Ahh it’s that time of year again: The cold frost of winter begins to melt away, birds greet the morning with their glorious song, and the smell of fresh flowers is err…completely overshadowed by the stank of some touring band’s van parked in your driveway. Yes after SXSW everyone hits the road and Jade Tree has upward of 8 bands sweating the country and beyond over the next few months. STRIKE ANYWHERE hit Japan and Australia, THE LOVED ONES and THE EXPLOSION will be sharing the stage for much of May, BREATHER RESIST are headed out with noise-monkeys Melt Banana, PAINT IT BLACK will be slaying the West Coast with FROM ASHES RISE before getting all European, and THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES will be joining Underoath for what promises to be one of the bigger tours of the year. Hot damn. Get out your flip-flops and soak it up kids, Spring has arrived!

Please consult the for current dates.


Oh what a week it was last week! Jade Tree conquered this year’s annual SXSW in Austin, TX with tons of partying, hijinx, and rocking and rolling sets by the cream of the JT crop.

Night one, which featured STATISTICS, ESTER DRANG, and PEDRO THE LION, was held in conjunction with , and was the perfect show to start off the JT SXSW experience. It proved that you don’t have to be loud and heavy to knock people’s socks off.

Night two was a partnership with , which saw THE LOVED ONES, BREATHER RESIST, FROM ASHES RISE, and THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES blowing attendees freaking minds with aurally numbing sets.

Overall, JT bands had a presence throughout, with bands like PEDRO, STATS, and TAAS playing more than once and making the most of their 15 hour plus drives and other assorted band members drunkenly stumbling from one show or BBQ to another. You get the ideas-lots of beer, lots of fun, lots of .


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Who likes the Internet? Well we sure do. So in celebration of all things digital we will be releasing DESPISTADO’S The People Of And Their Verses (JT1099) on the information super highway this April 5th. But in an attempt to shake the very foundation of all things safe and narrow, the band’s farewell record is going to be available exclusively through the good people at on Tuesday March 29th.This is a week ahead of the actual release date. For that week, Downloadpunk.com will be the only place to get the songs.


2. The Memory Of This History
3. Victim
4. If Relationships A Construct, Then I‘m A Construction Worker
5. The People Of And Their Verses
6. Plants
7. Magnetic Streetlights
8. This Neighbourhood
9. Test Tube
10. Broken
11. Who Do You Choose
12. My Definition Of A Tragedy


It’s the final warning before the BBQ explosion of SXSW hits. All this week the entire staff (minus one flu ridden office manager) and most of our roster will be getting all kinds of surly in and around Austin, TX.

We’ve got showcases galore.

Firstly we’re getting up with the peeps at Touch & Go for a killer show at Red Eyed Fly. A little PEDRO THE LION, maybe garnished with some ESTER DRANG hot sauce and dab of STATISTICS to offer up a delicious evening of indie-rock.

Maybe you like you dishes a little rougher around the edges; well the following day we hook up with Fat Wreck at Emo’s Annex for some sloshed up mayhem via THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES coupled with blistering sets from BREATHER RESIST, FROM ASHES RISE, and THE LOVED ONES.

Feel it!

March 18 2004
Jade Tree/Touch & Go SXSW Showcase

Doors @ 7 pm

Pedro the Lion 1:00 am
Enon 12:00 pm
Supersystem (formerly El Guapo) 11:00 pm
Ester Drang 10:00 pm
Statistics 9:00 pm
Sally Timms 8:00

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March 19, 2005
Jade Tree/Fat SXSW Showcase

Doors @ 7 pm

Against Me! 1:00 am
These Arms Are Snakes 12:00 am
From Ashes Rise 11:00 pm
Smoke or Fire 10:00 pm
Breather Resist 9:00 pm
The Loved Ones 8:00 pm

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Richmond Virginia’s STRIKE ANYWHERE have been very busy since the January release of To Live In Discontent. Interviews have appeared in countless magazine including huge career retrospectives in both Left Of The Dial and Punk Planet. To that same end the band will be interviewed by Steven Smith, host of "Steven’s Untitled Rock Show" on this coming Monday March 14. Their latest video "Infrared" will also be played as well as some Jade Tree cult classics ala The Promise Ring. The show will air at 4 pm & 9 pm EST (1 pm & 6 pm PST).


Please consult the Strike Anywhere for current dates.