Tim Owen and Darren Walters witnessed the phenomenon known as Revolutionary War reenactment this past Sunday, which took place at the Brandywine Battlefield, located in nearby Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. As the British once again fought the upstart American rebels (with future President George Washington at the helm), the British took control of the battlefield, eventually forcing the Americans to retreat under a British “bayonet charge”. This was a special occasion for Jade Tree co-owners Tim and Darren, as there is a strong connection to George Washington for both. George Washington spent the night in what is now Darren’s parent’s backyard during this prolonged campaign; while Tim is directly related to George (hence his middle name Washington and the alleged owning one of George’s shoe buckles). As Tim and Darren sampled food and fun from an age long past, Darren attempted a pass at a fair Quaker maiden (he was firmly rebuffed), while Tim was sure to snap a few photos of good ole George atop his steed for Jade Tree Office Manager Christopher, whose fetish for George is well-documented in the Jade Tree offices. Needless to say, both had a grand time.