Jade Tree artists Denali and Strike Anywhere have joined forces with a slew of diverse and discordant peers including Social Distortion, NOFX, Ataris, Anti-Flag, New Found Glory, Alkaline Trio, and The Descendents to help Fat Wreck spread the word on President Bush’s long and deceitful record with the American public. The Rock Against Bush comp consists of 26 songs, most of which are unreleased and exclusive, but it’s not enough to simply release a collection of protest songs, so Fat decided that it would be effective to include some content that was more substantial and enlightening to the hundreds of thousands that will own the compilation. The Rock Against Bush comp will be accompanied by a bonus DVD that is packed with informative material and music videos from bands like Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, NOFX, and our own Strike Anywhere. There also will be political content such as trailers from political films, TV spots, and a piece from comedian and Grammy nominee David Cross.

Rock Against Bush Track Listing

"Nothing To Do When You’re Locked Away In A Vacancy," None More Black
"Moron," Sum 41
"Warbrain," Alkaline Trio
"Need More Time," Epoxies
"The School Of Assassins," Anti-Flag
"Sink, Florida, Sink (Electric)," Against Me!
"Baghdad," The Offspring
"Lion And The Lamb," The Get Up Kids
"Give It All," Rise Against
"No W," Ministry
"Sad State Of Affairs," Descendents
"Revolution," Authority Zero
"Paranoia! Cha-Cha-Cha," The Soviettes
"That’s Progress," Jello Biafra with D.O.A.
"Overcome (The Recapitulation)," RX Bandits
"No Voice Of Mine," Strung Out
"To The World," Strike Anywhere
"Heaven Is Falling," The Ataris
"God Save The USA," Pennywise
"Normal Days," Denali
"The Expatriate Act," The World/Inferno Friendship Soc.
"No News Is Good News," New Found Glory
"Basket Of Snakes," The Frisk
"Jaw, Knee, Music," NoFX
"It’s The Law," Social Distortion
"The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out," Less Than Jake f/ Billy Bragg


We would like to take this opportunity to announce the addition of Louisville, Kentucky’s vicious and unrelenting BREATHER RESIST to our ever-growing roster. After releasing a handful of picture disks with and dropping the startling ONLY IN THE MORNING EP on , BREATHER RESIST set out across the country touring with the likes of Converge, Ed Gein, Burnt By the Sun and Cursed before signing on with us for a fall full-length. We couldn’t be more excited as the band not only have a killer , but almost more importantly they are an absolute force to reckon with live, taking sonic cues from New Jersey’s ever-visceral Deadguy, mid-western nihilists Jesus Lizard and Swedish hardcore-futurists Refused. Converge’s Kurt Ballou (Isis, Cave In, Give Up the Ghost) is slated to produce and we will keep you posted as the band are heading into a Louisville studio this summer.

In the meantime, beginning May 5th BREATHER RESIST will be joining forces with the rest of the Jade Tree punk roster for the Punkvoter/Jade Tree United tour, which, by the way, kicks off this Friday in Philadelphia at The First Unitarian Church – so come out and see what we’ve been ranting about or maybe you’d rather sit at home, listening to your Story of the Year CD and counting your Yellowcard MP3’s, well it’s your choice I guess….

Please consult the Breather Resist for current dates.


After two records and countless hours on the road, Richmond Virginia’s DENALI have decided to move on. The band will not be playing their scheduled dates on the Plea For Peace tour and have headed home after finishing their recent tour with Brand New. While we are very sad to hear this, we do want to wish both Cam and Maura the best of luck in their future endeavors. Above all else DENALI were an incredible live band and after seeing them recently, with new members Stephen Howard and Ryan Rapsys, at both SXSW and Skate and Surf we will have fond memories of their electrifying stage show as well as the last few years working together.

An official statement from the band:

Hey everyone.

We would like to start this by thanking all the fans who have supported us, listened to our music, and come out to our shows. Without you, Denali would not have existed. Unfortunately, due to differences in the band Denali cannot continue in the current state. This was an amazing experience for all of us, but it’s time to move on and try something new. Please keep checking for updates, future announcements, and to pick up the remaining merchandise. We hope Denali has meant as much to our fans as our fans have meant to us.

Thank you all so much.

We also want to offer our sincerest apologies to Cursive, Darkest Hour, Mike Park, and everyone involved with the Plea for Peace tour for being unable to participate in something we believe in and felt extremely lucky to be doing.

With deepest gratitude, apologies, and appreciation,



Canadian prairie-darlings DESPISTADO are gearing up for the June 22nd release of their urgent and driving The Emergency Response CD EP (JT1096). After bouncing relentlessly from club to club harnessing their sweltering live show while developing an unflagging notoriety as one of the top young Canadian bands to look out for, the band finally settled into the studio and came out with 6 tracks that are as spastic as they are potent – as much a mix of Wire’s artful passion as Modest Mouse’s steadfast quirk – angular, driving, and thoroughly commanding DESPISTADO are just out the gate and already hold court as the band to watch out for.

The band recently took some time out to perform upon the Canadian version of NPR, dubbed innocently enough as CBC, to produce an . They split their time in the studio recording five tracks and being interviewed about the influence Regina, Saskatchewan has had on their music.

Please consult the Despistado for current dates.


The newest volume of the uber-popular Location is everything[/I] sampler is now available. Entitled appropriately enough as Location is Everything Vol.2[/I] CD (JT1094), the record offers a true cross-section of what makes independent music so exciting, vibrant and crucial; the art-damaged ennui of JOAN OF ARC rubs elbows with the anthemic, space age power-pop of STATISTICS as easily as THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES sinister, scathing chops butt up against the spellbinding, glacial hooks of DENALI – a perfect overview to our diverse family tree.

The CD also features bonus tracks of unreleased, live, and demo versions of tracks by PEDRO THE LION, FROM ASHES RISE, ONELINEDRAWING, PAINT IT BLACK, CEX, and STATISTICS.

Track Listing

1. THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES “Riding the Grape Dragon”
2. CEX “Kill Me”
4. STATISTICS “Hours Seem Like Days”
5. PAINT IT BLACK “Womb Envy”
6. DENALI “Hold Your Breath”
7. FROM ASHES RISE “Reaction”
9. CHALLENGER “Input the Output”
10. ESTER DRANG “The Greatest Thing”
11. KID DYNAMITE “Heart a Tact”
12. FURY “Resurrection”
13. JOAN OF ARC “Dead Together”
14. MILEMARKER “The Banner to the Sick”
15. JETS TO BRAZIL “You’re the One I Want”

Bonus Tracks

16. FROM ASHES RISE “Bloodlust” (live)
17. CEX “Cut Wrists” (unreleased)
18. PEDRO THE LION “I Do” (unreleased demo version)
19. PAINT IT BLACK “The Pharmacist” (live)
20. STATISTICS “Another Space Song” (unreleased)
21. ONELINEDRAWING “Rapture” (unreleased)