PAINT IT BLACK & THE LOVED ONES, who are both releasing hot new joints this coming February and March, plan on giving everyone a sneak peak via their respective My Space pages. As the month unfolds both bands will be streaming a different track from their record, one song each week, beginning this Friday.

Be sure to stop by, check it out, add comments, and get pumped!

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While the weather around the country is getting colder, our man Rjyan Kidwell aka CEX is looking to heat things up a bit. Beginning today Kidwell along with Polyvinyl’s adorable and the rumored to be side project of MILEMARKER’S Roby Newton, Weather; will be getting all steamy across the country for a full month.

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Home against Valley Strikers on Sunday evening, Jade Tree United narrowly avoided a win with a 2-3 loss against the green giants from Wilmington.

Playing with substitute goalie Paul Bryant, the team’s spirit was significantly buoyed by a win earlier in the day by the Philadelphia Eagles, copious amounts of alcohol, and the return of several players from the annual Mordam convention in Las Vegas.

Fueled with this spirit, JTU came into the game focused and undeniably more energetic than they had been in their last three games.

While possession was mostly Valley Strikers for a good portion of the first half, the Jade Tree defense aptly dealt with any breakthroughs and shots.

Meanwhile, the Jade Tree offense was able to take a few shots on goal that ultimately amounted to nothing. The first half would end with at 0-0.

Heading into the second half, JTU was even more aggressive, throwing more players forward and taking more chances up front. Five minutes into the half, Darren Walters (#16) caught a rebound and deftly ducked the ball into the lower left of the goal, giving Jade Tree the lead.

That lead lasted but 2 minutes, as the Strikers grabbed the ball and made a shot on goal that put the score at 1-1.

With the score now tied, Jade Tree refused to give up and continued to become even more forceful with the ball, setting up better plays and eventually bringing the score to 2-1 through a Striker’s defensive bumble that Victor Alavrez (#13) nipped and turned into a goal.

The game pace continued at a frenzied face, but despite JTU moving the ball forward at every chance, the Strikers were able to find themselves two more goals as the game ticked down into the final minutes. All the while Jade Tree refused to give up and gave what looked to be their most impressive showing of the season thus far.

The team has almost two weeks off, before returning for their back-to-back games the last weekend of January.


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We are sad to announce that our favorite prairie darlings have decided to call it quits, the Canadian lads that make up DESPISTADO have opted to move on. The band, whom signed to Jade Tree late last year, quickly reissued their stellar The Emergency Response CDEP (JT1096) to rave reviews and spent much of this past Fall on the road, touring with the Weakerthans and then again as part of the Radio Takeover tour. They leave with their legacy an astonishing full length entitled, The People Of And Their Verses (JT1099), which we will release digitally April 5th. The twelve new tracks reveal a band in top form; filled to the brim with gritty yelps, trebly guitars, and a stabbing rhythm section, it is in many ways the best farewell they could have offered – we wish the various members much luck and success in all their endeavors.


2. The Memory Of This History
3. Victim
4. If Relationships A Construct, Then I‘m A Construction Worker
5. The People Of And Their Verses
6. Plants
7. Magnetic Streetlights
8. This Neighbourhood
9. Test Tube
10. Broken
11. Who Do You Choose
12. My Definition Of A Tragedy


Jade Tree United was away against FMC at the Kirkwood Indoor Soccer club Tuesday night, in a match that extended their season long losing streak to 6 games in a row, as the team lost the match 10-2.

Jade Tree, who has yet to win a game this season, is perched at the bottom of the league table. FMC looked like a team that JTU should have beaten, but it was not to be,

The trouble began early in the first half when Tim Owen (#9) was injured in a clash that had him hobbling off the field with a sprained ankle. Already a man down five minutes into the match, Jade Tree became more defensive and only allowed one goal in the first 15 minutes of the game. However, this strategy led to a lack of offense, which allowed FMC to take the aggressive lead and add three more points to the board as the game headed towards half time.

However, JTU saw their chance just as the team was about to finish the half, and Andrew Agra (#12), the team’s youngest active player at 17, was able to score a spirit -lifting goal for the team.

The second half was a much slower affair, with both teams clearly winded and looking to run less and make more of effective passes.

While Tam Bui (#2) and back-up goalie Paul Bryant (#7) kept up the pace on offense, JTU began to dismantle a bit in the back, allowing FMC the ability to score 3 goals in a row. It took Alex Rudzinski (#4), who stepped up and blasted the ball into FMC’s net, to break FMC’s streak of goals and give Jade Tree yet another boost in the final minutes of the match.

The team left the pitch visibly wounded by their loss and by the injury of Tim Owen.

Jade Tree United’s next game takes place on Sunday, January 16 at home against Valley Strikers.