Zero Zero
The Story

So whatever happened to Ari Katz? When Lifetime, the super-influential punk band he fronted for close to a decade, decided to call it a day following their most successful string of records and touring ever, Katz seemed to be the most inconspicuous. He opened a record store in Red Bank, New Jersey, married his longtime girlfriend, and for the most part, fell out of public sight. But when the right musical combination began to crystallize sometime last year, the decision to step back into the band fray was, for Katz, a no-brainer. Zero Zero was conceived and the band began writing the bulk of AM Gold, their inaugural album for Jade Tree.

Besides Katz, the nucleus of Zero Zero lies with guitarist/programmer and fellow Lifetime alumni Dave Idea, as well as Miss TK--who, alongside her duties behind the organ and other keyboards, is also Ari's wife. After teaming up in the studio with the revered DFA production team of James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy (who have collectively and individually remixed and produced records for the likes of UNKLE, Radiohead, Trans Am, and Beck), the band solidified its sound, PEP--an amalgamation of primal psychedelic popmusic, early techno and electro, and the classic hooky Brit-punk that Katz cut his teeth on in his formative musical projects.

Where Are They Now?
Ari Katz A new homeowner in Asbury Park, NJ; Ari get his kicks these days drumming in his wife’s band. Tannis Kristjanson Currently fronting Miss TK and The Revenge with her husband Ari. Dave Palaitis Recently married and living in NYC, Dave has been know to DJ the night away throughout the city.


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May 2001
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