Kid Dynamite

[ 1997 - 2000 ]

Jason Shevchuk – Vocals Dan Yemin – Guitar David Wagenschutz – Drums Steve Farrell – Bass (JT1039) Michael Cotterman – Bass (JT1045)

The Story

Featuring the duo responsible for one of the most classic Lifetime lineups, Kid Dynamite boasted an irrefutable core. The chemistry between drummer Dave Wagenschutz and guitarist Dan Yemin was already established when Jay Shevchuk stole an audition as the group's vocalist. Resurrecting "whoah"s and sing-a-long choruses once thought only to be found in early 7 Seconds and late Naked Raygun, Shevchuk presented an ideal, gritty foil to Yemin's post-Jersey's Best Dancers writing-now with polished melodies and a more pointed, aggro edge. In two years and two full-lengths, the band picked up where Lifetime left off, rousing the young and reminding the old that no, they hadn't seen it all.

Where Are They Now?
Michael Cotterman Currently living in the DC area, where he works at the Washington Post. Spider also plays bass in Title Tracks. Steve Ferrell Currently living and making music in Philadelphia. Jason Shevchuk Living in New Jersey, Jason is both vocalist and guitarist for Fat Wreck Chords act None More Black. David Wagenschutz Married and working at Trader Joe's in Philadelphia. And of course, David is still playing drums. Dan Yemin Dan is a Doctor of Psychology and lives and practices in Philadelphia. He is currently hard at work with his band, Paint It Black.


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September 2003


February 2006


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October 1998


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February 2000
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