Universal Order Of Armageddon
The Story

UOA fashioned its music in the image of a juggernaut, always threatening to spiral into wild, flaming chaos-often it did just that. Under the thumb of frontman Tonie Joy, UOA drew from a burgeoning pocket of punk focusing on the intensely personal, imbuing it with a sense of brooding madness brought to a head during live performances where members were known to bellyflop into the drum kit. Dropping from a bomb to a hushed whirl in a heartbeat, UOA made no distinctions when picking from punk's toolbox- equal parts bombast, dynamics, a poisoning ennui and explosive release.

Where Are They Now?
Tonie Joy Currently lives in Baltimore, MD. Played in Born Against with Headley in 1992/93 and The Great Unraveling with Malat after U.O.A. went dorment in 1994. Tonie has played guitar and sang for The Convocation since 1998 and is about to debut a 7 piece "solo" endeavor. Anthony Scott Malat Currently lives in NYC. Played in LoveLife for numerous years, as well as the now defunct Bellmar Dolls throughout the mid 2000's. Recently he has started his own clothing and furniture line, "Sinner-Saint". Colin Seven Currently lives in Seattle, WA. Recently traveled from Seattle through South America and back on a multi-month motorcycle expedition. Brooks Headley Currently lives in New York City. Headley went on to form Skull Control with Chris Thomson. He most recently played w/ Sam McPheeters and Andy Coronado in Wrangler Brutes.


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October 1993

January 1970
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