Holy Toledo. We here at Jade Tree have seen the future… of Jade Tree. We’re so damn pumped about it, that we just couldn’t wait any longer to spread the word about the insanity that awaits you in 2006.

We’re going to start the year off proper in January with the stunning new full length from ESTER DRANG, Rocinate (JT1106), and while you’re still wondering, “Wha’ happen’?” we’re going to sneak attack you with the long-awaited DVD from KID DYNAMITE, Four Years In One Gulp (JT1108). This 90-minute documentary will take you into the fire and straight to the heart of the history of quite possibly the greatest hardcore punk band from Philadelphia ever.

Had enough? Didn’t think so. Brace yourself, as we’ll not only be bringing you a double-disc release of killer early and rare material from LIFETIME in the form of Somewhere In The Swamps Of Jersey (JT1100), but we’re also going to drop the bomb on you by reissuing three classic AVAIL albums, Dixie (JT1109), 4AM Friday (JT1110) and Over The James (JT1111)!

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re proud to announce that we’ve signed southern punks and will be releasing the band’s new full-length in 2006. NMDS will also be playing this weekend along with PAINT IT BLACK, THE LOVED ONES and a whole load of other antiestablishment luminaries.

Caught your breath yet? Good, because this is seriously just the beginning. Keep watching this space for announcements of even more new band signings and killer releases. 2006, give us any chance we’ll take it. Give us any rule we’ll break it. We’re going to make our dreams come true, doing it our way.


Jade Tree United soccer team begins its 2005/2006 season on Sunday, November 27 with a bye week. The team’s first match, as well as the entire season, will be announced within the next week.

The JTU team has undergone some dramatic changes in the off-season, with Manager Darren Walters acquiring some serious new talent. Mostly culled from members of the Stonecutters team, JTU has picked up a trio of Mikes: Mexican International Mike Leyva, youthful talent and Golden Boot winner Mike Reed, and defensive monster Michael Hoffman. JTU has also added Celtic warrior Alex Milne and a new ‘keep in Bad Ass Brian (last name withheld for security reasons) in order to keep the ball out of the net.

In addition to these new players, many JTU faves have returned: Cuban All-Stars Victor Alvarez and Alfredo Agra, Myspace.com celebrity and Jade Tree co-Owner Tim Owen (who spent most of last season on the injury list), Under 21 US Internationals Ryan Mann and Andrew Agra, Modell’s over 35 Team Spirit award winner Casey Gallucio, and Player/Manager Darren Walters.

The Orange fire has just barely begun to glow, so get in the spirit and get stoked!


The band had such a blast when reuniting in August that they apparently can’t contain themselves. LIFETIME are taking the wagons west in late January with a string of shows in the great state of California. Information on doors times and advance tickets sales are forthcoming.

Please check the Lifetime for full details.

R.I.P. FROM ASHES RISE [1997-2005]

We here at Jade Tree hate to be the bearers of bad news, but, sadly, FROM ASHES RISE has broken up. The thrash lords of Portland via Nashville had a good run lasting nearly eight years and left behind a legacy of great records, including our personal favorite, Nightmares (JT1088). The band made a brief statement regarding the split earlier today:

“It was a great ride for many years but all things pass [and] so do punk bands. So to all of you, know that the money you spent, the time and effort on this band was the drive and will for us to continue for many years and for that we give thanks.

From Ashes Rise played all over and met some of the world’s best people and did some crazy ass shit along the way. You never realize that when you’re doing it that it will ever end. But, we all wanted a change and are still doing bands and playing punk rock… As long as people listen to our records, keep memories and want or were part of our long walk on a short pier, then so be it. So now go start your own band!”

So raise your fist, drop the needle on the LP and remember a great band today.