up to make their mark on the match, and while not every shot was rewarded with a goal, it had become clear that Jade Tree was going to emerge victorious if they could keep Swift Kicks at bay.

Casey Gallucio, who had been taking shot after shot, finally had his first of the season, when he took the pass from Butler and fired past the keeper.

Alex Milne worked well with Ryan Mann and Rich Emge to produce a series of passes that saw him end up with the ball at the edge of the box. Milne juked, then shot, sending the ball high, left, and into the corner of the net.

Defender Darren Walters pushed forward and was rewarded when Mann, wide on the right, passed to Milne in the middle, who then scuffed the ball on to Walters, enabling him to take a clear shot low and from the left side, fooling the keeper and getting him his first of the year.

Not to be outdone, Chanpimol scored yet once more in the final minutes of the game to make it five for the night. This left Jade Tree at 3-11 as the final whistle blew, putting an end to another stellar match from Delaware’s finest.

Jade Tree will hope to remain on top as they take to the field again on Sunday, December 16 at home at the PAL II against Logan House.

Allegedly, the team’s owners hope to unveil new club merchandise at this match, but they remain quiet as to what fans can expect. The long promised JTU scarves perhaps? One can only hope.


Wilmington, Delaware’s Jade Tree United returned to action on Thursday, December 6, 2007. The team played at home at the Kirkwood Soccer Club against the newly promoted Clerks to kick off the start of the 2007-2008 New Castle County Indoor season.

JTU faced some challenges in the pre-season, with Player / Manager Darren Walters making significant changes to the JTU line up from last season. With several players moving out during the transfer window, Walters was forced to bolster his team’s strength with new and emerging talent despite a lack of funds.

New to JTU this season are Rich Emge (moving from Roma, DC United, Stonecutters) who brings with him a strong tactical mind as well as excellent on the ball ability; Tony Coates (Leyton Orient, Vitesse Arnhem, Grasskickers); and U-17 Shane Chanpimol, who was brought into regular senior team rotation this season.

Jade Tree took to the pitch ready for action, as Kirkwood erupted in applause to greet the team back for another crack at the title.

Jade Tree immediately proved the better of the two sides, when Alex Milne put JTU on the board just two minutes into the match.

Clerks, clearly rattled by the early goal, were shocked once again, as both Alex Milne and Shane Chanpinol-showing why he has been brought into the first team-moved the score line up to three before five minutes had elapsed.

Newly signed Tony Coates pushed up from his defensive position to attack and was rewarded for his effort when he shot and Rich Emge picked off his rebound, making it 4-0.

Jade Tree continued to apply pressure despite such a large and early lead.

Ryan Mann snuck his way past the Clerk’s defense to get his first of the season, with his striking partner Chanpimol netting yet another one right behind him.

Chanpimol received his hat trick just a minute later, confirming his manger’s belief in his talents.

Clerks, looking devastated, were becoming disorganized and sloppy all over the park. Jade Tree, pounced upon this, with Emge smashing one into their net with a pass from Casey Gallucio.

Ryan Mann, much too eager to get past the lapsed Clerks defense, was given a yellow card for his slide on a helpless Clerks defender.

Victor Alvarez scored a near perfect goal to get off the blocks this season, with a chested ball that he volleyed past the keeper.

With Alvarez’s goal, Jade Tree United was up an unbelievable 9-0, the JTU defense having barely been tested in the least.

As half time came, Clerks left the pitch dejected as the away fans booed their own team.

As the second half was set to kick off, the Clerks manager spoke to the referee and indicated that the Clerks were not going to take the pitch for the second half. Amazingly, the team had given up completely.

In the spirit of the holidays, JTU gaffer Walters suggested that the two teams let the score stand and simply play for the fans’ entertainment-even offering up the services of Victor Alvarez and goalie Brian Olden for the occasion.

Clerks agreed and came back out to the field. With that, a spirited game of football erupted as the two teams played their hearts out, eliciting cheers from both home and away fans who got in on the fun by chanting and singing good naturedly.

In the end, Jade Tree United walked away with an easy start to their season. However, the team will not have long to rest, as it meets another newly promoted team, Swiftkicks, on Wednesday, December 12.