While The Explosion just returned from 6 months on the road with the likes of Sick Of It All, Rocket From The Crypt, International Noise Conspiracy, Snapcase, H2O, AFI and Face To Face, they are ready to shock audiences once again. The boys have returned from the beach in order to play dates with the Bouncing Souls in June and a string of Warped Tour dates in July. If you still haven’t contracted Tarantula fever, pick up either their stunning full-length, Flash, Flash, Flash or their self-titled debut EP and join in the sickness.


Sources have confirmed that Jade Tree co-owner, Tim Owen, was recently seen at a local screening of the fairy tale film, “Shrek”. Reports confirm that Mr. Owen, 29, was in possession of a large popcorn (no butter) and a large Coke. The sounds of his popcorn eating filled the theater throughout the movie and at least three patrons complained to ushers. When asked about the complaints Mr. Owen said only that it was not he who disturbed patrons, but rather a companion of his who was seated next to him. Mr. Owen’s companion, identified only as “Al Pacino’s Baby”, could not be reached for comment.


New Employee profiles have been added. Come take a look and see how beautiful we all are! In addition, we have added a special guest’s profile to this section. This month, learn fun facts about one of our favorite artists, Tim Kinsella. This is a new monthly feature that will focus on a different Jade Tree artist (past & present), allowing them to present their opinions on the world of music, literature, and cinema, as well as their secret personal info.