CLOAK/DAGGER are celebrating the release of We Are with a full US tour that begins tonight. The tour includes shows with STRIKE ANYWHERE and Lion of Judah. Shortly after returning, the band will head straight to Europe.

9/28 – 10/1 with Strike Anywhere
10/2 – 10/6 with Lion of Judah
11/23 – 12/23 European Tour

09/28/2007 Washington, DC United States @ St. Stephen’s Church
09/29/2007 Harrisonburg, VA United States @ Guzman’s
09/30/2007 Colombus, OH United States @ The Basement (Colombus)
10/01/2007 Bloomington, IN United States @ Rhino’s
10/02/2007 Baltimore, MD United States @ Charm City Art Space
10/03/2007 Brooklyn, NY United States @ Don Pedros
10/04/2007 Haverhill, MA United States @ Welfare Records
10/05/2007 Cleveland, OH United States @ Now That’s Class
10/06/2007 Romeo, MI United States @ Static Age
10/08/2007 Lincoln, NB United States @ Ghost House
10/09/2007 Denver, CO United States @ Sox Place
10/10/2007 Boise, ID United States @ The Slaughterhouse
10/11/2007 Seattle, WA United States @ West Seattle Legion Hall
10/12/2007 Santa Cruz, CA United States @ 418 Project
10/13/2007 Isla Vista, CA United States @ Biko House
10/14/2007 Tijuana, MX Mexico @ TJ Arte & Rock Cafe
10/18/2007 Tuscon, AZ United States @ The Living Room (Tuscon)
10/19/2007 San Antonio, TX United States @ Cafe Revolution
10/20/2007 Corpus Christi, TX United States @ The Compound
10/21/2007 Dallas, TX United States @ Red Blood Club
10/22/2007 Wichita, KS United States @ Eagles Lodge
10/23/2007 St. Louis, MO United States @ Fort Gondo
10/24/2007 Nashville, TN United States @ The Muse
10/25/2007 Birmingham, AL United States @ Cave 9
10/29/2007 Chamblee, GA United States @ The Shop
10/30/2007 Asheville, NC United States @ Gourmet Perks

11/23/2007 Hasselt Belgium @ Muziek-o-droom
11/24/2007 Trier Germany @ Exhaus
11/25/2007 Bielefeld Germany @ AJZ
11/27/2007 Wiesbaden Germany @ Schlachthof
11/28/2007 Weimar Germany @ Gerberstrasse
11/29/2007 Zdunska Wola Poland @ Hades
11/30/2007 Berlin Germany @ Cassiopeia Skatehalle
12/01/2007 Lichenstein Germany @ JZ Riot
12/02/2007 Prague Czech Republic @ 007
12/04/2007 Budapest Hungary @ Kultiplex
12/07/2007 Milan Italy @ Leoncavallo
12/08/2007 Rome Italy @ Traffic Club
12/10/2007 Munchen Germany @ Feierwerk Sunny Red
12/11/2007 Stuttgart Germany @ Juha West
12/12/2007 Dornbirn Austria @ Schlachthaus
12/14/2007 Niederwaldkirchen Austria @ Jugendtreff
12/15/2007 Leisnig Germany @ AJZ Leisnig
12/18/2007 Brighton England @ The Engine Room
12/19/2007 Manchester England @ Star and Garter
12/22/2007 London, Camden England @ Bar Monsta
12/23/2007 Hengelo Netherlands @ Innocent

Dates will be added, so remember to check the for the most current listings.


PAINT IT BLACK begins a series of shows with Blacklisted tonight. If you didn’t have reason enough to get out to these shows, keep in mind that the band will be offering a small sampling of what the new album has to offer.

09/28/2007 Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman St. w/Blacklisted
09/29/2007 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction w/Blacklisted
09/30/2007 San Diego, CA @ Che Café w/Blacklisted


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On the most recent episode of , chef Sam Mason hosted FUCKED UP for an evening of preparing vegetable papillotes and live set of tunes. Look and learn. The full show is available online:

Exclusive MP3:

Hidden World is now available for download on:


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SNOWDEN heads to LA this weekend to take part in the new annual film, music and art festival called Swerve Festival. SNOWDEN performs Saturday the 29th at 3:15. The show is free and there will be a ton of other great bands and films to see at the festival.

Description from the festival web site:

"Swerve Festival is a new annual festival dedicated to celebrating West Coast creative culture and its community inspired by art, film, music and action sports. The three-day celebration will be held in Los Angeles to bring together a dynamic group of innovators and thinkers and to spotlight some of the most exciting work to come out of these creative disciplines."

Festival organizer had this to say:

"Fuel TV is proud to be putting on an Art, Music and Film festival called the Swerve Festival. Its taking place at the Barnsdall Art Park the weekend of September 28th to 30th and the lineup of events is amazing. There’s going to be all kinds of great bands and great films. We’ve got the US premiere of the Ian Curtis/Joy Division biopic Control, the art documentary Beautiful Losers, Doug Prey’s documentary Surfwise and a bunch more films.

The best part about the festival is the music is phenomenal and free. The lineup is incredible! Devotchka, The Black Angels, Snowden, Oh No Oh My, Foreign Born, Snowden, Illinois. All these bands are free at Barnsdall Art Park on Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th. Brazilian baile funk outfit Bonde Do Role will be performing Saturday night at the Echoplex and for the low price of $5 (that’s the only show that costs anything) We Are Scientists will be closing out the weekend Sunday night also at the Echoplex."


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PAINT IT BLACK has put the final touches on the band’s third album for Jade Tree, which will hitting streets in early 2008. The record was co-produced by J. Robbins and Oktopus (of Dalek).

Dan Yemin recently offered some insight on the production process:

"We were excited that J. and Alap/Oktopus were willing to co-produce this album. It gave us a couple of pretty amazing opportunities: first of all, we got to have multiple perspectives on the songs and the recording, which just sort of expanded the possibilities. We were able to have the confidence that comes with working with a trusted and familiar producer, but also the "wild card" element that you get when working with someone new, especially someone from outside the community of engineers and producers that typically work with punk and hardcore bands."

"I wanted to work with [Oktopus] because Dalek’s recordings sound totally insane, and I wanted to bring some of that to Paint It Black. Also, its clear from their recordings that he understands how to really blow out the low end. I’m into that. Hardcore albums usually are over-focused on guitar and treat the bass as an afterthought. It’s time to put that style to rest."

"I think there were new influences from both producers: Oktopus brought a density and texture to the recording that we never would have found without him, and not the density that comes from the typical HC overkill of 6 guitar tracks. Also, J., who works with a really wide variety of bands, had just finished a month-long session recording the new Modern Life is War album before us, which I think was a really different kind of project for him, and the ideas that were generated during those sessions about how to best document aggressive music were still fresh in his head when we got there."

The band also recently spoke to Jason Bergman for about the the writing process, the production of the record, hardcore music, and the music business.

Keep you eyes on the site, as Jade Tree will soon be announcing the full details of the album, including a track listing, cover art, release date and an early MP3.

In other current news, PAINT IT BLACK is heading to the West Coast this weekend for a series of shows with Blacklisted before appearing at with and , and a ton of other greats.

09/28/2007 Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman St. w/Blacklisted
09/29/2007 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction w/Blacklisted
09/30/2007 San Diego, CA @ Che Café w/Blacklisted
10/27/2007 Gainesville, FL @ The Fest 6

The most current dates and details can always be found here