The Story

Pitchblende signaled the onset of an art-punk explosion in Washington D.C. and this EP was a powerful primer to the sound. Sonic modulation, guitar interplay and improvisation, nontraditional song structure, and stream of consciousness lyrical output from a man whose driver’s license proves his name really is Treiops Treyfid only touch the tip of this complex iceberg.

Critically acclaimed and sorely missed, Eggs and Pitchblende were at the forefront of a wave of early 90s indie bands that played as much with their hearts as they did with their brains. Precursors to the smart-pop and math-rock aesthetes, respectively, this record still bestows an aura of simplicity, honesty, and dedication to the idea that good ideas were meant to be fucked with. (Also available as part of Jade Tree’s retrospective CD, The First Five Years [JT1050])

Where Are They Now?
Justin Chearno Chearno lives in Brooklyn, New York, and plays guitar for Turing Machine and The Panthers. Scott DeSimon Currently a Brooklyn resident where Scott is a writer for several magazines. Aside from playing bass and keys in Turing Machine, Scott has a luxurious house in upstate New York that he is renovating during the weekends. Patrick Gough Spent some time as a teacher, but currently lives in Arlington, Virginia, and works at the National Building Museum in Washington D.C. while working on his second Master’s Degree. Currently, Pat is the drummer of the Nazca Line. Treiops Treyfid Currently a graphic and web designer in Los Angeles, Treyfid is also a fine artist who holds gallery exhibitions regularly.


7 Inch | Digital Download
October 1992

January 1970


7 Inch | Digital Download
November 1994