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On their debut full length release for Jade Tree, CLOAK/DAGGER keep it fast and simple. Produced and recorded at Headbanging Kill Your Mama Music Studios by Chris Owens (Lords), We Are is a bombastic, rough around the edges approach to minimalist hardcore. Combining the jagged aggression of bands like Swiz and Black Flag with the spastic urgency of Drive Like Jehu, We Are Cloak/Dagger embraces a lyrically raw directness that transcends the false conceptions and misgivings of modern punk, offering up honest commentary on the balance between life both with and without excess. In the end, We Are CLOAK/DAGGER embraces the long lost art of disposability, steering away from the culture of celebratory fake aggression, into a new era of raw, incendiary punk music.

Track listing:

1. Bended Knee
2. Sunburnt Mess
3. Runways
4. Kamikazes
5. New Years Resolution
6. Walk the Block
7. J.C. Pays the Bills
8. Hollywood Hills
9. Generato
10. Red Hair
11. Set the Alarm
12. Last Call
13. Quit Life

We Are will be released on September 11th and is now available for . Pre-order customers will receive a free CLOAK/DAGGER T-shirt.

Information about the release availbility on vinyl will be announced at a future date.

For those who may need to catch up on the story so far, the digital only release Pinata Breaks, Demo Takes, a collection of CLOAK/DAGGER material leading up to We Are, is .

There are several CLOAK/DAGGER shows coming in the next few weeks. Check out the dates below:

06/23/2007 Richmond, VA United States @ Alley Katz No Way Records Fest w/ Direct Control, Career Suicide, and more
07/18/2007 Washington, DC United States @ 1017 7th St w/FUCKED UP
07/21/2007 Washington, DC United States @ Cafe Alfishway w/Criminal Damage

Always check the for the most current listing.


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FUCKED UP enter the US today to begin their first full US tour in support of FUCKED UP have returned from the UK just in time to turn around and head out again for their first full US and Canada tour in support of . Get out to these shows and remember to pick the new Year of the Pig 12" single, which will be released by in August.

Check out FUCKED UP’s on Radio 1′s Punk Show with Mike Davies. The web site for show includes the song entitled ‘Black Hats’ which is the B-side of the aforementioned EP. ‘Black Hats’ is also streaming .

Not sure what to expect? This is what NME about the bands recent tour in the UK.

And of course, if you missed it, there’s always this:


06/20/2007 Cleveland, OH United States @ Now That’s Class
06/21/2007 Pittsburgh, PA United States @ Lawrenceville Moose
06/22/2007 Brooklyn, NY United States @ Club Europa (NEW VENUE)
06/23/2007 Richmond, VA United States @ Citizens Against Crime Warehouse
06/24/2007 Nashville, TN United States @ The Muse
06/25/2007 New Orleans, LA United States @ The Dragon’s Den
06/26/2007 Austin, TX United States @ Emo’s
06/27/2007 Las Cruces, NM United States @ The Farm
06/28/2007 Phoenix, AZ United States @ The Phix
06/29/2007 Tijuana Mexico @ Salon Fiesta
06/30/2007 Berkeley, CA United States @ 924 Gilman St.
07/01/2007 North Hollywood, CA United States @ ANMT Showplace
07/02/2007 Los Angeles, CA United States @ 1269 E. 6th
07/04/2007 San Francisco, CA United States @ The Hemlock Tavern
07/05/2007 Portland, OR United States @ Satyricon
07/06/2007 Olympia, WA United States @ Manium
07/07/2007 Vancouver, BC Canada @ The Ukranian Cultural Center
07/08/2007 Edmonton, AB Canada @ Teddy’s
07/09/2007 Regina, SK Canada @ The Exchange
07/10/2007 Winnepeg, MB Canada @ The Collective Cabaret
07/11/2007 Minneapolis, MN United States @ Triple Rock Social Club
07/12/2007 Chicago, IL United States @ Beat Kitchen
07/13/2007 Cedar Falls, IA United States @ The Boathouse
07/14/2007 Lawrence, KS United States @ Jackpot Saloon
07/15/2007 St. Louis, MI United States @ Red Sea
07/16/2007 Lawrenceville, GA United States @ The Treehouse
07/17/2007 Virginia Beach, VA United States @ Steppin’ Out
07/18/2007 Washington, DC United States @ 1017 7th St
07/19/2007 Philadelphia, PA United States @ First Unitarian Church
07/20/2007 New York, NY United States @ Knitting Factory New York
07/21/2007 Brooklyn, NY United States @ Southpaw

The will be updated with the most current information and details as we get them.


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SNOWDEN is just wrapping up their US tour in support of with Kings of Leon, but the fun isn’t over yet. It seems that everything has gone so well that the band will be joining the Kings abroad to continue the party. The tour starts at the end of the month and these shows are sure to create quite a splash.

SNOWDEN tour dates are listed below. Always check the for the most current updates and further information.

26 June Paris France @ La Bataclan
01 July Berlin Germany @ Columbiahalle
02 July Cologne Germany @ Cologne Live Music Hall
04 July Bournemouth England @ Bournemouth International Centre
05 July Cardiff Wales @ Cardiff International Arena
12 July London England @ Hammersmith Apollo
13 July London England @ Hammersmith Apollo

Recently SNOWDEN was featured on MTV news. The piece can be viewed here:

is available for , in stores, and digitally through , ,
, , , , , , , , , , and .

"Like Bullets" Video:

| | | |


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Featuring a collection of five unreleased NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD songs, Peace With Nothing is a digital-only EP that compiles three original tracks and two covers that fall close to the Orlando, Florida band’s influential origins. Peace With Nothing is available now.

Delivered over NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD‘s enraged brand of melodic hardcore, the three original tracks present succinct attacks on the current presidential administration and poverty, while the two covers offer a glimpse into NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD‘s ’80s hardcore influences (namely Government Issue and 7 Seconds.)

Cast through shades of indignant but energetic punk, Peace With Nothing serves as a culmination of the band’s allegiance to a simpler time in hardcore, while still maintaining a refreshed sense of insanity, urgency and the band’s crucial heritage as a vehicle for change in punk.

Download the full size cover art .

The entire release is now available for online streaming .

Track listing:
1. No Protection
2. Peace With Nothing
3. Abandoned
4. Understand
5. Here’s Your Warning

Peace with Nothing can be purchased directly from:

And a host of other .

For the vinyl lovers out there, rest assured, a 7" version of this release is in the works! Details on that will be released as they become available.

Remember that the band’s full length, Don’t Believe, is available on , , and .

Also available in the estore is an and .