Jade Tree co-owner Tim Owen was removed from a local showing of the new movie "Cats and Dogs" after an altercation in the aisles. As the lights dimmed and the previews began, Mr. Owen, who was reportedly in possession of one Manx cat named Lydia (the kind with no tail) and a large tub of popcorn (no butter), began ranting about the many weaknesses of the canine persuasion and that "Dogs suck". When a man two rows down informed Mr. Owen that he and his cat better "Shut their damn mouths", Mr. Owen began throwing popcorn at the man, later identified as "Spuds McKenzie", while Lydia clawed Mr. McKenzie’s facial area. No charges were filed, but both Mr. Owen and Ms. Lydia were escorted out of the theater by security and asked not to return. This is the second time Mr. Owen has been involved in altercations at this particular theater in the past few months.


Milemarker’s 4th album, and their first for Jade Tree, Anaesthetic LP/CD (JT1061), is now available for pre-order. With this release, Jade Tree continues to include a free and unique sticker for each and every early bird order while our supplies last so act fast! There will be 300 stickers, and the vinyl will be pink (1000) and white (1000).


Beginning in November, Jade Tree will launch its CD EP series. Featuring a slew of various bands, pairings, and musical styles, this will be a split series like no other. At this time we can’t release a full list of the planned splits, but rest assured that they are all top-notch. Having sprung from our desire to work with bands that we love and admire, but who we normally do not have a chance to work with, the series is a labor of love and promises to be full of surprises and amazing musical collaborations. So sit tight, stay tuned, and enjoy the suspense, as we will announce the splits as we prepare to release them. And now for the unveiling of the first split. Are you ready? Here we go:

Good Riddance/Kill Your Idols split CD EP (JT1065) – Out November 20

That’s right, hot on the heels of brand new records, these two bands kick off the series with a blast. Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, Good Riddance are Fat Wreck Chords favorites and spirited scene veterans who contribute 4 brand new songs, while NY’s Kill Your Idols and Side One Dummy darlings bring the strength of NYHC with 3 new intense offerings. With such an unbelievable start to our series, if this is only just the beginning, just imagine what else we have up our sleeves. You’ll just have to wait and see!


On October 16, Jade Tree will re-release PEDRO THE LION[/b]‘s hard to find debut album, It’s Hard To Find a Friend LP/CD (JT1063), along with the follow-up, The Only Reason I Feel Secure CD EP (JT1064) , both originally released on the Made In Mexico label. The new versions are remixed, remastered, and repackaged to include lyrics for the first time, and as an added bonus, The Only Reason I Feel Secure CD EP also features the first PEDRO THE LION 7" as bonus tracks. Not only essential for any fan, but a must for every collection, these two records showcase the early brilliance of David Bazan and Co.