have announced the track listing for the newest installment in the Take Action! series. This year’s compilation features unreleased, rare, and album tracks from DESPISTADO, PEDRO THE LION, Taking Back Sunday, Coheed and Cambria, Against Me!, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and more.

The Take Action! serves as an extension of the Sub City concept of raising funds and awareness for non-profit organizations through music. Once again, the artists on the comp are teaming up to support and raise funds for The National Hopeline Network (, a suicide prevention and crisis hotline network. This year proceeds will go to benefit a new feature of the Hopeline, The National Youthline Network 1-877-YOUTHLINE (968-8454) which offers a special peer-to-peer line. Over the past four years, the Take Action! tour and CD compilations have raised over $150,000.00 for this cause.

Take Action! vol. 4 will hit the streets on October 5, 2004.


Disc One
1. PSA by Andrew W.K.
2. NOFX – Concerns of a GOP Neo-Phyte (Wrong Version)
3. Squad Five-0 – Lay it Down
4. The Break – The Wolves Are At The Front Door
5. The Kicks – Radar
6. Against Me! – You Look Like I Need A Drink
7. Murder By Death – Canyon Inn, Room 16
8. Boys Night Out – I Got Punched In The Nose For…
9. Ever We Fall – Three Wires In
10. Hawthorne Heights – Ohio is for Lovers
11. Fear Before the March of Flames – Consequences David, You’ll Meet…
12. Underoath – Reinventing Your Exit
13. Haste – Stutter
14. Shadows Fall – The Power Of I And I
15. Mastodon – March of the Fire Ants
16. Terror – Keep Your Mouth Shut
17. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Panasonic Youth
18. New Mexican Disaster Squad – You’re Incorrect
19. A Wilhelm Scream – Famous Friends And Fashion Drunks
20. V.P.R. – Our Day In the Sun
21. The Briggs – All On Me
22. Go Betty Go – C’mon

Disc Two
1. Coheed and Cambria – The Crowing
2. Taking Back Sunday – Bonus Mosh Pt. II
3. Rufio – Don’t Hate Me
4. Brandtson – Little Birds and Sparrows
5. Roses are Red – White and Gold
6. The Early November – Ever So Sweet
7. Mae – Embers and Envelopes
8. Hidden In Plain View – Bleed For You
9. Brazil – And So It Goes
10. Kaddisfly – Midnight in Shanghai
11. Ted Leo/The Pharmacists – Six Months In A Leaky Boat
12. Pedro the Lion – Discretion
13. Now It’s Overheard – Wait In A Line
14. Melee – The War
15. ROY – Wipe that Brow
16. Detachment Kit – The Race
17. Despistado – A Stirsticks Prediction
18. The Lot Six – Autobrats
19. Communique – Perfect Weapon


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While we all know STRIKE ANYWHERE guitarist Matt Sherwood is a good looking young man, we would never have guessed that he would one day be hand selected by tennis superstar Anna Kournikova as the Nation’s most "Completely Irresistible Face."

Sherwood, fresh off a tour in support of this years compelling rock masterpiece, Exit English (JT1087), was entered on a lark into the competition by his girlfriend Aran. Little did she know that out of an amazing 1,200 applicants Sherwood would be selected to win the grand prize worth a total of $25,000.

Kournikova presented Sherwood with a complete electronics prize package, including an HDTV plasma display, surround-sound system, integrated DVD recorder and digital video camera. In addition, Sherwood will fly to a photo shoot later this year for the chance to appear in an upcoming Gillette Complete Skincare television commercial."It was a thrill to kick off the search in New York and to surprise the winner," said Kournikova. "Matthew is truly irresistible-looking and it was fun to tell him so!" Sherwood was chosen by Gillette’s panel of judges based on two criteria – the overall healthy appearance of his skin and his overall appeal. "I didn’t realize Aran had entered me until I received a call saying that I was a finalist," said Sherwood. "I never thought of myself as irresistible – so this is pretty cool!" As for Sherwood’s take on the surprise visit by Kournikova, he said, "Opening the door to see Anna was unbelievable enough…. and then, I found out that I won, which made the whole experience even more incredible. This has been amazing."


How about 21 more? Beginning today at noon the boys in PEDRO THE LION will be offering 21 live mp3 downloads via their . Seven new downloads will be offered each week for the next three weeks from the band’s recent performance in Omaha, NE. Simply login to the download page with your Achilles Heel username and password (found in the thank you section of the liner notes) to get the free downloads. Come back each week to get the whole show. The initial 39 tracks offered during the most recent coast-to-coast tour with John Vanderslice garnered an amazing 150,000 downloads in 40 days.

More tour dates are in the works for November and December, but in the meantime stop by the band’s site and check out this amazing performance with a set list that spans the entire PEDRO THE LION catalog.


Louisville, Kentucky’s BREATHER RESIST’S destructive debut full length, Charmer (JT1098) is now available for . Produced by Kurt Ballou (Isis, Cave In, Give Up the Ghost, Converge) Charmer is equally full of dynamic, challenging instrumentation, as it is full-throttle intensity. Stretching past any genre limitations, BREATHER RESIST continues to reach for the dizzying heights of sonic possibility, while pummeling the eardrums of its ever-expanding and loyal fan base with every vicious riff, soul-cleansing growl, and elaborate, drop-of-a-dime time signature change. The band, made up of current Black Cross and one time National Acrobat member Evan Patterson on guitar, along with bassist Nick Thieneman, drummer Geoff Paton, and vocalist Steve Sindoni, deliver an explosive and volatile vision – scathing, brutal, and biting BREATHER RESIST are simply too explosive to ignore.

Vinyl will be available from

Track Listing

1. An Insomniac’s Complexion
2. MP3
3. Midas In Reverse
4. Honest To God
5. As Far As Goodbyes Go
6. Keep ’Em In Stitches
7. Long Nights, Short Fuses
8. Loose Lipped Error
9. A Passing Glance
10. Amphetamine Praise
11. Astigmatism


Denver Dalley’s STATISTICS are gearing up for another bout across the states in support of Leave Your Name LP/CD (JT1091). The band will hook up with for most of August, beginning in Philadelphia and working their way across the East and through the Mid-West, before landing in Salt Lake City.

More dates are in the works, but in the meantime be sure to get out and support as these shows promise to be amazing.