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LORDS, aren’t going away anytime soon. On September 1st, our Louisville friends will be spending a few weeks on the road with Daughters and Russian Circles. Be there – LORDS is not to be missed.

Can’t get enough? Check out this recent LORDS interview at .

The dates:

09/01/2006 Fredericksburg, VA United States @ K.C.’s
09/02/2006 Charlotte, NC United States @ Casbah (Tremont Music Hall)
09/03/2006 Wilmington, NC United States @ Soapbox Laundro Lounge
09/04/2006 W. Columbia, SC United States @ New Brookland Tavern
09/06/2006 Atlanta, GA United States @ Drunken Unicorn
09/07/2006 Covington, KY United States @ Mad Hatter
09/08/2006 DeKalb, IL United States @ The House Cafe – Illinois
09/09/2006 Milwaukee, WI United States @ The Cactus Club
09/10/2006 St. Louis, MO United States @ Creepy Crawl
09/11/2006 Indianapolis, IN United States @ The Underground – Indianapolis
09/12/2006 Nashville, TN United States @ The Muse

Drop by the for the dates with full details and updates.



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DAVID BAZAN recently spoke with Paula Pou of Brooklyn Vegan for an interview about everything from his new EP, Fewer Moving Parts to Pitchfork, " and more. Check it http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2006/08/an_interview_wi_9.html|check it out here|EXTERNAL[/URL].

DAVID BAZAN just released the Fewer Moving Parts CD EP which is available from and the digital version is now available through , , , , , , , and .


1. Selling Advertising
2. How I Remember
3. Fewer Broken Pieces
4. Cold Beer and Cigarettes
5. Backwoods Nation
6. Selling Advertising (Acoustic version)
7. How I Remember (Acoustic version)
8. Fewer Broken Pieces (Acoustic version)
9. Cold Beer and Cigarettes (Acoustic version)
10. Backwoods Nation (Acoustic version)

For the latest tour dates, see the .


PAINT IT BLACK and NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD have begun their European tour. Check out the dates below:

08/25/2006 Ieper Belgium @ Ieperfest
08/26/2006 London England @ Underworld
08/27/2006 Manchester England @ The Music Box
08/28/2006 Leeds England @ The Fenton
08/29/2006 Kingston England @ The Peel
08/30/2006 Exeter, Devon England @ Exeter Cavern
08/31/2006 Paris France @ Peniche Alternat
09/01/2006 Saarbrucken Germany @ Garage – Germany
09/02/2006 Munchen Germany @ Feierwerk Sunny Red
09/03/2006 Milano Italy @ Rock In Idro
09/04/2006 Trier Germany @ Exhaus
09/05/2006 Berlin Germany @ Cassiopeia Skatehalle
09/06/2006 Köln Germany @ Underground (Germany)
09/07/2006 Bremen Germany @ Wehrschloss
09/08/2006 Leipzig Germany @ Conne Island
09/09/2006 Arnhem Netherlands @ The Stage

The most current dates can always be found here


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Hotlanta is not normally known for it’s glacial indie rock but if things continue to roll for the boys and girl in SNOWDEN, Outkast will have to bow to the cuts on the sparkling Anti-Anti. As the weeks and months leading up to the release of the band’s Jade Tree debut melted away, it became readily apparent that the group was onto something legit. Now on the eve of their tour and only a day after their record hit stores SNOWDEN is officially the "most blogged about band on the internet" according to . In addition, SNOWDEN‘s debut single Anti-Anti is also the most posted mp3 on the blogs this month. Not bad. But that’s not all the love only continues from , , , , and .

SNOWDEN started their yesterday, so bring them some banana bread and go see what the hype is all about.

1. Like Bullets
3. My Murmuring Darling
4. Filler is Wasted
5. Black Eyes
6. Between the Rent and Me
7. Counterfeit Rules
8. Innocent Heathen
9. Stop Your Bleeding
10. Kill the Power
11. Victim Card
12. Sisters

Please consult the SNOWDEN for current dates.


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Long known for favoring the EP format over the full-length, Toronto’s FUCKED UP makes its Jade Tree debut with the two-song seven inch. Although the six-minute title track appears on the group’s forthcoming long-player, Hidden World, this highly anticipated EP offers a completely different studio version. Decidedly more raw than its full-length counterpart, the version found here crackles, hisses, thunders and booms with all the chaos of the band’s legendary live shows-only listening to the seven inch, there’s no ink-stamp smear left on your hand later. With only two songs, FUCKED UP solidifies its reputation as "the second coming of punk" (thank you Maximum Rock ‘n Roll): a band very much doing its own thing, in spite of the underground’s many trends and pigeonholes. The comparatively shorter “Neat Parts” makes sure not to skimp, getting the job done quickly, and leaving listeners winded. Breaking the usual punk-song-time-limit barrier, Triumph of Life is an epic, multifarious track that roars through every expectation. Melodic, anthemic guitar lines and a driving rhythm section batter listeners alongside some of hardcore’s most ferocious and truly jarring vocals.

Triumph of Life is now available.

Track listing:
1. Triumph of Life
2. Neat Parts

Please consult the FUCKED UP for current dates.