Have you been checking out all of the new Jade Tree releases? Jade Tree has released 10 records in 2002 and it’s possible that maybe, just maybe, you did not get a chance to check them all out. Jade Tree wants to help you help yourself, so we’ve put together a list of helpful hints on getting hip to what’s been going this year at JTHQ:

1. Check out the Jade Tree Location Is Everything, Volume 1 (JT1075) CD sampler. With 23 tracks culled from recent releases by Strike Anywhere, Denali, onelinedrawing, Trial By Fire, Owls, New End Original, Cub Country, The Explosion, Zero Zero, and Euphone and previously unreleased exclusive contributions from Milemarker, Jets To Brazil, The Promise Ring, Pedro The Lion, Paint It Black, Miighty Flashlight, and Girls Against Boys, this is the perfect way to get an overall view of Jade Tree.

2. Visit the site often and browse the online store, check out MP3s, read band bios, post on the message board, check out employee profiles-just do it! You will always feel just a click away from what’s new and exciting.

3. Go see Jade Tree bands on tour. Many of the Jade Tree bands are or will be making their way across the US and other countries. Checking out the bands in the flesh may just make you a believer (and help them eat for the day!).


Fury existed in Washington, DC circa 1989 and featured active members of Ignition and Swiz. Musically, Fury was unapologetically hardcore in the vein of Void, Discharge, and Minor Threat. Vocally, Chris Thomson (in his singing debut) brought a whole new dimension/dementia like a punch drunk Johnny Rotten spouting indignation in turrets-like bursts through bloody lips, lambasting cadence and melody with conviction.

At the end of their short run, Fury managed to record all their songs in an uninterrupted 12-minute rant-to-tape. Years after the band’s demise these songs were released as a limited 7"EP by THD records and are finally available on CD for the first time.


Richmond, VA’s Denali, whose self-titled debut was just released this week on Jade Tree, will be making a rare and free in-store appearance at Bert’s Compact Discs (302/454-1064) in beautiful downtown Newark, Delaware on Sunday April 21 at 3:00. Bert’s is located at 90 East Main St. in the heart of the University of Delaware campus. This is a rare chance to catch Denali in a more intimate and laid back environment, which makes this an absolute must-see. Denali will also be playing Philadelphia later that night at the First Unitarian Church (2125 Chestnut St.) with Need New Body and Jade Tree label mates Owls. Please come and show your support!


Jade Tree’s first sampler Location is Everything Vol. 1 is the first in a series of economically priced CDs designed to provide the definitive overview of the Delaware-based label’s output.

Track Listing:

1. New End Original – Lukewarm
2. Girls Against Boys – Kicking the Lights
3. Denali – Gunner
4. Trial by Fire – To Whom it May Redeem
5. Cub Country – High Uinta High
6. Milemarker – Shrink To Fit
7. Miighty Flashlight – Ballet Skool
8. Strike Anywhere – S.S.T.
9. Owls – I want the quiet moments of a party girl
10. The Explosion – God Bless the S.O.S.
11. Zero Zero – Back To Hell
12. Jets to Brazil – Milk & Apples
13. Euphone – My Ladies Can’t Remember the ’80′s
14. The Promise Ring – Emergency! Emergency!
15. OneLineDrawing – Smile
16. Pedro the Lion – Rapture

Unreleased Tracks:

17: Milemarker – New Lexicon
18. Pedro the Lion – Backwoods Nation
19. Girls Against Boys – Super Slow
20. Miighty Flashlight – Thickened Light
21. Paint it Black – Another beautiful ‘fuck you’ song!
22. Jets To Brazil – Your X-Rays Have Just Come Back From The Lab And We Think We Know What Your Problem Is
23. The Promise Ring – Easy

MP3–Girls Against Boys/Kicking The Lights