We here at Jade Tree adore the Internet. What’s not to love? It affords us the ability to shop from the comfort of our office cubicles while still looking busy, it allows us to talk with thousands of people without ever lifting up the tedious telephone receiver, and most importantly it provides for the free flowing exchange of uncensored ideas popping up on various message boards daily, right?

Well maybe, with the advent of hi-speed internet and better audio compression we are entering an online renaissance, spearheaded by the open-ended folks at Myspace and forward thinking music-junkies who run Pure Volume. Seems like both companies have taken some half-baked ideas of yesterday’s World Wide Web and given them new legs. Not to be left behind in any communal dirt we’re proud to announce that the entire active stable of Jade Tree bands have recently started their own Pure Volume accounts each one armed with at least one downloadable song and two streaming. If you’ve been dieing to hear more unreleased tracks from both THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES and BREATHER RESIST there could be no better time. While your at it check out our Myspace account or add us to yours, write some gossipy testimonial about your favorite Jade Tree show. Could eLife get any better?