From Ashes Rise

[ 1997 - 2005 ]

Brad Boatright Vocals, Guitar John Wilkerson Guitar David Atchinson Drums Derek Willman Bass Billy Davis Bass (JT1088)

The Story

Formed in Nashville in the mid-'90s, From Ashes Rise helped define the gloom-heavy thrash sound attributed to groups like His Hero is Gone, Systral and Tragedy. Along with Tragedy, the group then packed up the noise and relocated it in Portland where the sound was allowed to fester under the grey, Pacific Northwestern clime. Representative of a staunchly underground breed of aggressive, basement punk, many heads devoted strictly to aesthetic were shocked at the band's hitching with Jade Tree. Drawing on obscure thrash bands from Scandinavia and Japan, as well as Discharge's venerated "D-beat," From Ashes Rise helps carry the aggro torch for Jade Tree.



Black Vinyl LP | Silver Marble Silkscreen/Dark Gray Marbled Vinyl LP | Black Silkscreen/Dark Gray Marbled Vinyl LP | Digital Download
March 2010


CD | LP | Digital Download
October 2003
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