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In the wake of the release of , NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD will be escaping Florida for a cross country tour with punk pals . Make sure to catch NMDS now, before the head out of the country.

Check out a few of the rave reviews Don’t Believe has seen so far:

"Deeper-sinking hooks" – AP

"Sure they will be on pretty big package tours, sure the kids love ‘em, but fuck it-this is a pretty ripping disc" – MRR

"This is one of the best records out right now" – Slug & Lettuce


Tour dates

6/29 – 7/16 with Clit 45

06/29/2006 Atlanta, GA United States @ Drunken Unicorn
06/30/2006 Ft. Lauderdale, FL United States @ Roxannes On Main
07/02/2006 Gainesville, FL United States @ 1982 Bar
07/03/2006 Tampa, FL United States @ The Orpheum (Florida)
07/05/2006 Jacksonville, FL United States @ Thee Imperial
07/06/2006 Metairie, LA United States @ The High Ground
07/07/2006 Dallas, TX United States @ Red Blood Club
07/08/2006 Oklahoma City, OK United States @ The Glassnost
07/10/2006 Denver, CO United States @ The Hi Dive
07/11/2006 Salt Lake City, UT United States @ Captain’s Quarters
07/12/2006 Las Vegas, NV United States @ Celebrity
07/13/2006 Azusa, CA United States @ Smart City Grinds
07/14/2006 Anaheim, CA United States @ Chain Reaction
07/15/2006 Southgate, CA United States @ The Allen Theatre
07/16/2006 San Marcos, CA United States @ Jumping Turtle
07/17/2006 Tempe, AZ United States @ The Clubhouse
07/20/2006 Austin, TX United States @ 423 Tillery
07/21/2006 San Antonio, TX United States @ Sanctuary
07/22/2006 Houston, TX United States @ Walter’s on Washington

Please see the for a the most current dates and information.


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FUCKED UP‘s first release for Jade Tree is cloaked in shades of unconventional aesthetics, symbolic overtones and a self-proclaimed "culture of confusion." , the band’s first full length studio album, marks a turning point for the mysterious Toronto band, transcending the boundaries of punk with melody, aggression, expansive structures and enigmatic diatribes on what lies underneath the immediate, visualized world. FUCKED UP combine confrontational ideologies with deliberate misinformation to produce a brutal analysis on thought provocative punk. In a word, FUCKED UP and Hidden World is dangerous and unpredictable in a time when punk has become a manufactured commodity.

Hidden World will be released on October 10th and is now availble for .

All will ship with a free Hidden World poster and will ship on September 22nd. Vinyl will be available through

Track Listing:

1. Crusades
2. David Comes to Life
3. Invisible Leader
4. Carried Out to the Sea
6. Fate of Fates
7. The Two Snakes
8. Hidden World
9. Manqueller Man
10. Blaze of Glory
11. Triumph of Life
12. Jacobs Ladder
13. Vivian Girls

FUCKED UP will be gracing the West Coast with their presence in August. Keep abreast of the current dates on the .


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THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES second full length for Jade Tree finds the Seattle foursome towing a proverbial line between paradox, hostility and a caustic blend of post-hard/math core. Retaining the definitive tension and angular force of earlier THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES efforts, is the year-long culmination of a more structured yet experimental song writing process for the band. Recorded at Red Room Recording in Seattle by TAAS drummer Chris Common, Easter explores the relationship between suspect animism, impending other wordly doom and the ethereal battle between virtue and ruin. More than anything from THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES‘ back catalog, Easter was meant to hurt you.

Easter will be released on October 10, 2006 and is available for .


1. Mescaline Eyes
3. Subtle Body
4. Desert Ghost
5. Child Chicken Play
6. Hell’s Bank Notes
7. Abracadabraca
8. Deer Lodge
9. Lady North
10. Perpetual Bris
11. Coporeal
12. Crazy Woman Dirty Train


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Long known for favoring the EP format over the full-length, Toronto’s FUCKED UP makes its Jade Tree debut with the two-song seven inch. Although the six-minute title track appears on the group’s forthcoming long-player, Hidden World, this highly anticipated EP offers a completely different studio version. Decidedly more raw than its full-length counterpart, the version found here crackles, hisses, thunders and booms with all the chaos of the band’s legendary live shows-only listening to the seven inch, there’s no ink-stamp smear left on your hand later. With only two songs, FUCKED UP solidifies its reputation as "the second coming of punk" (thank you Maximum Rock ‘n Roll): a band very much doing its own thing, in spite of the underground’s many trends and pigeonholes. The comparatively shorter “Neat Parts” makes sure not to skimp, getting the job done quickly, and leaving listeners winded. Breaking the usual punk-song-time-limit barrier, Triumph of Life is an epic, multifarious track that roars through every expectation. Melodic, anthemic guitar lines and a driving rhythm section batter listeners alongside some of hardcore’s most ferocious and truly jarring vocals.

Track listing:
1. Triumph of Life
2. Neat Parts

Triumph of Life will be released on August 22nd, 2006. now for a chance to win a Triumph of Life test pressing. Pre-orders will ship on August 4th.


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Known mostly for his tenure performing as PEDRO THE LION, songwriter DAVID BAZAN recently retired the band moniker to continue making music under his own name. His debut EP finds the beloved Seattle songwriter [who was recently named #85 in Paste Magazine's Top 100 Living Songwriters] roaring back to his creative roots, performing and recording everything himself in his home studio, while still expanding his sonic canvas. His signature songwriting, voice, and melodies are framed in layered harmonies, multi-tracked guitars, analog keyboards, and intricate production he was never able to fully realize with PEDRO THE LION. The 10-song EP includes two different versions of five new Bazan songs. One version is stripped down acoustic and another version has full-instrumentation. Acclaimed graphic novelist, Zak Sally created new original artwork for the EP.

Fewer Moving Parts is hands-down Bazan’s finest work to date. In anticipation / celebration Bazan will take his act on the road. First hitting the east coast before heading west with recent Jade Tree signee, MICAH P. HINSON, in tow. As the year unfolds Bazan will huddle up in his Seattle studio to begin work on his full length, due tentatively to be released in 2007.

Fewer Moving Parts CD EP is available for pre-order from and Jade Tree will release the digital download on July 11th through digital music services including iTunes and eMusic.


1. Selling Advertising
2. How I Remember
3. Fewer Broken Pieces
4. Cold Beer and Cigarettes
5. Backwoods Nation
6. Selling Advertising (Acoustic version)
7. How I Remember (Acoustic version)
8. Fewer Broken Pieces (Acoustic version)
9. Cold Beer and Cigarettes (Acoustic version)
10. Backwoods Nation (Acoustic version)

For the latest tour dates, see the .