Texas Is The Reason
Where Are They Now?
Norman Arenas When he's not dodging tow trucks, Norman runs a house music label imprint in New York City, where he also spends time as a writer and website consultant. Even though he said he would never play in another band again before starting New End Original, he thinks he really means it this time. Chris Daly Soon to be married and finally out of New Jersey, Daly calls Brooklyn, New York, home. Chris quit Jets To Brazil after three albums and now spends his days locked in intense sessions with his Playstation. Garrett Klahn You never know where Garrett may be. We’re guessing hanging out in the Caribbean somewhere spending his Mercedes ad money on way too many pina coladas. Scott Winegard Went on to co found the GrapeOS label with Virgin A&R man David Wolter. Having recently returned to New York, Winegard is currently playing with friends.


7 Inch
May 1996
NYC punk legends TEXAS IS THE REASON are pleased to announce their plans to reunite for one night, November 25th, at New York's famed Irving Plaza....