With PAINT IT BLACK planning mid-summer dates with THE LOVED ONES and NONE MORE BLACK, the timing has finally been right for one of the most anticipated traveling reunions of the century: KID DYNAMITE.

That’s right, after a few reunions and a long lay off, KID DYNAMITE will be taking advantage of having all of its members on the same tour by playing a brief set of 5-8 songs each night. The band will rotate the set each night, culling songs from each of their three albums and treating fans outside of the Philadelphia area to their first taste of KID DYNAMITE in years.

KID DYNAMITE will play immediately before PAINT IT BLACK hits the stage-just about as KID DYNAMITE / PAINT IT BLACK / NONE MORE BLACK drummer David Wagenschutz keels over from exhaustion!

It all kicks off with two shows on July 4th at the Philly Independence Day Celebration, which is being held at the lovely First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia.

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