After several years pursuing careers apart from one another, the original line-up of the revered Cap’N Jazz have reunited to form Chicago’s newest art-funk post-rock groove outfit, Owls. Featuring Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc), Mike Kinsella (Joan of Arc, American Football), Victor Villarreall (Ghosts and Vodka), and Sam Zurick (Joan of Arc, Ghosts and Vodka), Owls retain the obtuse structures of their previous bands while sonically stripping down to the basics of simple rock. The band is currently in the studio with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey) working on a self-titled full-length release for July 31, 2001.

Miighty Flashlight
Since his days of playing bass in one of the most influential DC punk bands, Rites of Spring, NYC’s Miighty Flashlight AKA Mike Fellows has spent the last few years traveling the US and continuing to play music from then until now in a more relaxed manner. He has spent a large portion of this time as a Drag City session musician of sorts, playing on records by and touring with the likes of Royal Trux, Silver Jews, Smog, Papa M, and Will Oldham. Eventually, needing a more dedicated outlet for his own superb talents, Mike finally decided it was time to get HIS songs together. Christened Miighty Flashlight in Fall 2000, he has been playing out and recently opened for Papa M and Mogwai. As Miighty Flashlight, he references everything from Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Lou Reed, and past collaborators, to Discharge, Ulver and Aphex Twin. He will be recording his debut album this spring, and Jade Tree will be releasing it in early 2002.

Strike Anywhere
Tour dates announced, and brand new merchandise (shirt, hood, sticker, and button) are available and ready to order today.


Joan of Arc has called it a day after four remarkable albums and a handful of singles. Tim Kinsellas and crew spent the last few years chronicling the oddyshape of a band trying to erase everything they ever learned about pop music and bust down the hollow constructs of how music is supposed to be made. Their last stand is a new 8 song CD EP entitled How Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More? out May 15. Culled from the legendarily epic The Gap sessions, but doen’t sound much like it – the final utterance is haunted, graceful, calm.