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The three members of YOUNG WIDOWS emerged from the dissolution of BREATHER RESIST with a new vision steeped in dark, brooding grooves and moody post-punk. From the reverb-drenched inspiration of Regulator Watts/Hoover to the bass and drums lock-groove perfected by Shellac and the Jesus Lizard, YOUNG WIDOWS gladly wears influences on its sleeve. The signature inventive guitar work of vocalist/guitarist Evan Patterson (Black Cross, The National Acrobat) is at its peak here, while the rhythm section of Nick Thieneman (also of Black Cross) and Geoff Paton lays down syrup-thick grooves, recalling Pacific Northwest heavyweights (think Melvins, Karp, even Nirvana), and British post-punk, ala Gang Of Four. Settle Down City (JT1119), their Jade Tree debut, contains 11 songs of hypnotic, heavy, noise-rock anthems and will be released September 12, 2006.

YOUNG WIDOWS will be making their live debut this Saturday, May 27th, at the Keswick Democratic Club in their hometown of Louisville, KY as part of the show series. Label mates PAINT IT BLACK will also be appearing, alongside noise-punks Pissed Jeans and locals Squarewell. The band will be hitting the road in July and August with Louisville brethren Coliseum and the two bands will be releasing a split 7” on their own Auxiliary Records label to coincide with the tour.

The first 100 customers will receive a free YOUNG WIDOWS poster hand screened by the band. Pre-orders will be shipped on August 25.

Vinyl will be available from

Track Listing:
1. Settle Down City
2. Almost Dead Beat
3. Glad He Ate Her
4. Small Talk
5. Formererer
6. Bruised Knees
7. Mirrorfucker
9. New Forest
10. The First Half
11. We Don’t Know


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Only a few weeks from the release of MICAH P. HINSON‘s The Baby and the Satellite CD EP on June 6, Micah is already on tour in the UK supporting Richard Hawley. The press has been embracing the gifted songwriter for sometime. Here are a few words our friends overseas have had about The Baby and the Satellite

Remarkable sketches of talent – NME
The full, rich intensity of a veteran – Uncut
Remarkable Beauty – Mojo
Up there with Bob Dylan – London Times

Micah begins garnering attention in the US press by gracing the cover of CMJ Weekly that streets May 29.


May 18, 2006 London England @ Shepherds Bush Empire
May 22, 2006 Southsea England @ The Wedgewood Rooms
May 23, 2006 Bristol England @ Fiddlers Club
May 24, 2006 Nottingham England @ Rescue Rooms
May 25, 2006 Liverpool England @ Liverpool Academy
May 28, 2006 Manchester England @ The Lowry – Quays Theatre
May 30, 2006 Birmingham England @ Glee Club
May 22, 2006 London England @ O2 Wireless Festival

Please consult the Micah P. Hinson for complete tour information.



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Jade Tree is pleased to announce the digital release of PEDRO THE LION‘s now out of print (JT1120). Recorded live in-studio while the band toured in support of , the now digital only features an assortment of PEDRO THE LION originals, in addition to three diverse covers. The EP, originally self-released in July of 2004 by the band, culls from the extensive PEDRO THE LION back catalog, featuring new arrangements of ‘Transcontinental,’ ‘I Am Always The One Who Calls,’ and ‘Slow and Steady Wins The Race,’ juxtaposed against unique cover ballads from Randy Newman, Cat Power and Radiohead. The end result captures the fundamental nature of PEDRO THE LION; averting conjecture over solemn swells of emotion, coaxing the angst from everyday life, but ultimately, never losing sight of a distant hope. The curtain may have been called on PEDRO THE LION as a full band earlier this year, but these songs are an erstwhile reminder of the expansive allure that once was PEDRO THE LION.

1. Transcontinental
2. I Am Always The One Who Calls
3. Slow and Steady Wins The Race
4. Political Science (Randy Newman)
5. Metal Heart (Cat Power)
6. Let Down (Radiohead)

The EP is now available through and . The EP will soon be availble through additional online outlets such as Yahoo, Virgin, FYE, and HMV.


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Jade Tree brings down the hammer today with Don’t Believe, the new album from punkers NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD. The band has been hiding in the weeds of their home sweet hellhole of Orlando, FL, just honing their modern melodic anthems and delivering pizza since 1999. Now they’re ready to turn their rage loose on the unsuspecting masses. The 14 songs on Don’t Believe blaze by in a fury of blue-collar triumph, creating a ferocious new sound that’s still firmly rooted in the school of their 80s hardcore heroes like Dag Nasty, Minor Threat and Black Flag.

The band is on the road right now with fellow Tree people LORDS so turn off your computer and soak up some stale air at the Southeast punk venue of your choice.

We know May might still seem like it’s quite a ways off, but you won’t have to wait until then to get a taste of NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD. The band will be hitting the road tomorrow and will be out and about in the South and on the East coast playing shows for the next few weeks with Western Addiction and None More Black.

Each will include a free poster and two New Mexican Disaster Squad buttons.


1. The Piggy Bank’s Gone, Nick!
3. Pulse
4. 9 Kinds Of Hell
5. I Don’t Believe
6. Coughing Up Blood
7. The Killing Machine
8. Cast No Shadows
9. Wasting Matches
10. Get The Bullet Out
11. Heads With You
12. Bullshit Detector
13. Destroy At All Cost
14. I’m Infected

Please consult the New Mexican Disaster Squad for current dates.


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After almost a decade apart, Newark, Delaware’s WALLEYE will be reuniting for one special night. On Friday, May 19 Walleye will take to the stage once again at the infamous East End Café in Newark, Delaware.

The band, whom in the intervening years had scattered all over the US, have all reconvened in their hometown and are excited to revisit the music that they made popular over various 7”s, compilation appearances and their one and only Jade Tree full-length, . It should be a good time, so come out and in the words of Walleye “Re-breathe the Stale Air for the first time all over again.”

Walleye Reunion 10PM, $5 w/ Necktie (featuring members of Sugar Daddie, All Else Failed and Bad Luck 13) and Hard Response. ()