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FUCKED UP have returned from the UK just in time to turn around and head out again for their first full US tour in support of . before leaving on tour, however, the band will be playing the record in it’s entirety in Toronto at The Tranzac on June 2nd. This show has been dubbed ‘Hidden World Live’ and is not to be missed if you can make it to Toronto.

Also, during the tour, the band will be selling their new Year of the Pig 12" single, which will be properly released by in August. The tour begins on June 20th, but in the meantime, check out FUCKED UP’s on Radio 1′s Punk Show with Mike Davies. The web site for show includes a unreleased song entitled ‘Black Hats.’



06/02/2007 Toronto, ON Canada @ The Tranzac HIDDEN WORLD LIVE with AIDS WOLF
06/20/2007 Cleveland Ohio @ Now Thats Class
06/21/2007 Pittsburgh, PA @ Lawrenceville Moose
06/22/2007 Brooklyn New York @ 538 Johnson w/ THE DUSTHEADS
06/24/2007 Nashville, TN @ The Muse
06/25/2007 New Orleans, LA @ McWilliams Hall in Tulane
06/26/2007 Austin, TX @ Emos
06/27/2007 Las Cruces, NM @ The Farm
06/28/2007 Phoenix, AZ @ The Phix
06/29/2007 Los Angeles, CA @ 1269 E 6th
06/30/2007 Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman St.
07/01/2007 Long Beach, CA @ TBA
07/02/2007 Tijuana @ Salon Fiesta
07/03/2007 Los Angeles, CA @ TBA
07/04/2007 San Fransisco, CA @ TBA
07/05/2007 Portland, OR @ TBA
07/06/2007 Olympia, WA @ Manium
07/07/2007 Vancouver BC @The Ukranian Cultural Center
07/08/2007 Edmonton, AB Canada @ Teddy’s
07/09/2007 Regina, SK Canada @ The Exchange
07/10/2007 Winnepeg, MB Canada @ The Collective Cabaret
07/11/2007 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock Social Club
07/12/2007 Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen
07/13/2007 Cedar Falls, IA @ The Boathouse w/ MODERN LIFE IS WAR
07/14/2007 Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Saloon
07/15/2007 St Louis, MO @ TBA
07/16/2007 Chamblee, GA @ The Shop
07/17/2007 Virginia Beach @ TBA
07/18/2007 Washington, DC @ 1017 7th St. NW w/ GOVERNMENT WARNING
07/19/2007 Philadelphia, PA @ TBA w/ BATTLES
07/20/2007 NYC @ The Knitting Factory w/ LIMP WRIST
07/21/2007 Brooklyn, NY @ Southpaw w/ PISSED JEANS

The will be updated with the most current information and details as we get them.

And remember to buy the FUCKED UP ‘Owl’ T-shirt!


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Featuring a collection of five unreleased NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD songs, Peace With Nothing is a digital-only EP to be released on June 5th that compiles three original tracks and two covers that fall close to the Orlando, Florida band’s influential origins.

Delivered over NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD‘s enraged brand of melodic hardcore, the three original tracks present succinct attacks on the current presidential administration and poverty, while the two covers offer a glimpse into NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD‘s ’80s hardcore influences (namely Government Issue and 7 Seconds.)

Cast through shades of indignant but energetic punk, Peace With Nothing serves as a culmination of the band’s allegiance to a simpler time in hardcore, while still maintaining a refreshed sense of insanity, urgency and the band’s crucial heritage as a vehicle for change in punk.

Download the full size cover art .

The entire release is now available for online streaming .

Track listing:
1. No Protection
2. Peace With Nothing
3. Abandoned
4. Understand
5. Here’s Your Warning

Peace with Nothing will be available from , , , and a host of other .

The band will also be playing several dates in the near future. The dates are listed below, but always check the for updates and details.

05/17/2007 Jacksonville, FL United States @ Jack Rabbit’s (Richard’s Birthday)
05/18/2007 Charleston, SC United States @ Cumberlands
05/19/2007 Richmond, VA United States @ Alley Katz

Remember that the band’s full length, Don’t Believe, is available on , and , or download it now .

Also available in the estore is an and .


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MTV News recently visited Atlanta to cover SNOWDEN, The Black Lips, Deerhunter, and the burgeoning Atlanta indie scene.

If you haven’t caught the segment on the air, the entire piece is availble online at the MTV site at the following link:

"Bands like the Black Lips, Snowden and Deerhunter show that hip-hop isn’t the only music coming out of the Southern city."

Meanwhile the band is still on tour with Kings of Leon, and everything is going swell. If they haven’t been through your way yet and tickets are still available, .

SNOWDEN tour dates are listed below. Always check the for the most current updates and further information.

05/11/2007 New Orleans, LA United States @ House of Blues – New Orleans
05/12/2007 Houston, TX United States @ Warehouse Live
05/13/2007 Dallas, TX United States @ House of Blues – Dallas
05/15/2007 Indianapolis, IN United States @ The Vogue
05/17/2007 Milwaukee, WI United States @ The Rave
05/18/2007 Minneapolis, MN United States @ First Avenue
05/19/2007 Chicago, IL United States @ Riviera Theatre
05/21/2007 Louisville, KY United States @ Headliners Music Hall
05/22/2007 Cleveland, OH United States @ House of Blues – Cleveland
05/24/2007 Cincinnati, OH United States @ Bogart’s
05/25/2007 St. Louis, MO United States @ The Pageant
06/01/2007 Atlanta, GA United States @ Tabernacle
06/02/2007 Asheville, NC United States @ The Orange Peel
06/05/2007 New York, NY United States @ Roseland Ballroom
06/06/2007 Boston, MA United States @ Avalon
06/07/2007 Philadelphia, PA United States @ The Electric Factory
06/12/2007 Toronto, ON Canada @ Kool Haus
06/13/2007 Columbus, OH United States @ Newport Music Hall
06/29/2007 New York, NY United States @ South Street Sea Port, Pier 17

is available for , in stores, and digitally through , ,
, , , , , , , , , , and .

1. Like Bullets
3. My Murmuring Darling
4. Filler is Wasted
5. Black Eyes
6. Between the Rent and Me
7. Counterfeit Rules
8. Innocent Heathen
9. Stop Your Bleeding
10. Kill the Power
11. Victim Card
12. Sisters

Like Bullets Video:

| | | |


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After signing to the label last Summer, CLOAK/DAGGER began preparing songs for a Jade Tree debut EP. Months later and a few technical difficulties overcome, the band has now turned the release into a full length album which they are currently in the studio recording. Details of that album are forthcoming, but in the meantime, we’ve got a little something to tide you over.

Piñata Breaks, Demo Takes is a digital only release that features the band’s most recent , originally released and still available on , and a collection of demo tracks, including one previously unreleased song. These nine songs will trigger memories of favorites such as Black Flag, Circle Jerks and even Hot Snakes, but they offer an entirely new experience with raw energy that can only be rivaled by the band’s live show.

This digital release is available now from , , and a host of other .

1. Daggers Daggers
2. Paranoid
3. Electrocution
4. Sewing Circles (Demo)
5. Set the Alarm (Demo)
6. Last Call (Demo)
7. Violent Times (Demo)
8. New Years Resolution (Demo)
9. White Fence (Previously Unreleased Demo)

CLOAK/DAGGER was recently featured on the weekly radio show on Radio CPR 97.5 FM in Washington, DC which is available as a or a . Check it out and check out the entire Dissonance archive. It’s a great show. also has an good in the audio archives.

Cloak/Dagger will also be playing several shows in the coming month. Watch the for future dates and current info.

05/17/2007 Richmond, VA @ Alley Katz w/ Strike Anywhere and The Loved Ones
05/20/2007 Richmond, VA @ Camel Club w/ Coliseum and Young Widows
06/23/2007 Richmond, VA @ Alley Katz, No Way Records Fest w/ Career Suicide, Government Warning and more