Barely off the road in states, STRIKE ANYWHERE is headed to Europe to bring Exit English (JT1087) to fans outside of the US. All dates listed below subject to change. Please consult the Jade Tree Tour page for updates.

All dates w/ New Mexican Disaster Squad

19: Munster, Germany @ Tryptichon
20: Berlin, Germany @ Kato
21: Leipzig, Germany @ Conne Island
22: Munchen, Germany @ Backstage
23: Budapest, Hungary @ Fell Suss Nap
24: Graz, Austria @ Shelter
25: Wien, Austiria @ Exploxiv
26: Bassano del Grappa, Italy @ La Gabbia
27: Roma, Italy @ Circolo degli Artisti
28: Mezzago, Italy @ Bloom
29: Wil, Switzerland @ Remise
30: Koln, Germany @ Underground

1: Paris, France @ La peniche Blues Cafe
2: Oxford, England @ Zodiac
3: Norwich, England @ Ferryboat
4: Cambridge, England @ Man in the Moon
5: Middlesborough, England @ Cornerhouse
6: Nottingham, England @ Rock City
7; Leeds, England @ Joseph Wells
8: Leicester, England @ Charlotte
9: Glasgow, Scotland @ Nice n’ Sleazy
10: Newport, Wales @ TJ’s
11: Exeter, England @ Cavern
12: London, England @ Garage
13: Kontich, Belgium @ Lintfabriek
14: Karlsruhe, Germany @ Katakombe
15: Hannover, Germany @ Korn
16: Hamburg, Germany @ Molotov
17: Bremen, Germany @ Schlachthof
18: Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Winston Kingdom

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As many may have already heard, a car hit Norman Arenas (NEW END ORIGINAL / TEXAS IS THE REASON) on the morning of Saturday, November 1. Below is updated information regarding Norman’s state of health written by friend Rob Fish.

At present Norman is doing well neurologically. His brain is no longer bleeding and there doesn’t appear to be any swelling. This is the most critical and they will continue to monitor this over the coming days. This is a very good sign.

His pelvis was fractured. The positive aspect is that it is a bone that heals relatively easily and once healed there shouldn’t be any major lingering effect. However, it is a very painful process. It will be somewhere between 4-12 weeks before he will be able to walk and it will be a painful and long process.

Norman is in a lot of pain and is being medicated which has made him very groggy as well as making it extremely difficult to talk. I can talk to him but he can’t communicate much back. I have told him of all of the calls and letters that I have received over the last two days wishing him a speedy recovery.

Over the coming days they will be able to determine a recovery plan and it is evident that all of Norman’s friends will do everything we can to help him through this period.

There has been an incredible outpouring of support from all over the country. Norman is loved and respected by many. I believe it is ironic how tragedy brings so many together. Ironic because Norman is a person that many love and appreciate and one of the joys of being his friend is that he likes to bring people together. Over the last two days I have seen and heard from many people that I have lost touch with over the years. In some ways I think that this was Norman’s way of bringing us all together.

If you wish to send Norman a card or letter, please feel free to send your well wishes to the following address:

Primal Records
C/O Norman Arenas
2420 Parker Street
Berkeley, CA 94704


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JADE TREE would like to thank everyone who came out to support the bands and label at this year’s JADE TREE 2003 CMJ Showcase, making it one of the best in recent memory. For those who did not pick one up at the show or were unable to attend, the limited edition (200) 3 color silk screened JADE TREE 2003 CMJ showcase poster is now available from the . Grab one today!