Cap'n Jazz

[ 1988 - 1995 ]

Tim Kinsella Vocals Victor Villareal Guitar, Vocals Davey vonBohlen Guitar, Vocals Sam Zurick Bass Mike Kinsella Drums

The Story

With only one full-length album to their name alongside a handful of singles and compilation tracks, Cap’n Jazz left a longstanding impression and irrefutable influence on the region’s bohemian punk scene and unwittingly spawned a breeding ground for future scene stars such as the Promise Ring and Joan Of Arc. Analphabetapolothology compiles thirty-four songs over two compact discs and spans the band’s entire history--six tracks of which are previously unreleased. Traces of their sonic fingerprint permeate hundreds of indie records released in their wake. This is why.

Where Are They Now?
Mike Kinsella Mike is on the couch waiting for his daughter to finish her bottle so they can begin their day of "cat and mouse" play. In five minutes or so she'll be wrapped around his legs begging to be picked up and in twenty he'll be chasing her under a table, pulling the dog's bone out of her mouth. He's looking forward to spending a few minutes with his guitar when his wife returns home from work. Tim Kinsella Tim is finishing up graduate schoo' and looking forward to returning to civilian life as a weirdo. He'll then be free to spend the rest of his life revising his first draft of his novel and occasionally making new Joan of arc records for Polyvinyl Records. He fears stepping foot outside Chicago city limits. Victor Villarreal Hi, i'm victor. I fancy the guitar as well as basic dog training. I don't wear spectacles (or contact lenses), and just recently had my first filling (didn't hurt). My last name is spelled with two r's and having fun is great. Thank you. Davey vonBohlen Davey is a singer, songwriter, accountant, dad, husband, dog owning basketball loving coctail drinking super fun guy. He is still the new guy in Cap'n Jazz, just like always. Sam Zurick Sam enjoys a dynamic existence as a practicing white magician. his focus on cross-dimensional espionage as it relates to illumination amidst mortals has inspired his soon to be completed memoir, "short walks to the bathroom: my life at the threshold".


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January 1998
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