Paint It Black

[ 2002 - Present ]

Dan Yemin Vocals Josh Agran Guitar Andy Nelson Bass Jared Shavelson Drums David Wagenschutz Drums (JT1080, JT1103) Dave Hause Guitar, Vocals (JT1080) Colin McGinniss Guitar (JT1103)

The Story

Dan Yemin may not quite be an “elder statesmen” of punk, but his impact on it throughout the past 15 years certainly approaches Mt. Rushmore status. After establishing a melodic edge to the precedings with Lifetime and Kid Dynamite, Yemin has finally “stepped to the mic’” with Paint it Black. Conveying the intensely personal (try a brush with death) as well as the overtly political (war, chemical dependency and "womb envy"), Yemin and company continue to leave room for the threatening urgency of a beautifully writ “fuck you” song. Drawing on traditionally aggro forebears like Minor Threat, musical innovators like Swiz and the cold-stare lyricism of hip hop, Paint it Black is a mixed-bag success story worthy of its pedigree.



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January 1970


CD | Green Vinyl LP | Digital Download
February 2008


LP | CD | Digital Download
July 2003
Tour Dates
10/31 Jacksonville, FL The Fest 13 12:00 am
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