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9th place Jade Tree United took on the 4th place Gunners at the Kirkwood complex late on Wednesday, February 15.

Jade Tree, who were fresh off of their first win of the season, were eager to further improve their standings when they met the Gunners for the first time this season.

The match began with the teams sussing each other out, and neither team was very impressive throughout the first ten minutes.

That would soon change as Gunners broke free of the JTU defenses and scored their first of the night.

It wasn’t long before Mike Hoffman powered up front, running the length of the pitch up the left side, breaking into the Gunner’s box, and firing off a shot to put Jade Tree on the board.

The Gunners worked hard at spreading JTU and were able to significantly alter the score by using this tactic to easily score three goals in a row.

After a handball call on the Gunners, Jade Tree was rewarded a penalty kick. Mike Hoffman took the kick and received his second of the night.

As the Gunners worked their long-ball game, securing two more goals along the way, Jade Tree struggled with their form, switching players in and out of position, and hoping to retain some semblance of form.

Alex Milne scored late in the half, as he put the ball up top-only to watch the Gunner’s ‘keeper fumble the save and send the ball tumbling into the net.

The second half began at a 6-3 and the Gunners were quick to capitalize on a weakened Jade Tree, scoring effortlessly within five minutes of the start.

Jade Tree was successful in bringing the ball forward, but the shots were not finding the net.

Clearly outplayed, Jade Tree pulled back to manage its defenses, but this only compounded the problem, as it did not allow for a serious attacking mentality.

The end could not come quick enough for Jade Tree, who were beaten 12-3 in their second to last match of the season.

The JTU players, who have recently complained about how they have been portrayed in the press, were eager to say their peace after the match. “I felt that we were outplayed by Gunners. No matter what we did, we were unable to make the passes that we need to.” said Mike Leyva. Al Agra, who has yet to score this season commented, “I know that we lost our shape early in the game, but without naming names, I know it wasn’t my fault.”

The tone became more ominous as the interviews continued. “If this team doesn’t ‘take it to the next level’, then there is a good chance that I will not be playing here next year” stated Mike Hoffman. “I’ve been contacted by both the Wanderers and Hooters FC. Those teams clearly know how to put plays together.”

Mike Reed seemed to echo this sentiment. “With my career going was well as it is, I need to be on a team where I get more scoring chances and playing time. I’m not able to get into a scoring mode here. Additionally, I’m tired of this league’s leniency towards player on player violence. The level of fouling is ridiculous. I thought that they called this the ‘beautiful game.’”

Manager Darren Walters doesn’t fear however, “The team has just suffered a serious defeat. They are not going to be thinking with clear heads. Especially with the way that the press has been writing about them.” Regarding his job security as Manager for JTU, Walters issued this statement “I’m going to be here year after year. For myself, the players-and most of all-the Jade Tree United supporters.


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MICAH P. HINSON’s first release for Jade Tree harkens back to a stripped-down, self-professed “lost” period for the critically acclaimed singer/songwriter. Hailing from Abilene, Texas, Hinson’s introductory EP, The Baby and The Satellite, animates the emptiness of backcountry roads and late-teenage displacement. Hinson’s distinct brand of country-noir is delivered over hushed vocals and subdued guitars, shaded by fragments of Dylan’s storytelling and Bill Callahan’s (Smog) ability to tap into the darker emotions of real life. The Baby and The Satellite is an endearing journey through Hinson’s fractured past, searching for signs of hope in the somber halls of a downtrodden Middle America.

Each will include a free Micah P. Hinson poster.


1. The Dreams You Left Behind
2. Wasted Away
4. Or Just Rearrange
5. For Your Eyes
6. The Last Charge of Lt. Paul
7. The Day The Volume Won
8. The Dreams You Left Behind (Reprise)
9. The Baby and the Satellite

Please consult the Micah P. Hinson for current dates.


Soccer fans around Delaware were treated to another round of the popular Wilmington derby as Jade Tree United met archrivals FIST for the second time this season Saturday, February 11 at the Ab Jones Complex.

Tension ran high as the teams took to the pitch and the battle for bragging rights began in earnest. Both teams started the game with a measure of hesitation, but the JTU fans in attendance chanted in unison and spurred their team forward. That was all that it took, as Mike Hoffman heard the fans and responded by scoring within three minutes of the start with a powerful shot that left the FIST goalie grabbing at air.

Pumped up, Jade Tree powered forward again and again with the best possession that they have shown all season. Within ten minutes, Tim Owen was fed the ball by Mike Leyva and pounded the ball into the FIST net.

FIST had enough and responded with two goals in succession before ‘keeper Jim Brooks refocused and kept FIST from securing any more goals in the first half.

JTU played smart soccer, working on passing and setting up players as they surged forward. The team kept shooting at the FIST net, but were without reward until just before halftime when JTU’s Alex Milne received the ball in front of the FIST net, spun around, and drove the ball home, leaving the score at 3-2 as the teams retired to their benches.

Inspired by this lead, it was evident that Jade Tree United smelled blood, and they took to the pitch for the second half clearly determined to get their first win of the season.

Jade Tree pushed every player forward, punishing the FIST defense by taking almost continuous shots on the FIST net for ten minutes straight.

Mike Hoffman once again sensed his chance and took a punishing shot that hit on target, clearly frustrating the FIST ‘keeper as he dove for the save. FIST had barley recovered when Darren Walters came up the left wing and received a pass from Victor Alvarez, converting it into his first goal in three games.

Alfredo Agra, moving up from his defensive position, brought the ball to mid-field before taking a hell of a shot on goal that Alex Milne picked up from the far right post and poked through the FIST ‘keepers legs, bringing the score to 6-2.

Keeping up their pace, Jade Tree kept the ball moving forward without pause. Tim Owen got his second goal of the night as he received a well-fed ball from Darren Walters just outside the box.

FIST was clearly worn thin as the game continued, but deep into the second half they broke through the JTU defense and scored, making it 7-3. Knowing a win was well within their reach, the JTU team simply refused to give FIST a break as the clock ran down to the final five minutes.

Victor Alvarez, who was involved in a scramble at the foot of the FIST goal, recovered his own rebounded shot quickly and knocked the ball in to secure Jade Tree a hefty five-point lead.

And as if to merely top things off for Jade Tree United for the night, Alex Milne received a hat trick for this hard work, after he ended the game with a final shot on the FIST net that brought Jade Tree United its first victory of the season with a final score of 9-3.