Jade Tree is proud to welcome the addition of the gifted MICAH P. HINSON to the label. In the next few months, Jade Tree will begin its association with Micah by releasing the EP, The Baby and the Satellite, for the first time in the US.

Following closely in succession will be the release of an entirely new full-length album in late 2006. In addition, Jade Tree plans to give MICAH P. HINSON’s debut album, Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress a proper US re-release in early 2007.

Micah Paul Hinson has gone from being a skate kid down on his luck, stuck in the middle of nowhere (Abilene, Texas to be exact), to releasing one of the finest and most critically acclaimed debut albums in the UK, Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress (which made numerous “Best of 2004” polls including Uncut, The Independent and Time Out) and garnering such stunning reviews as:

• Truly, a gospel of redemption to believe in‚ 4/5 Uncut
• An astonishing debut of country noir‚ 9/10 NME
• Remarkable beauty‚ 4/5 Mojo
• Up there with Bob Dylan‚ 5/5 London Times

Before Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress came The Baby and the Satellite. An eight song recording that predates the Gospel of Progress album in terms of songwriting, The Baby and the Satellite was actually the recording Micah made during his much documented “lost” period, with his then muse (or the “Black Widow” as he now refers to her).

As Micah remembers, “I was about 18 or 19. These songs, over the course of a few months, were written and recorded on a broken 4-track in a small, rundown old farm store-turned-home, out on a small two-lane dirt road called Farm Road 620.”

“I was living out there in the country with the “Black Widow” and there wasn’t enough money to live a normal life, so the days held only cheap booze, cigarettes and recording.”

Micah then took these recordings to his friends Brandon Carr and JM Lapham (who would later form The Earlies) and “using slightly better equipment and a bit more intention to do something well”, The Baby and the Satellite was born.

No sooner had the Baby been born then it was forgotten, until during the recording of the Gospel of Progress album when a plan was hatched to re-record the Baby using Brandon and JM (of The Earlies). It seemed like an easy task, however it took almost two years, two countries, countless tours and the recording technique of “recording when and wherever possible to finish the record.”

This album is a much more stripped down, less produced affair than the Gospel of Progress album, relying more heavily on Micah’s beautiful cracked voice and songwriting that belies his mere 24 years. Tracks 1 to 8 are the new, re-recorded versions, while track 9 is the original 2001 recording of The Baby and the Satellite. This eight-song recording should be viewed more like a road map that has led Micah to where he is today, and less like a follow up to the Gospel of Progress.

In terms of other upcoming news for 2006, it looks set to become another fine year for MICAH P. HINSON. He will continue to tour in the UK and Europe, and plans to focus on the States immediately following the release of The Baby and the Satellite.

Within his hectic schedule, Micah, has already demo-ed a new album proper‚ which he is currently in the process of recording. More details as they become available.



Fielding a strong and rested team, Jade Tree United was fit and ready for their match against Christiana FC on Thursday, January 19.

With a late start time of 10:15PM keeping both teams up well past their bed times, the match started rather dully with both teams sluggish to start.

As the pace quickened, CFC brought the ball forward with a variety of plays. Within the first five minutes, CFC got on the board with a deadly and direct shot on JTU’s goal.

JTU then forced its way forward, attempting to keep possession and drive towards the Christiana net. Unfortunately, a series of passing miscues kept the ball at the feet of CFC and the team was able to push through the Jade Tree defenses, taking chance after chance at the net, though without any luck.

The score stood at 0-1 for most of the first half, until the final few minutes when CFC shocked JTU with a series of well put together plays that eventually put them up 0-5.

Reinvigorated, Jade Tree took to the second half with greater heart and intensity. The team began working its way up field and visibly communicating to each other. As the play continued to develop into something more cohesive and threatening, this created opportunities for Jade Tree’s Mike Hoffman, Mike Reed, Tim Owen, Casey Gallucio, Victor Alvarez and several other players to make attempts on goal individually or in pairs.

Christiana responded to JTU’s play by becoming more aggressive, resulting in several direct kicks for Jade Tree in a short span of minutes. However, Jade Tree could not convert these chances into goals.

Midway through, JTU ‘keeper Brian Olden sustained a foot injury while making a save. Jim Brooks, who was on the field in a defensive role, then substituted Olden for the remainder of the game.

Eventually, CFC was penalized after a player violently hurled himself at JTU’s Mike Reed, who folded to the ground. Luckily, Reed was dazed but OK and the referee had no choice but to send the offending Christiana player off the pitch.

As the match marched towards its finish, CFC and JTU continued to push each other, but it was Christiana who continued to get the better of Jade Tree and the match ended with the dismal loss of Jade Tree United 0-8 to Christina FC.


The ball is really starting to roll for ESTER DRANG with the January 24th release of their stunning new album, (JT1106), just five days away. SPIN.com has chosen Ester Drang as their Band of the Day today. Go to SPIN.com to check them out and while you’re there be sure to vote for the band and leave a comment, too. If we all put our mouse-clicking fingers together, Ester Drang just might wind up Band of the Month or even Band of the Year!

The hits don’t stop with Spin, though. Check out this amazing review of Rocinate in this month’s HM:

As soon as the album’s out, the Drang will begin touring like crazy, starting with the West coast and then heading for the rest of the country in March. To kick the whole thing off they’ll play a free in-store performance at Easy Street Records in Seattle:

Saturday, January 21, 2006 @ 6 PM

20 Mercer St
Seattle, WA

Check the for information on all of Ester Drang’s upcoming shows.


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On April 11th, Jade Tree proudly presents a brand new look at the formative years of Richmond, VA punk-rock legends AVAIL with the reissue of three classic albums.

Dixie is the rallying cry that defined AVAIL’s unique sound: emotive tales of the struggle of everyday Southern life backed by unfathomably huge hooks and an unbridled rage. The album’s 12 original tracks have now been beefed up by the addition of 11 bonus tracks compiled from the Attempt to Regress 7” and the 10" Live at the Kingshead Inn.

The collection of sing-a-long anthems on 4AM Friday ultimately anointed AVAIL kings of the Southern punk underground. The CD now features the 1997 album Live at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, a smoldering live set that’s testament to the unforgettable, high-octane shows that have become the band’s hallmark.

Lastly, on 1998’s Over the James, with a more mature take on songwriting, Tim Barry’s most personal lyrics to date and a thunderously pristine recording, AVAIL makes the most ferocious and vital statement of their career. The release is bolstered by bonus tracks including the Fall of Richmond split with (Young) Pioneers and the band’s covers of Elvis, Billy Joel and Embrace.

All three albums have been remastered and feature new artwork, over 100 photographs and flyers and new liner notes.

all three CDs and get a poster and an exclusive t-shirt free! (Pre-order only)

Got enough shirts? Buy all three CDs for a .


2. Clone
3. Tuning
4. Song
5. Sidewalk
6. 25 Years
7. Virus
8. Beliefs Pile
9. Treading On Heels
10. Model
11. South Bound 95
12. Pink Houses
13. Connection
14. Mr. Morgan
15. Sidewalk (Live)
16. Stride (Live)
17. Song (Live)
18. Observations (Live)
19. Predictable (Live)
20. Forgotten (Live)
21. Pinned Up (Live)
22. Kiss Off (Live)
23. Connection (Live)


1. Simple Song
2. Order
3. Tuesday
4. 92
5. McCarthy
6. (Ben)
7. Monroe Park
8. Armchair
10. Blue Ridge
11. Swing Low
12. F.C.A
13. Hang
14. Governor
15. Nameless
16. South Bound 95 (Live)
17. Stride (Live)
18. Order (Live)
19. Tuning (Live)
20. Fix (Live)
21. F.C.A (Live)
22. Pinned Up (Live)
23. Nickel Bridge (Live)
24. Simple Song (Live)
25. Clone (Live)
26. Nameless (Live)
27. Scuffle Town (Live)
28. Blue Ridge (Live)
29. Virus (Live)
30. Model (Live)


1. Deepwood
2. New #2
3. August
4. Fall Apart
5. Nickel Bridge
7. Sanctuary 13
8. S.R.O.
9. Midtown West
10. Lombardy St.
11. Vine
12. Cross Tie
13. Ask
14. Fifth Wheel
15. Lombardy St.
16. You May Be Right
17. Suspicious Minds
18. Said Gun


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Louisville’s punk powerhouse LORDS are gearing up for their first ever European tour. The boys will be strutting some serious Hessian Aggression along with fellow Kentuckians as they begin their trek across the globe on February 10th.


2/16 Leverkusen (D), TBA
2/17 Esslingen (D), Komma
2/18 Braunschweig (D), Nexus
2/19 Ham (B), Fest @ De Zille
2/20 Hamburg (D), Hafenklang
2/21 Aalborg (DK), 1000 Fryd
2/22 Gothenburg (S), TBA
2/23 Västeras (S), Växthuset
2/24 Örebro (S), TBA
2/25 Stockholm (S), Fritz Corner @ Debaser
2/26 Lund (S), TBA
2/27 Berlin, Wild At Heart
2/28 Wien (A), Arena
3/01 Nürnberg, K4
3/02 München, Kafe Kult
3/03 Prag (CZ), Klub 007
3/04 Esch (LUX), Out Of The Crowd-Fest @ Kulturfabrik
3/05 London (GB), Underworld (all ages, 4 pm)
3/05 London (GB), Underworld (18+, 8 pm)
3/06 Bristol (GB), The Croft
3/07 Leeds (GB), Joseph’s Well
3/08 Nottingham (GB), TBA
3/09 Manchester (GB), Satans Hollow
3/10 Cean,(F), Bar La Place
3/11 Paris (F), Café De La Plage
3/12 Bordeaux (F), Heretic
3/13 Toulouse (F), TBA
3/14 Lyon (F), TBA
3/15 Genava (CH), Le Kab
3/16 Milano (I), Leoncavello
3/17 Bolzano (I), Schiarada
3/18 TBA
3/19 Amsterdam (NL), Reflections Fest @ Bitterzoet
*All dates subject to change

For additional information please visit

Drop by the for additional details and updates